How to replace a washing machine pulley

Often, it is possible to determine the breakage of a washing machine by external signs or by an error code on the display. However, the failure of the pulley is quite rare. How to identify and eliminate it yourself?

We offer step-by-step instructions for pulley repair on a washing machine.

Material Content:

  • 1 Symptoms and Causes of Breakdown
    • 1.1 How to Understand a Problem
    • 1.2 Self-Check
  • 2 Work Sequence

Signs and Causes of Breakdown

Give a breakdown of the

Let us understand the causes of a breakdownThe detail looks like a wheel made of steel or other materials. The element is mounted on the shaft of the drum with a special bolt in the center.

There is also an MCA engine pulley.

The principle of their work is interaction. Using a drive belt, the motor pulley transmits the rotation to the drum pulley. The latter rotates with the drum, allowing you to start the washing process. It is clear that if the parts fail, the washing machine will not be able to work.

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Pulley size directly affects the number of revolutions of the drum. That is why different models of machines with the same components have different performance characteristics.

How to understand that there was a problem with

Before we learn how to remove the pulley from the drum of a washing machine, let's see if there really is a problem.

You have problems with the washing machine, if:

  • The drive belt constantly flies, breaks, quickly stretches.
  • After replacing the belt still continues to subside.

Unscrupulous manufacturers use fake parts when assembling a machine. Therefore, a low-quality pulley may have sharp edges that contribute to the fast rubbing of the belt.


Unfortunately, there is no other way to diagnose a malfunction, as partial disassembly of the machine.

Disconnect the washer from the network, turn off the water supply. In order to remove the back panel, unscrew the filler hose, drain the water out of it.

  • Armed with a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws around the rear panel.
  • Remove it and set aside.

  • Inspect the drive belt, which is located immediately behind the cover.
  • If at first glance nothing is noticeable, remove the belt. To do this, pull it towards you while rotating the pulley.

  • Feel the belt with your hands, carefully examine in search of wear.

Now inspect the pulley: often the cause of a malfunction is weakened fasteners. The central mounting bolt is loosened, which leads to unstable operation, the belt falls down. In this case, it is enough to tighten the bolt with a key and apply bonding glue or sealant.

. The part could also crack due to physical wear. In addition to problems with the belt, the user can notice the noise and tapping during operation of the CM.The same signs are observed during deformation of the part.

Sequence of work

If you are convinced of a malfunction, proceed to replacing the part. Some users are interested in how to put a pulley on the shaft with a key. Such installation is carried out similarly, just the key allows you to additionally hold it on the shaft.

  • Install a wooden block as shown in the photo to limit its movement.

  • Using the key, try to unscrew the central bolt. Often he is sitting very tightly, so additional funds will be needed.

  • Heat the bolt with a blowtorch, additionally use WD-40.Wait for the lubricant to work.
  • Now use the key again and unscrew the bolt.

  • Pull the part towards you and remove it from the shaft.

Replacement is carried out in the same manner. When installing, lubricate the bolt with sealant for reliability.

After installation, you need to inspect the washer motor pulley. Removing it is a little more difficult for a beginner to master.

To start, remove the engine:

  • When marking the location of the wires, disconnect all wiring connectors.
  • Remove the mounting bolts.

  • Rocking the engine, pull it out of the car body.

Before removing the pulley from the washing machine engine, prepare a puller that can be used to remove the bearings and a blowtorch( gas burner).Get to work:

  1. Puller grab the engine pulley.
  2. Turn on the soldering iron( burner) and heat the part, but not red.
  3. During the heating process, tighten the part with a puller until it is removed.

Now the question is: how to fix the pulley on the motor shaft? Do the same:

  • Use the pliers to clamp the new element, heat it with a torch.

  • Slip on the motor shaft.

If you do not know how to fix the pulley on the shaft, do the following:

  • While it is still hot, fix it on the shaft. To do this, use a metal rod and a hammer.
  • Apply light strokes to avoid deforming the part.

After the element has cooled, it will tightly cover the motor shaft.

Now you need to replace the electric motor, fix the back panel and test the work of the washer.

Now you know how to fasten a pulley on the motor shaft. Visual repair on video:

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