How to wash soft toys in a washing machine

It's unpleasant to see that plush pets are covered with dust, become dirty and greasy. Clean them more carefully than clothes, because young children are directly in contact with them. In this article, we'll talk about how to wash children's toys in a washing machine and manually.

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Can I wash soft toys

They accumulate a lot of dust daily, which leads to the multiplication of microbes, including dust mites. It is very important to clean and wash to prevent the disease of your child. How to wash plush toys, usually indicated on the tag: in the typewriter, by hand or only by dry cleaning. If there is neither a tag nor a package, inspect the soft product, and you will understand for yourself whether washing in the AGR is permitted. But it is not recommended to wash large items in the typewriter, woolen and linen, as well as with glued parts.

Important! Use a special bag for washing, if you want to wash toys with glued fittings!


Many soft little animals are not allowed to be washed in a typewriter. Consider how to erase soft toys by hand, so as not to spoil them. This process does not take much time and effort. Type warm water in the basin and add 50 g of baby detergent, foaming. Put in a soapy solution plush toy, carefully soap and leave for half an hour. If it is very dirty, you can use a brush. Then rinse off the dirt and thoroughly dispose of the powder. Rinse the product until the water is clean. This method is an excellent option to wash a large soft toy. Lay the plush pet in a dry place, or so that it sokh under the sun's rays, and wait until it dries completely.

It is recommended to dry the product horizontally. Do not use clothespins, as this may result in loss of shape.

Hand washing is not an easy task, but you can remove not only pollution but also thoroughly rinse off the powder. In how to wash a soft toy at home by hand, we have already figured out. It should now be disassembled in detail the question of how to do this in a typewriter.

Washing in the washing machine

There are some nuances that should be taken into account when machine wash. Below are some recommendations of specialists:

  • If the toy gets fat, then before washing the product, the stain must be degreased, using a special tool. Suitable dishwashing detergent.
  • Developing products are often filled with various cereals or small balls. It is possible that when you scroll in the drum it will rupture, and the contents will get inside the styralka - the filter will clog. Therefore, it is better to give preference to dry washing.
  • The same applies to music. We'll talk about how to erase musical soft toys, a little later.
  • It is forbidden to wash toys with any organic filler. Such products can only be cleaned.

If you have studied the tag and see that washing is allowed, then it's time to proceed. Use the instructions, which detail how to wash soft toys in the washing machine. Everything is simple enough, follow several rules:

  1. Set the mode of delicate washing.
  2. Choosing at what temperature to wash soft toys, give preference to the mode of 30 degrees. This will prevent the staining of the tissue.

  1. Fill the powder, set the additional rinse mode. So the powder is completely washed out of the fabric.
  2. Dry it.

Washing machine will help to cope with the washing of plush pets. Your child will be happy to carry an "old" friend.

How to wash a soft toy with a musical mechanism

Carefully remove the electronic chip or box from it: using small scissors, make an incision along the hidden seam. Before shipment to the drum, sweep the ripped place so that the filler does not fall out, and the product is not damaged. Wash at low temperature.

Important! If you want to wash the toy-peeple, there is no need to remove the mechanism. Washing occurs at low temperature and low speed.

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