PF error in LG washing machine

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The self-diagnosis system of the washing machine is able to detect a malfunction and highlight its code on the display board. If your machine LG, performing washing, stopped, and then the display shows the error code PF, this is a signal of unstable voltage in the network.

Moreover, an error can occur in any washing mode. What to do to the user in these cases, read below.

Material Content:

  • 1 Causes of
  • 2 Error Solutions to
  • 3 Self Repair

Causes of

Error To understand how to fix the problem, you need to find out the causes of the fault code.

  • A one-time outage may cause a PF error.
  • Sudden voltage drops when it drops by 10% and rises by 5%.
  • Turning on a powerful device( instrument, device) that causes a voltage surge on the line.

If the PF error code in the LG washing machine flashes once, then no action is required on your part. But if the system regularly gives an error - do not hesitate with the repair. Problems with the electrician can lead to short circuit wiring.

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Let's figure out how to fix the problem with your own hands.

Solutions to

Problem Before disassembling the LG Washer, try simpler methods to reset the PF error. What does this mean:

  1. When there is a temporary power outage, you just need to click the On / Off button. This is enough to run the program.
  2. Check the power cord and CM Al Ji plug. Isolation may be broken, wire is damaged. Then you can either locate the damaged area, or change the cord and plug.
  3. If the washer is connected via an adapter, this can also cause a code to appear. Remember, the washing machine LG( Lji) should be connected only to a separate power line with a gun.
  4. Check mains voltage. Maybe it is not enough to power the machine. Then you should call an electrician.
  5. Disturbance of the wiring between the noise filter and the electronic controller is possible. Inspect this area, replace the damaged wires.

The most reliable means to protect equipment from power surges is connection through a stabilizer.

Please note that the closure may cause the equipment to become unusable, moreover - to cause a fire. Therefore, do not let the matter take its course.

Self Repair

Another more serious reason for the appearance of the PF code is the breakage of parts inside the LG machine. Since it is not easy to fix this damage, you need to be careful.

The failure of the control unit is characterized by stopping the program in the mode “Washing”, “Rinsing”, “Spinning” and giving a PF error. You can install the new module yourself, but not everyone can solder the contacts and clean the elements. Perhaps it is better to call a specialist.

If you yourself want to solve the problem of replacing the module with the LG CM, then:

  • After disconnecting from the network, unscrew the upper panel bolts from the rear.
  • Remove the panel, release the water supply hoses from the clamps.
  • Unscrew the bulkhead and remove it with the hoses.
  • Remove the pressure switch along with the hose.
  • Remove the clips securing the control unit.
  • Remove the screws and remove the module.
  • After pressing the clips, lift the cover.
  • You can take a picture of the position of the connectors in order to properly connect them later.
  • Move the connectors to the new unit.
  • Secure the cover and install in the reverse order.

As already indicated above, a breakdown may occur in the wiring between the FPS( interference filter) and the module. When this happens, LG LGA hangs, and the PF error is lit on any program. Tell us more about how to check this:

  • Be sure to de-energize the washer by pulling the plug out of the socket.
  • Unscrew the bolts of the top panel of the LG CM, set it aside.
  • The filter is located at the end of the power cord under the back wall, as shown in the photo:
  • Check all connectors for the connection.
  • The wiring performance can be checked with a multimeter.

The last thing to check is the heating element( electric heater).What can indicate problems with heating elements:

  • Knocks automatic transmission.
  • PF is on.

This means a malfunction of the heating element. As a result of the circuit of the heating element on the case, the washer knocks a switch in the switchboard.

  1. Remove the back of the AGR.
  2. TEN is down on the left side, as in the photo:
  3. Disconnect the heater and temperature sensor connections.
  4. Unscrew the nut on the center screw and disconnect the ground terminal.
  5. By pressing, push the bolt inwards and pull out the heater.
  6. Reinstall the new part in the reverse order.

We hope the recommendations helped you to remove the error and return the machine to work. Additionally, we recommend watching the video on the repair of the control module:

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