Which covering material is better for cucumbers in open ground

With the approach of the summer season, many are beginning to think about how to grow vegetables in their backyards, while achieving maximum yields. The most pressing issue is the cultivation of cucumber - a culture quite capricious. To minimize negative phenomena, many use a special covering material. This technology allowed growing this vegetable even in cold climatic conditions.


  • Why need a black covering material for cucumbers
  • Culture is rightly considered one of the fastidious, although it is traditionally planted by every owner. The plant does not tolerate cold and strong shading , but also under strong sunlight can burn.

    Equally important is the moisture content of the soil composition and air, which must be maintained mainly artificially. There are still enough conditions that are necessary for obtaining decent yields.

    In fact, creating optimal conditions for the cultivation of cucumbers in the open air is almost impossible, for this reason the crop is planted under the shelter.

    This allows to sow seeds or transplant seedlings in the middle of the spring season without fear of any late frost.

    Shelter film allows you to plant seedlings in the ground in the middle of spring

    The use of covering material eliminates a number of problematic issues. If you cover cucumbers - the planting season can be started somewhat earlier than usual, and the first crop will arrive faster, because the plants will be reliably protected from the wind and frost .

    Protective film reduces exposure to sunlight, increases moisture, reliably protects the beds from harmful parasites and diseases that can destroy plants.

    Ukryvny materials are different. Today the market offers consumers:

    • reinforced polyethylene film;
    • bubble wrap;
    • PVC film;
    • non-woven spandbond;
    • is a simple polyethylene.

    Non-transparent agricultural canvas and film are considered the most popular. Beds with seedlings first cover the canvas, which creates protection from wind and frost. In addition, a plastic film is pulled from above.

    Advantages and disadvantages of using spunbond when growing cucumber

    On the beds you can arrange a shelter without using a frame base.

    Soft and lightweight covering material does not injure the culture of , perfectly transmits light, air currents and moisture to the ground. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays, accumulates heat, protecting plants from harmful radiation. It can be applied in greenhouses as a second cover. It is easy to use, does not require large financial expenses.

    Watering is carried out by on its top .It should be added that the film is resistant to damage, it can be sewn, glue and even wash if necessary.

    Soft material can cover cucumbers without using an

    frame. But at the same time, the canvas is not a panacea for all negative phenomena. Much depends on how well the cucumber variety is selected for cultivation, how the soil is heated.

    Influences the density of the film, and even the slope of the beds. In addition, cucumbers require pollination, so that the fabric will have to be removed in the morning and re-tensioned in the evening. Protection against dogs and crows, the main sources of breaks, should be considered.

    Types of black covering material

    By its origin, it can be divided into two groups - organic and inorganic .

    As a rule, inorganic materials not only cover the plants, but also perform decorative functions. These include:

    • slate;
    • gravel;
    • crumb stone, granite, marble;
    • crushed stone;
    • multicolored synthetic materials.

    should be divided into black plastic as a separate line. Holes are made in it to add water and fertilizer to the soil. The film keeps the heat warm, warming up the beds.

    Agrotextile fabric is another interesting option. A variety of material is special, often used in agriculture. It is used in greenhouses and open beds. By means of it moisture in the soil is perfectly kept, protection against wreckers is created.

    A distinctive feature of organic materials is the ability to feed the earth, slightly changing its acidic environment.

    Organic species include the following:

    • garden waste compost;
    • rotten foliage;
    • rotted manure mixed with straw;
    • shavings, bark, sawdust;
    • needles, peat crumb;
    • mowed grass.
    Cut grass as a cucumber cover

    What material is good and how to choose

    Before you buy material to protect the beds, it is necessary to study the features of each of the known species.

    White non-woven fabric - spandbond, agril, agrospan, spantex - perfectly protects frost .They are perfectly breathable and airy, light in weight and fairly durable. Their main difference is thickness.

    The thinnest can be laid directly on the seedlings, pressing down the edges. Thicker suitable for arranging small greenhouses.

    In addition, the material must create reliable protection against the insect pests , which are a threat to your harvest.

    Black films, tightly laid on the beds, will prevent the development of weeds .

    Preparation of beds in open ground

    Ridges are prepared in advance, the place should be lit and warm. Their width is seventy centimeters , you need to dig to the depth of the bayonet of the .

    The width of the beds should deliver about 70cm.

    After that, organic fertilizer, compost, and humus are spread on the surface. Topsoil is leveled with a rake. Now you can arrange grooves for sowing cucumbers.


    For ten liters of water heated to fifty degrees, we dilute two ampoules of a liquid-like stimulator. The resulting solution plentifully shed the furrows.

    Sunflower seeds are sown with an interval of fifty centimeters .They are gently pressed into the warm moist soil, sprinkled on top, slightly pressed by hand.

    The whole bed of is powdered with ground black pepper so that the seeds do not damage the ants, the shoots do not swallow slugs or mice.

    After this, the bed can be covered with a spunbond in two layers.

    Features of

    care In the spring, the material will reliably protect against frost, in the summer it will save from heat. But the conditions necessary for the normal development of cucumber plants should be maintained.

    Watering cucumbers under film is carried out 2 times a week.

    After planting a crop in early April, you should not perform frequent watering. Such an procedure twice a week with is sufficient, using warm water. It should be once every seven days to raise the film in sunny weather to give the seedlings additional light.

    In May, it is permitted to start feeding , but during the day temperature should be about twenty degrees of heat, not lower.

    It is best to use sodium humate, which is dissolved in water at the rate of one spoon per bucket of water. The solution is consumed in the amount of eight liters per square of landing. As a fertilizer once a month, bird droppings are used.

    When the plants form the third leaf, you can set up supports. Yes, and do not forget about pollination - the material for the day must be removed from the beds, opening access to insects.

    Protection can significantly increase the possibility of growing cucumbers in different climatic conditions. Competently chosen means of shelter will provide an opportunity to increase yields, lower costs in the work on the care of the beds.

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