Error F16 in the washing machine Indesit

You can see the fault code F16 on the display if self-diagnosis is present in the Indesit washing machine. On the electromechanical CMA, the Indesit will light or flash the “Lock” light.

This fault is characteristic of top-loading washing machines and indicates a problem with the drum.

material Contents:

  • 1 Causes and symptoms occurrence
  • 2 consequences of failure
  • 3 decision
    • 3.1 problems without dismantling
    • 3.2 collated

Causes and symptoms occurrence

What can mean F16 error in the machine Indesit:

  • engine does not pull the drum.
  • Drum locked, jammed.

As a result, the MCA will not start the wash or stop the process in the middle of the cycle. Why the system gives an error F 16?

  1. The door probably opened during washing. In the washing machine there are two doors with a lock on the latch. After long use, the latch can wear out and break, which causes the flaps to open and the drum to lock.
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  3. Overloading the tank can also cause a breakdown. A piece of clothing falls into the latch, which is why it is not fixed.
  4. Factory marriage.

Effects of damage

F16 error is shown on the display - the drum latch may not have worked. What this means:

  • If the flaps are opened at high revolutions when pressing, then they, like a knife, can damage the tank of the Indesit washing machine. Water will begin to flow.
  • The doors themselves were deformed.
  • Damaged heating element.
  • All three options happened.

Problem solving

How to solve the problem and remove the error code F 16?

If the drum rotates manually, try resetting the error by resetting to 15-20 minutes.

If you hear hum and rattle during washing, immediately disconnect the Indesit machine. There are two options to fix the problem:

  1. Without disassembly.
  2. Disassembled.

Without disassembling

  1. Try to spin the drum, returning it to its place. If it does not give in, do not apply force, otherwise damage the tank more.
  2. Take a thin strong wire.
  3. Construct a 0.5 cm wide hook out of it.
  4. Slide the hook into the hole, trying to pick up and close the doors.

Didn't work? Go to item number 2.

With disassembling

What to do:

  • Examine the washer, try to understand in what position the lock occurred. Accordingly, you can get to the element above or below. We will tell about the last option - through the bottom.
  • Disconnect the Indesit machine from the network and other connections.
  • Turn over on its side.
  • Removing the pallet and unscrewing the balancing weight, we get a hole.
  • Slide your hand in there and try to close the flap.

If the elements have been deformed, they cannot be closed without preprocessing. For this it is better to call a professional master. If everything happened with you, don’t be in a hurry to turn on the AGR immediately, first make sure that everything is in order.

For help, see a video on the topic:

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