F67 error in the Bosch washing machine

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In this article we will pay attention to the most rare and serious error of Bosch washing machines - error F67, which indicates a malfunction of the control board. Decipher the error, determine the causes of failure, and consider ways to solve the problem.

Bosch washing machine is modern and innovative. The developers have put a lot of effort into making customers love their products. Including created an accurate and fast self-diagnostic system, which gives an error as soon as it finds a fault in the system.

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  • 1 Error Decoding F67
  • 2 What to do to check the
    • module 2.1 Other signs of board failure
  • 3 The
  • 4 board breaks How to fix the error with your own hands: repair the

policy problemcontrol, the display shows the code F 67 and indicates a failure of the electronic controller.

This part of the machine has many names - the board or the control module that controls the processor, the control unit. Whatever the name, it does not change the essence - it is the most important node of any washing machine, its “brain” responsible for all processes.

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The washer can be fully functional mechanically, but a small failure in the controller will block its operation.

What should I do to check the

module What should I do to make sure that the board has suffered? To begin, unplug the SM from the power supply and leave it for a quarter of an hour for the module to reboot.

If this did not help, and F67 is on, you need disassembly and professional repair to clear the error.

The main symptom of this failure is that the washing machine does not turn on. More precisely:

  • The hatch is blocked.
  • Display does not work.
  • No program is running.

The service center wizards, after performing the diagnostics, determine what type of repair is needed in this case. And usually, if an F67 error occurs, carry out one of the types of work:

  • Recode( reflash) the electronic module( if the processor is in good condition).
  • Repair the board( also provided that the processor is in good condition).
  • Install a new board.

Other signs of board failure

Fault codes are not always known. If the machine does not show the error F67 on the display, then it is possible to find the failure of the control module by the accompanying "symptoms".With their help, you can indirectly determine that the board is faulty.

This may be such a malfunction:

  1. Underwear is not pressed.
  2. Absolutely ALL the lights on the control panel are blinking, but the error has not been highlighted.
  3. CMA drains the water, not having time to collect enough of it.
  4. Wash starts, but does not stop.
  5. The selected wash mode does not start, or the washing process is malfunctioning.
  6. The drum slowly rotates.
  7. Engine is either too fast or too slow.
  8. Water does not heat to the desired temperature or overheats.

Important! Signs can be much more - it all depends on the manufacturability of the washing machine. You will need a Bosch CM scheme that will help you thoroughly understand all the possible signs of a malfunction.

All the signs listed above may indicate a breakdown of completely different components - the engine, the pump, the electric heater and other parts. But if you saw the error F67 on the board, then you need to check the controller.

Because of what the board breaks

Having understood what the F67 error means, and having determined that the board has suffered, you need to find the reason because of which it broke. Reset errors can be made only by determining the factor that caused the failure. There may be several:

  1. Factory defect: bad tracks, defects of the module itself, poorly soldered elements, etc.
  2. Power surge in the power supply network, which in some cases means a complete collapse of the board: entire areas can burn out on it.
  3. Water leaks on the board. If water gets on the module, then it can burn out individual parts or whole parts of it.
  4. Sharp break of a food wire. This can cause a voltage drop and disable the controller.
  5. User carelessness: shutdown during operation( for example, to remove error codes).This innocent action can easily cause the module to break.

There are cases when the board stops working after improper transportation or connecting the machine to communications. When moving, many forget to get the receiver powder, which often collects a lot of water. During vibrations on bumpy roads, water is spilled directly onto the module. If the unit did not have time to dry, and you immediately began using the washer, the board will easily burn out.

How to fix the mistake yourself: repairing the

control board When you already know what the F67 error means, and decided to repair and replace the board, you might be wondering how to fix the damage yourself.

In fact, this is a very complicated procedure, which involves opening the control panel and testing its elements. Even the system of self-diagnosis, available in modern CM brand Bosch, does not always help with one hundred percent accuracy to determine what exactly happened to the machine.

If you still decide to act without resorting to the services of a master, you will need a module diagram and a minimum set of tools for diagnostics and repair. However, only a specialist can conduct professional testing - with the help of special equipment, he finds the cause of the breakdown and knows how to fix it.

We can advise you only to do a surface test using a regular tester. Armed with a multimeter, ring each element of the board to find the broken areas.

Attentive visual inspection can also bear fruit. Successes!

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