Autonomous sewage system to give or a country house, how to choose and what to be guided by when choosing?

The autonomous sewage system for the dacha is a sewage treatment plant, designed to filter household sewage, which makes it possible to make a person’s life in the country familiar and comfortable. It is necessary to choose a sewage treatment system, based on a number of conditions, such as the total number of users, the size of the local area, the terrain, the presence or absence of electricity at the site, and so on. To find a suitable model of an autonomous water treatment plant, you can, by conducting a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the existing options.

  • How does autonomous sewage work?
  • How to start the choice of autonomous sewage system to give?
  • The best septicchambersHow does autonomous sewer work?

    If there is no possibility to connect to the central sewage on the site, an autonomous sewage system would be the best solution. Cesspools that exude an unpleasant odor and require regular rental of special equipment( a nightman) are no longer relevant. They were replaced by modern facilities - autonomous sewage systems. These are tanks that carry out a full filtration cycle. If you need a septic tank without pumping for home and garden, then stop the choice on any modern autonomous system.

    How does autonomous sewage system work for the dacha? A septic tank without pumping for summer cottage consists of two or three chambers interconnected by overflow hoses.

    Septic tank from two chambers

    In the first chamber waste water accumulates. Here, the contents are subjected to biological treatment, and the organic sediment sinks to the bottom of the tank. Next, the clarified water enters the second chamber, in which it is cleaned. Further, it is drained into the ground.

    In contrast to the cesspool, a septic station recycles drains by exposure to microbacteria in an environment saturated with oxygen. The autonomous sewage system is not only capable of separating solid waste, but also contains microscopic organisms that dissolve organic deposits. Such systems are highly reliable, differ in convenience of exploitation in the conditions of country life. They can operate both from electricity and autonomously.

    The whole process of clarifying fractions is almost 100% carried out inside its tank. For maximum filtering, you do not need to install additional purification systems. Water effluents are clarified anaerobically( without oxygen: note that no electricity connection is required for anaerobic installations) or aerobic( with oxygen).Organic substances are naturally decomposed by active microbacteria that constantly multiply in their natural environment. Inside the autonomous sewage tank, any incoming organic sediment decomposes to 98%.

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    How to start the choice of autonomous sewage system for the dacha?

    Since life outside the city has long ceased to take place in hiking conditions, and many summer residents are not ready to part with such familiar blessings of civilization on weekends, so choosing a suitable septic tank is a very important thing. Having modern kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms, pools and baths in the country, it is necessary to organize the disposal of sewage. When choosing a sewage treatment plant to give, of course, individual needs should be taken into account. However, there are general rules that can help make the right decision.

    First of all, you need to think about where you will take the gutters from the country house. Will you at least occasionally order assenizatorskuyu machine. If so, do not forget to ensure the possibility of unhindered access for such a machine to the dacha sewage treatment plant. Also analyze the following important parameters for the septic tank:

    • The level of water in the soil: if there is a probability of flooding during a period of heavy rainfall and spring water uplift, then autonomous sewage systems with a plastic casing guaranteeing water tightness and tightness are selected.
    • Type and structure of the soil: in clay soils, septic tanks are used, which work according to the technologies of complete biological purification( since clay does not allow treated drains to seep into the soil), any septic tank will work on sandy soils( the most economical option here will be septic tanks with additional water treatmentabsorption fields).
    • Climatic features, including the depth of soil freezing.
    • Quadrature of the plot, that is, how many square meters can be allocated for a septic tank.
    • Relief of the site - it should be remembered that to accommodate the septic tank you need to choose the lowest place on the site.
    • Number of users( including guests) and displacement, daily consumed water.

    After you understand the conditions in which the sewage treatment system should work in your garden plot, proceed to the selection of a suitable septic tank.

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    The best septic tanks for giving

    When choosing an autonomous sewer for the summer cottage, you can immediately note that all modern units clean the drains in a similar way as described above. Such septic tanks have such advantages of use as:

    • High cleaning speed - the whole process lasts no more than a day.
    • The ability to quickly release the system from drains, in just a few hours - the so-called “salvo discharge”, which is useful for short-term significant excess of the norm of sewage discharge volumes.
    • A sufficiently long period of service maintenance of sewer systems. In addition, the cleaning systems can be carried out independently.
    • High level of wastewater treatment.
    • A wide range of enclosures, the materials from which they are made for various tasks.

    But each cleaning system has its own characteristics. Among the many autonomous sewage systems, the following models can be distinguished:

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    Autonomous sewage systemdurable. Also, the sewage system is equipped with hooks for the ground, which “do not allow” the device to float. It gives the chance to sprinkle a septic tank with the taken out soil. The system has a “Scandinavian” cleaning system, in which a drainage pump is used, which is reliably protected from water. Such a septic tank will be suitable for giving non-permanent residence, but it is also quite effective where people live permanently. содерж to content ↑

    Autonomous sewage Topas

    Topas is a septic tank , which is popular among summer residents due to its very compact size - less than 1 square meter.m suburban area. The water purified by it can be used for watering and other needs. A reservoir accumulation can be used as an organic fertilizer. Drainage occurs by gravity, so the pump is not needed.ease of maintenance( even on their own).Unfortunately, the autonomous sewage system “Topaz” will be affordable for far from everyone.

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    Autonomous sewage Yunilos

    Yunilos is one of the most popular septic tanks on the Russian market, because it does not have a very high price with a fully automated cleaning process. In addition, the system consumes a minimum amount of electricity, due to the high tightness, there are no odors, the design is very reliable and usually serves for a very long time.

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    Autonomous sewage Tank

    At the septic tank station, the hull construction is endowed with the ability to resist the high loads that occur when the soil pressure in the winter and summer season. The tank serves for a long time - at least 50 years, if you follow all the rules of use. In the treatment of domestic wastewater, both biological and chemical processes are used, as well as post-treatment infiltration. This makes it possible to improve the quality of cleaning and significantly increase the service life of drainage. If you are looking for the answer to ask a question: Septic tanks to give, which is better without pumping out? Answer: "Not a Tank, because it requires periodic pumping of sediment."Although it is possible not to pump it out every year, it will definitely have to be done every 5-8 years.

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    Autonomous sewage system Eurobion

    All models of septic tanks Eurobion are autonomous, their advantages are that their models can be installed in summer houses and country houses, where sewage can be used from 2 to 150 people at a time. They do not give a smell, they clean water very well and they can be serviced independently.

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    Autonomous sewage system Biodeka

    A septic tank such as Biodeka can recycle approximately 1000 liters of sewage drains per day, that is, it should be installed in dachas where people live permanently. Of the advantages we can highlight the high degree of water purification, quick installation during installation of the system, durability. You also need to pay attention to the fact that the system does not require an absorption field, that is, the space allocated at the dacha for the discharge of treated water.

    It doesn’t matter if you need a septic tank for non-permanent residence, or for permanent, each of the listed autonomous sewage systems will suit you better than a cesspool. They are able to work in any climatic conditions, they do not freeze in winter, they do not require pumping of waste by a pump truck( except for the “Tank” model).Also, they are not afraid of spring floods, which can lead to flooding of the well.

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    Reviews of users of autonomous sewage systems

    I read a lot with my husband about septic tanks and autonomous sewage systems, decided to stay at Topas 4 from TOPOL-ECO.I liked immediately that you do not need any special bacteria and do not need to call the car. When the system was installed, I realized that it takes up very little space and a reminder to her now at the site is a cover from the system itself, which is also not large. We have been using it for the fifth month already, the sludge has been pumped out only once, and the husband is watering the waste garden with the waste water.
    Yevgenia Larionova
    http: // septik-ili-avtonomnaya-kanalizatsiya-chto-luchshe.html
    We have TOPAS, one and a half years. The house has three bathrooms, plus a washer and dishwasher. Service arrives once a quarter. While all pah-pah-pah, there were no problems
    mammburu ***
    https: // topic-messages.htm? Print = true & topicId = 2365049
    We set up an independent sewage system Bionik-SPB and never regretted)) works well, even when the electricity was turned off, it did not let down)) And we agreed with our neighbors and installed one sewer system in two houses - both cheaper and more practical))
    http: // topic-400.html
    And we supplied the Eco-Yenot system. Very pleased. I want to dispel a little about the myth that "autonomous sewage is expensive."Yes, when buying is not cheap. But if you count how many times you have to cause pumping for a regular pit, then it is unclear what is more expensive. And with this sewage system - no worries but. I sometimes forget about it at all. Immediately paying this amount to us, like many, was a little expensive, but we were given installments for 4 months.
    http: // index.php? S = 978dc9c8a892ba23f01340dbf55eb8f4 & showtopic = 400 & st = 20
    View the Alta Bio autonomous sewer. The advantage is that even with a power outage, it can work in a simple septic tank-septic tank for a long time. As soon as the power is turned on, the bioreactor turns on and the station goes into normal operation. Station does not need to restart. In this case, Alta Bio in this mode is not flooded. Alta Bio does not require conservation and re-entry. As soon as you leave for a long time, turn off the station from the outlet. As soon as you return, turn on the Alta Bio in the socket and the station gradually goes into operation( up to 3 days), and you do not need to “feed” it with bacteria.
    Summer Resident Gardener
    https: //
    Topas - as a prominent member of the family tasopoobraznyh requires maintenance every 3 months. Indeed, an excess of sludge can be pumped out / scaled out on its own, but this work is very specific. Many owners enter into a service contract with the company, but this service is not cheap.
    Ergobox - this is already from vdereobraznyh.(Biotank, Tver, Leader) characterized by a large receiving camera. It is necessary to clean this chamber with an AC machine once a year, usually in the fall.
    Pavel 1954
    https: // page-6
    The fact that TOPAS will work without bacteria is also cunning - the waste of one house is too small for the bacteria to multiply by themselves, sooner or later the entire population is banal because of the lack of nutrients. As a result, they will have to be added, because there will be a smell, which the manufacturer did not promise by attributing in small print on the 58th page of the instruction, that for normal operation of the septic tank, the daily discharge of dark waste should be at least 0.5 m3 per day or something like that.
    http: // t331477.html
    I'll tell you about the septic system, since I have Bioxio seven years worth. I think that Topaz is about the same principle of action. Pros: 1. It is very economical. I have about 30m3 of waste per month. I did not save much on ilosos. Minuses: 1. There is a main airlift and several auxiliary ones, which you really need to follow. If they stop working, the station very quickly overflows and begins to discharge non-treated drains. It is necessary to open and check once a day. Well, if they are clogged, while the service department is driving up to you, you cannot use either the bathroom or the toilet. So wear gloves, take out airlifts and wash yourself.2. The station emits a lot of gas during intensive use, so make sure that it is properly ventilated through a high funnel, otherwise pleasant smells on a nice quiet evening are provided to you within a radius of 10 meters and further downwind.3. My station has an automatic flushing system. So I have already changed two relays, all this under-order from St. Petersburg was shipped by mail, a rarity terrible.4. If you pour water on the lawn a day by the tone, then a powerful swamp is provided for you. For irrigation, I somehow do not want to use this water, since there is no certainty that it is completely purified. Therefore, we put the hose on the discharge station and away from the house into the ditch. In general, I am satisfied in terms of economics, but the station is very capricious and we must follow it.
    Irina Henkel
    http: // 1142

    But still, before selecting a specific treatment plant model for a dacha, we recommend you carefully plan everything, understand what features of your land plot, what functions are most important to you, what budget you can allocate. After that, safely proceed to the selection of the most suitable equipment. And may your autonomous sewage system in the country house be reliable and your country life comfortable.

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