How to wash membrane clothes in a washing machine

Today, all kinds of clothes are made from membrane fabric: from the nursery to the professional sportswear. In the review we will talk about washing such a fabric with hands and in a washing machine. You will find out what means to choose for cleaning and caring for your favorite clothes.

Content of the material:

  • 1How the membrane works
  • 2How to properly wash clothes from membrane tissue
    • 2.1Automatic washing
    • 2.2Drying and care
  • 3Than it is possible to erase

How the membrane works

To understand why traditional washing is not suitable, it is worth knowing the features of the fabric. The membrane is a thin grid, pierced by small pores, through which the wind, cold and water do not pass. Among the properties of membrane tissues, special attention should be given to:

  • Water repellent effect. Water does not pass through the fabric, so it is unrealistic to get wet in the rain in the membrane jacket.
  • Breathable properties. Among waterproof fabrics, this is one of the few that can "breathe". Vapors do not stay on the body, but come out through the pores. Therefore, from the membrane they sew sportswear - they do not sweat in it.
  • Does not let the wind. Comfort and warmth in all weathers.
  • Keeps the heatat low weight. Does not require additional insulation - the body heats itself, since cold air is retained by the membrane. Wondered why in winter people in light jackets do not freeze? Most likely, their clothes are made from a membrane.

The question of washing is acute because of the risk of losing all of the above described properties. Considering the considerable cost of such clothes, you should not take risks. But this does not mean that washing is forbidden at all - it is necessary to act, observing the rules.

How to properly wash clothes from membrane tissue

There are two ways to wash: with your hands and in the typewriter. Especially users care whether it is possible to erase things in SM and what you need to consider in order not to spoil them.It is not difficult to wash manually:

  • Wipe clothes with a special detergent.
  • Rinse under running water.
  • Repeat for severe contamination.
  • Do not twist.
  • Dry clothes away from heat sources in a well-ventilated place.

Automatic washing

To properly wash clothes in the AGR, you need to know on what mode and at what temperature to wash the suit, overalls or children's things. Recommendations for washing are indicated on the label. What if the label is not preserved or is the machine wash banned on the tag? Follow these washing rules so as not to spoil the fabric:

  • Put the clothes in the drum, dividing the pieces into membrane pieces. Shoes should be washed separately in a special mode and in a cover.
  • Choose a delicate mode ("Sports things "Manual mode "Delicate washing "Wool"). If there is a special cycle in your CMA, safely press the button.

  • Select the low temperature mode (maximum - 30 degrees).
  • Turn off the spin.
  • Start the washing.
  • Wait until the end of the program.
  • When washing, leave large items for a while in the drum, allow excess water to drain off.
  • Remove clothing and dry away from fan heaters and batteries on the shoulders or in the unfolded form (if it is a jacket or down jacket).

Drying and care

  • After washing gently squeeze the clothing with your hands, pressing it in different places.
  • Use a terry towel - wrap the jacket or other clothes in it so that excess moisture is absorbed into the towel.
  • Choose a suitable surface for drying - a table, an ironing board or a dryer.
  • Take care that things do not get direct rays of light.
  • Ensure optimum ventilation of the room.
  • Dry until completely dry.
  • Do not iron it!
  • If necessary, treat with a special impregnation. On how to choose the right tool, read the article "How to wash a tent in a washing machine".
  • Keep clothes horizontally or in special bags.

Than it is possible to erase

Before you erase such clothes, understand in what you will do it. Use ordinary powder is strictly prohibited. If you inquire with a store chemist consultant, which powder to wash, most likely, you will be advised by a specialized tool. It should be a special "shampoo". To choose is from what:

  • DOMALSportFeinFashion- Balsam in liquid form for polyester or membrane. Can be used for frequent washing, preserves the protective characteristics of fibers.

  • Nikwax Tech Wash- this agent perfectly fights with complex spots and impregnates the membrane with components that retain the protective properties of the tissue. To wash the usual powder from the pores, use this tool.

  • Denkmit Fresh Sensation- Budget means in the form of a gel. Wash well, but in its composition there is no impregnation, restoring the properties of membrane fibers.

  • Perwoll & Activesuitable for at least the previous options. Form release - gel. Can be used for shoes.

  • Laundry soap. Are you surprised? Nothing strange - you can safely use it. Do not forget to dissolve before pouring into the SMA drum.

Important! Give up the funds with chlorine - they corrode the membrane and have a detrimental effect on its protective properties.

Now you know everything about washing things of the membrane type. Observe the rules, and the life span of your favorite clothes will last for years.

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