Indesit washing machine errors

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Fault code Which light is on( AS) Meaning Causes of appearance DIY repair
F01 4 Problems in the operation of the electric motor. · Engine electrical circuit closure.

· The triac on the control board burned.

1. The electrical part of the machine is checked.

2. Replacement of defective items.

3. Repair control board.

F02 3 The sensor does not send signals. · Tachometer broken.

· Wiring between the tachometer and the module is faulty.

· Motor malfunction.

· Problems with the control module.

1. Ringing the contacts of the tachogenerator with a multimeter.

2. Check wiring. Change of burned parts.

3. Module diagnostics.

F03 3, 4 The thermistor is not working, the heater relay is stuck. · Thermistor has failed.

· Blown sensor or relay wires.

How to fix the situation:

1. Measure the sensor resistance. Install a new part.

2. Inspect relay connections. Repair the burnt areas.

F04 KN2 Incorrect pressostat readings. What's up:

· System water off.

· Shut off valve closed.

· The intake filter is clogged.

· The pressure switch is faulty, its tubes are blocked.

1. Check for water in the system.

2. Open the stopcock.

3. Eliminate the clogged intake filter.

4. Clean the tubes, replace the pressure switch.

F05 2, 4 The drain pump has failed. · The pump is broken or the wiring is broken.

· Clogged drainage system: filter, pump.

· The pressure switch does not work.

1. Inspection of the pump, ringing contacts. Repair wiring.

2. Eliminate blockage in the filter, which is located behind the hatch, at the bottom of the front panel. Inspection of the impeller pump.

3. Installing a new pressostat.

F06 2, 3 Error in management. · Problems with the controller that controls the panel.

· The connection between the controller and the board is broken.

· Main module does not work.

1. Check all items.

2. Repair and replacement of broken parts.

F07 2, 3, 4 No heating due to insufficient water in the tank. · Problems with the operation of the heater relay and its contacts.

· TEN burnt out, the pressure switch does not function, or its connections are weakened.

1. Inspection of the relay, installation of a serviceable element.

2. Checking the TEN with a multimeter.

3. Adjustment of the pressostat connections, or replacement of the part.

F08 1 1. The heater relay is stuck in one position.

2. Incorrect operation of the electronic board.

Relay test, installation of a serviceable part.

Diagnostics and flashing module.

F09 1, 4 RAM error. What happened:

had problems with the operation of the electronic controller.

How to fix the situation:

to inspect the control module, reflash or replace the board.

F10 1, 3 The pressure switch does not give any signals. · There is no water supply, or the valve is shut off.

· Blockage in the filler system.

· Level sensor malfunction.

Do-it-Yourself Repair:

1. Open the tap and check the water supply.

2. Clear the filler system from clogging. Unscrew the suction hose, clean the mesh filter, inspect the suction valve.

3. Change a broken sensor to a working one.

F11 2, 3, 4 Problems with starting the pump.

There is no drain.


· Drain filter or pump impeller clogged.

· Faulty pump.

1. The filter gets out. Cleared of debris. The pump impeller is inspected in the filter hole. If it does not turn, you need to disassemble and clean the pump.

2. Ringing pump winding. When resistance is not correct, replacement is carried out.

F12 ​​ 1, 2 There is no contact between the blocks. When you press the buttons, the indicators do not light up. · The contacts burned out as a result of a short circuit.

· Increased moisture has corroded elements.

1. The connection between the control board and the controller is checked.

2. Inspection and replacement of damaged MCA contacts.

F13 1, 2, 4 Thermal sensor for drying is faulty( code specific to CMA with drying mode). 1. The drying sensor contacts are loose.

2. Thermal sensor itself broke.

1. Inspection of contacts, wiring. New elements are installed, in place of the burnt parts.

2. Thermal sensor is being changed.

F14 1, 2, 3 heater, which is responsible for drying clothes, has failed. What caused the problem:

· Heater burned out.

· The thermostat has turned off the heating element when there is a danger of overheating.

· There is water in the drum.

· Defect of connections between the board and the heating element.

1. Replace the heating element.

2. Remove any remaining water from the tank by clicking on the “drain”.

3. Repair or tighten connections.

F15 1, 2, 3, 4 There is no contact of the relay with the heating elements. Reason in electronic circuit board or broken connections. Well connect the wiring between the heater and the board. Diagnostics module is a master.
F17 LED4 - КН4 The hatch door is not tightly closed. The UBL electronic lock did not work. The lock contacts are called for resistance. Examines the wiring.
F18 LED4 - KH3 Incorrect controller operation. The board fuse or one of its components has blown out. Repair of the electronic module.
H2O Water intake error. · Clogged filler system.

· Incorrect connection of the washing machine.

1. Clean the filler hose, filter, check the valve for proper operation.

2. Connect according to the instructions, otherwise the water will merge without a command.

It is difficult for the user to independently determine the cause of the Indesit washing machine breakage. A self-diagnostic system comes to the rescue, which highlights the error code on the display. You can quickly find out the meaning of the code and fix the problem thanks to our table.

FMA Indesit malfunction codes( Indesit)

Carefully read the codes, their meanings and repair instructions for the Indesit machine. In case of errors related to the control board, it is better to call the wizard.

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