F06 error in the washing machine Ariston

Error F06 is characteristic of washing machines from the Ariston Dialogic model range and means that the control panel has failed. The

CM with electronic control shows an F-06 error on the display. On the electromechanical washers, the indicators light up: the “Superwash” - “Quick wash” signal flashes.

In this case, the F 06 error code is not available for Hotpoint-Ariston AVL, AVD models.

material Contents:

  • 1 Decoding
    • 1.1 Causes of code and Remedy Fault Testing
  • 2
    • 2.1 breakage detection

code Decoding

figure out what it means to a fault code, you will understand what to do. Error F06 indicates a problem with the keyboard panel or control knob. As already mentioned, this code is missing on Hotpoint Ariston washing machines.

Causes of Troubleshooting

How to fix a breakdown at home and solve the problem:

  • Resetting the error F06 in the event of a system failure will help. Disconnect the CM Ariston for 15-20 minutes from the network. If after switching on it was not possible to reset the error, check further.
  • If the panel is faulty, the buttons do not respond to pressing. Need to replace the panel.
  • Breakdown of the control board. If the cause of failure in the module, it needs to be replaced.
  • Contact withdrawal or breakage between display and control system. Check connections and replace burnt wires.

In order to accurately determine why the washing machine generates an error F06, it is necessary to conduct an automatic test. Self-diagnosis helps to understand the causes of a keyboard failure, even if the code is not highlighted.

Testing for malfunctions

Thanks to the test, you can test all functions of the CM Ariston, find the fault and figure out how to fix it. We will give an example of the autotest on washing machines Margarita 2000 and models EVO-II.

  1. Take the SAT diagnostic key with the code 95669.
  2. Plug the key into the back of the washer.
  3. When checking drying machines like “Margarita 2000”, the green light on the key lights up. For models with an EVO-II control system, the light bulb is blue.

Warning! During the test, the water temperature will increase to +30 degrees. Therefore, pre-set a limit on elevated temperatures.

Then take care that:

  • The Ariston machine is connected to the water supply.
  • There was no water in the tank.
  • The door was tightly closed.

To determine the error F 06 or another malfunction, turn on the AGR and press the “AUTO TEST” key. Hold the button, follow the messages on the scoreboard: if the test is at launch, “TEST” will be displayed. If the display is missing, you will hear a beep.

Detecting breakdownsIf the diagnostic finds a breakdown, the indicator blinks several times.

On error F 06, the light will blink six times intermittently, which means a malfunction code.

If you managed to fix the damage before the test, the autotest diagnostics will not start.

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