How to choose a double boiler: a brief overview and practical tips

How to Choose a Steamer: A Quick Review and Practical Tips

Steamer is the first aid for healthy diet supporters. Everything that is steamed is no doubt very useful. This kitchen fixture is no longer a novelty to our hostesses. The steam cooker in Russia did not win universal love, but in every second house you can find a device for cooking food for a couple - not so long ago, “proper” food became fashionable, and every family considered it their duty to buy and try this wonderful unit.

In fact, with the help of a double boiler you can cook delicious dishes, without a single drop of oil, which will please the most spoiled gourmets. For baby food, a double boiler is an indispensable thing, it prepares the first baby food. What kind of steamer to choose, so that she does not disappoint and become a real assistant in the kitchen? We will tell about it right now.

3.3 3. Food heating function

  • 3.4 4. Delayed start
  • 3.5 5. Accelerated cooking function
  • Types of steamers, the advantages of each of them

    ovarki - a likeness of the water bath in Russian cuisine. A lid with holes was placed on the boiling water pot, on which food was laid out for cooking."Manual" steamers can be purchased to this day, they are very cheap in price, easy to operate.

    If you are not averse to purchasing a device that is more expensive and more interesting, then you should pay attention to electric steamers for the house.

    These steamers differ in control method. How to choose a double boiler correctly so that the first use does not become fatal? There are two types of control systems, choose the most optimal one for yourself.

    Mechanical Control

    Uncomplicated control panel. It has a standard power button, pivotal levers to set the time and power. Very simple and intuitive, quite practical. The price for such a device does not bite. You can purchase within reason. Such a double boiler perfectly copes with its main task - steaming without unnecessary trouble.

    Electronic control

    Electronically controlled steamers are not a cheap option. Display, touch control, built-in cooking programs, all this will allow you to properly prepare your favorite dish, almost without interfering with the process. Your task is only to prepare the products, and the electronic steamer itself will calculate the cooking time, the force of the steam, and upon completion will give a signal that the dish is ready and turn off.

    Steamer Device: Pay attention to the details of

    Before choosing a device for your home, you should know what kind of object it is and what parts it consists of. This knowledge will help you easier to navigate when choosing. The electric double boiler consists of 3 parts:

    • The basic element is designed to heat water and convert it into steam. The base power is higher than 1000 W - your food will be ready faster, more dishes can be cooked at the same time;
    • Water tank, usually it is just above the base. The deeper the reservoir - the less often it is necessary to add water to it;
    • Pallet, condensate that forms during cooking is drained into it. There is usually one pallet, but there may be several pallets under each steam basket. You can choose a suitable tray with simple logic - if you plan to cook several dishes in a double boiler, then it is better to take a device with a tray under each container so that the juice from the upper baskets does not fall on products from the lower ones;
    • Steam Basket - an installation designed specifically for placing products on it. Several basket setups allow you to cook 2-3 dishes at a time. Choose a basket of at least 1 liter, so that a family of 3 people can cook food in one single turn on of the device.

    Steamer Functionality

    This is the most important point for potential buyers who are already on the doorstep of the store and are about to make a purchase of the double boiler. The manufacturer can embed more than 20 functions in a specific model, however, the most valuable will be those that will bring you positive emotions, thanks to which the double boiler will become a really necessary device for you. We list the most important characteristics that in the kitchen unit will be quite superfluous.

    1. The function of adding water to the tank

    If the water in the double boiler suddenly all evaporated, the device automatically turns off, and all modes will have to be reset. But if in the double boiler there is a function topping up the water directly during the cooking process - you can safely add 100-200 ml each, the device will continue to prepare your lunch without stopping.

    2. Overheating protection

    This function was given special attention in the “Test purchase” program on 1 channel. Safety is paramount, especially in the kitchen. Steamer is a household appliance that gets very hot during long-term operation. If you do not have time to turn off in time, then the next time the steamer may refuse to work. It is necessary to choose a double boiler with overheating protection, and then at the slightest risk, it will turn off from the network.

    3. The function of heating food

    The steamer has prepared a dish for a long time, and you missed the moment and now you have a cold lunch. This can be avoided by choosing a device with the function of heating food. Having prepared the dish, the double boiler will automatically turn on the mode of heating the food and keep the dish warm during the time that you define yourself.

    4. Delayed start

    Do you need to steamed vegetables for breakfast? No problem. A steamer with a delayed start function will give you the opportunity to choose the exact time to start cooking, which you will set yourself.

    If you know that the chef is planning an important meeting today, then you can prepare a simple meal for your loved ones, even without being at home. Just cut into cubes in advance and put potatoes and mushrooms in the appliance basket, add salt. Enable the delayed start function, for example, at 17.00.An hour later, your family home will be able to dine delicious potatoes with steamed mushrooms.

    5. Fast cooking function

    This may be one of the most frequently used functions. With a shortage of time, quick cooking is not an easy task. In some steamers there is a function “Fast steam”.It doubles the cooking time by raising the heat and producing more steam. Here it is important to remember that water with this function will evaporate too quickly, and it is worth pouring it more often.

    In conclusion, we note that the choice of the optimal double boiler is mainly influenced by the number of your family members.

    For a large family, it’s good to choose a double boiler for a house with three tiers, a large water tank and several pallets. For a family of 2 people, or for one, a double boiler with 1-2 baskets, mechanically controlled, and the size of the pallet does not matter here.

    Choose a steam boiler to your liking, and it is not so important which company is indicated on the label - the main thing is that the device should be your joy and have served you well for many years.

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