Error F15 in the washing machine Indesit

Error code F15 is typical for Indesit washing machines with a drying program: it means that there is no relay contact.

On the electromechanical machines without a scoreboard, the indicators "Wash delay" - "Superwash" - "Quick wash" are lit. In some models it can be “Extra wash” or “Spin”.

In the Indesit CMA with one light bulb, the malfunction code is indicated by blinking. That is, it gives an error like this: 15 blinks-pause-15 blinks.

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  • 1 What does F15 mean - decryption of code
    • 1.1 What can be done
  • 2 Why does the heater break
  • 3 Problem solving

What does F15 mean - decoding

code What should I do if it shows on the F15 display? First of all, decipher the code: it means no contact of the drying relay with the heating element. Externally, the fault is expressed as: the washing process has passed, as usual, but the drying does not start, and the washing machine gives an error.

What can be done

First of all, eliminate the program crash:

  1. Disconnect the washing machine Indesit from the network.
  2. Wait for 20 minutes, then turn it on again.

. If the reset of error 15 did not occur, then you need to look for other causes of the fault.

  1. Check the contacts of the connection of the electric heater to the control board.
  2. If the machine is electronically controlled, check the module.

In most cases, the reason is hidden in the heating element - a tubular electric heater. To understand the reason and learn how to fix the damage, our recommendations will help.

Why the heating element breaks

First, let's look at the principle of drying clothes. In addition to the usual heating elements for heating water, such washers have an additional element for heating the air. Hot air is blown by the fan through the air duct into the laundry tub. The stream passes through the clothes, taking moisture and condensing it into the tank. From there, the excess goes through the drain system.

Although the tubular heater is a reliable part, it can still fail due to:

  • Factory Dump. Nobody is insured against such an outcome, but if the washer is still under warranty, contact the service center.
  • Voltage drops. A sharp jump in electricity can lead to contact burnout. As a result, the heater does not receive a signal.

Before you fix the damage, you need to check the heater. Take a multimeter or other tester and check. It happens that the protective thermostat turns off the heater due to overheating, and the error f15 is shown on the display.

Solution to the problem

To get to the air heater, remove the top cover, as shown in the photo:

The heater body is now visible.

There are two thermostats for protection, but only one has worked. Therefore, you just need to turn it on.

If this is really your case, the Indesit washing machine will work as usual. This will help remove the F12 error.

Remember, to dry the laundry, you need to load less than half the tank, otherwise the heating element will overheat.

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