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The scorching sun and unbearable drought are ideal conditions for growing a pistachio tree at the cottage. In the East - the birthplace of these green nuts - there are several cities named after them. Moreover, this perennial plant serves as a symbol of Baku - a city that combines the culture of several eastern nations. In these parts, and throughout the world, green almonds( tripled name) is valued for its unmatched taste. In addition to the creamy aftertaste, gourmets get a rich "bouquet" of nutrients and nutrients.

Pistachios are also mentioned on the pages of the Holy Scriptures. Patriarch Jacob ordered his sons to give a luxurious gift to Pharaoh, collecting the best works of the land of Canaan, among which were these nuts.

"Cradle" of pistachio trees

Some members of the Sumach family have reached 400 years of age. Yet to find whole groves or forests grown by nature are from the realm of fantasy. Single specimens are found on the rocky or mountainous slopes of the central or southwestern part of Asia. These are mainly countries such as:

  • Iraq;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Syria;
  • Iran;
  • Turkmenistan.

The cultivation of these plants began at the end of the XIX century. The United States is still planting kilometer plantations, and then selling sweet nuts all over the world. The California Peninsula has become the cradle of green almonds in the New World. Now the US is fighting with Iran for the place of the largest manufacturer of pistachio products. In those areas where the pistachio tree grows, plants are built nearby that produce flour, essential oils, as well as medical and cosmetic products from their fruits.

In northwest Africa, reproduction of these varieties is also practiced. In the Crimea and the Caucasus, trees are grown exclusively for landscape decoration. Exclusive shrubs seduce visitors with parks, botanical gardens and pedestrians on city alleys. However, in areas with long and cold winters, crop yield drops by a factor of 5.At the moment there are over 20 varieties of culture in the world, which are found on all five continents. Some of them can adapt to different climatic conditions( carry up to -20 ° C frost).

The cores of neon nuts contain a lot of potassium, calcium, iron, protein, and vitamins B and E. Therefore, they are recommended to eat for those who have problems with blood pressure and a bad heart. Moreover, they are rich in antioxidants, which remove radioactive compounds from the body.

Vis-a-vis with pistachio tree

To see everything in this world is the property of the few, but only the chosen ones. Therefore, a beautiful photo of a pistachio tree will be an excellent tool for the first acquaintance with it. On the images you can carefully consider and examine:

  1. Leaves. These are dense and large blades, as if polished with wax. Glossy leaves amazingly reflect the rays of the scorching sun on their surface.
  2. Crone. It consists of randomly intertwined branches. The semicircular shape of the violent crown creates the look of a knitted hat. The reason for this effect is the "multifaceted" trunk, consisting of many individual parts. Therefore, in the "young years" this culture is more like shrub.
  3. Flowers. The first inflorescences can be seen in April. Something they resemble grape brush. These “shaggy” twigs can be either crimson scarlet or ultra pink.
  4. Fruits. They are collected in bulk large clusters. At first, the ovaries are pinkish in color, and over time they turn red. Drying, the peel brightens to beige and opens on one side like a shell. From this gap one can see a pretty light green core, the size of which is slightly more than 2 cm. They begin to gather such a crop already in September.

Interestingly, the Chinese dubbed pistachio bizarre name - "happy nuts".Because when the fruit is ripe, the shell opens slightly, thus reminding Asians the charming smile of a child.

Very rarely such trees reach 10 m in height, 6–8 meters are their maximum values. They are well tolerated dry periods. Thanks to the unique structure of the root system, the processes make their way through solid rock. So they successfully penetrate to moisture, which can occur at a depth of 15 meters. In this case, the roots do not grow too wide, not allowing the plants to form thickets. The maximum area that the rhizome occupies around the trunk is 40 cm.

With good care from one pistachio tree, a farmer can get over 23 kg of crop. Fried, raw and even frozen kernels are superb as a snack to many alcoholic beverages. At the same time, ground nuts are used in the confectionery business.

Build a house, plant a tree

This is the mission of every person on earth. At least, many think so. If family members are distinguished by their creative, even exotic nature, then it is best to grow a pistachio tree at home. Still, it is worth remembering that seedlings are very painful tolerate transplant. Therefore, while they begin, the gardener will have to thoroughly giggle and preach around them. All the subtleties of this art are reduced to the following stages of work.

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Selection of a section

Sadly, the climate of temperate latitudes is not suitable for this perennial plant. Drought, hot summer and "fleeting" winter - this is his lot. If these parameters have been observed, then it is worth choosing an open, flat and well-lit area. For indoor varieties need to pick a dry and bright place as possible, preferably from the south side of the house.

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Sapling or nut?

You can propagate the culture in these two ways. The second is the most difficult and much longer than the first. The fruit along with the shell should be placed in a container with water. When a sprout appears( 3-5 mm), it can be planted in the sand. After abundant watering, the soil must be covered with fiber used to create greenhouses. You can remove it at the appearance of the first shoots.

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When buying seedlings, you should immediately purchase two different processes: the female and also the male. Before planting, it is advisable to carefully inspect the rhizome and carefully cut the broken / damaged roots. A number of requirements are presented for further planting:

  • pit depth - one meter;
  • multiple copies need to be planted at a distance of 3 m;
  • fill the roots with a substrate of 80% sand and 20% fertile soil, having previously made a drainage at the bottom of the pit;
  • at the end of the process of planting tightly tamp the ground and fill the seedling with a small bucket of water.

Each cut of the roots should be treated with ash, so that the living area does not begin to rot.

Pistachio tree care involves removing weeds and regular watering once every 14 days. In autumn and winter, the plant will fall into the stage of sleep, so it does not need moisture. But it is important to monitor the condition of the germ and soil. Fertilizers must be applied in the second year of life. To do this, you can choose potash, phosphorus or nitrogen nutrient bases.

The first crop to get the family when the tree reaches 5 years of age. However, growing a plant of walnut, this miracle can be hoped only after 12 years. In any case, the pistachio tree brings very tasty and healthy fruits. They stimulate the nervous system, heart, liver, and male genital organs. The daily intake is equal to 15-20 kernels per day. It is calculated depending on the weight of the person.

Video about growing pistachio tree

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