Electric boilers for heating a private house or cottage

Electric heating boilers are an alternative option for heating a home in cases where a standard gas system is not possible. These heating units have high efficiency. Can be used as an auxiliary heat source for the main gas heating. Electric boilers for heating a private house convert electricity into heat output and promote the circulation of coolant in pipes.

  • Types and classification of electric boilers
  • Electric boiler for home - reviews
  • Power control and equipment

The operation of these boilers has its advantages over gas analogs, solid fuel heating systems:

  • available button control system;
  • reasonable price;
  • low fire hazard;
  • integrated automation;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • installation availability in rooms of all sizes;
  • does not need to bring additional pipes to the dwelling;
  • compact size with high power.
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Types and classification of electric boilers

When choosing a boiler, it is necessary to take into account all the parameters, the individual heating requirements for your home. In this case, do not rely on the appearance of the device, but look at its internal functions. Electric boilers for heating a private house are divided into single-circuit and double-circuit. Single-circuit work only for home heating. If along with the heating of rooms you want hot water, then choose a double-circuit model.

These boilers come in single phase and three phase connections( 220 V and 380 V).There are low-power( up to 12 kW) electric boilers of both types, but if you need a large, powerful unit, it will be only three-phase. Be sure to pay attention to the features of the electrical network in your area of ​​residence. It is recommended to stipulate the choice of the boiler in advance, the remaining nuances of the installation with professional electricians.

It is better to choose electric heaters or electrode electric boilers for heating a private house. Electrode work on the principle of passing an alternating electric current through the heated water. Such units are convenient in that they can automatically shut off when shorted or overheated.

Electric heaters, in fact, are conventional heaters - they work on the principle of a simple boiler. Such boilers are very reliable, most often purchased by buyers for heating purposes.

Electric boilers are wall and floor, the first option is more in demand, as it allows to save space in the room. Wall models in the priority of foreign manufacturers, in turn, floor boilers most often have domestic origin. Also, floor heaters are used for large heating systems.

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Electric heating boiler for the home - reviews

Against the background of the positive characteristics and advantages of electric boilers, it will be fair to point out some negative points. For example, electrode boilers require periodic replacement of electrodes — an overheating of the heat carrier occurs from the movement of ions during operation.

heating elements, in turn, are also to be cleaned or replaced from time to time - because of the precipitating salts, the heat exchange is disturbed, and the efficiency is reduced.

When you consider models, choosing electric boilers for heating a private house, reviews and opinions of consumers will be reduced to one factor - high electricity prices. From this it follows that to provide heat for very large areas, such units will, alas, be unprofitable.

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Power control and equipment

The technical characteristics of the boiler determine the type of power control - it can be smooth, stepped, or absent. An electric heater may have several separate heating elements. Turning them on or off affects the increase / decrease in water temperature, as well as the level of electricity consumption. Individual, more precise settings( for example, the temperature in different rooms) are made using a thermostat and valves( valves).

Smooth regulation makes it possible to set more accurate power parameters. Electric boilers with such a function are more economical, the presence of a rheostat is a feature of such models.

We should also mention the economical electric boilers with intelligent control. The electric heating energy-saving boiler works “on demand”; it generates as much heat as needed by a single room. These units have controlled thermal inertia, and their efficiency is almost 100%.Rapid heating of the coolant( water), the absence of sound vibration during operation - the advantages of heaters of this type.

The simplest boilers do not have the function of adjustment, they are low-power, can be used to heat small cottages.

A complete set of electric heating boiler has all the necessary accessories. This is the case when buying a cheaper model can cost more, subject to the subsequent addition of missing parts. If we take into account the cost of installing the unit, then the option of purchasing everything becomes immediately more profitable. To complete the system, it is necessary to have water purification filters, safety valves, an expansion tank, a circulation pump.

Electric heating boiler with a pump( circulation pump) can be either a heating element or electrode type. The pump is almost the main element of the entire system - it provides continuous movement of water through the pipeline. Thus, a stable heat exchange mode is maintained, and the entire area of ​​the house is evenly heated.

In general, electric boilers are the best modern choice for home heating. Individual models can be programmed for several days in advance, they are not afraid to leave unattended for a long time. Installation of such heating systems does not require a permit, they do not pollute the environment during operation. Electric boilers for heating a private house will provide you with comfort and warmth at relatively low material costs. In comparison with gas or solid fuel, electricity retains the position of the most profitable energy resource today.

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