F43 error in the Bosch washing machine

If the Bosch washing machine gives an error F 43, first of all you need to figure out what the code means, how to remove the error and restore the machine to working capacity on its own.

In this article we will discuss the main signs and causes of the error. And also we will prompt what to do if the code F43 burns on a board of your CMA.

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    When the CM shows error F43, this indicates that the engine is not rotating or the drum is locked.

    The main symptom, which can also be recognized error( if the code is not displayed), - the machine with the force rotates the drum and at the same time literally jumps on the spot.

    . Causes of

    Error. Does the control panel display F 43 value? Most likely, this was due to one of the following reasons:

    1. Wedged bearings.
    2. The SM tachogenerator failed.
    3. The triac of the control unit has broken.
    4. The drum is overloaded or locked.

    Fix error: do-it-yourself repair

    The error requires immediate repair, as it may be related to the breakage of important Bosch washing machine components.

    After finding fault codes, service center masters perform diagnostics and a corresponding set of actions. Based on their experience, we can conclude that the solution to the problem is as follows:

    • You need to check the drum with your own hands to see if it rotates freely.
    • Replace bearings.
    • Repair( reprogram) or replace the control unit( electronic controller).
    • Replace tachogenerator.
    • Repair the engine.

    Important! It should be understood that the error is critical: it is possible that the motor has overheated and it needs urgent repair or change. Do not operate the washer with error F43 - this is fraught with a short circuit and possible fire.

    Independent actions of

    It’s worth starting small - what can be done without special tools and experience: check the drum for overload or find an object that blocks the rotation of the drum, if that is the reason.

    To check if the machine is overloaded, stop washing, remove some laundry and restart the program. If the code disappears, the error reset was successful.

    Removing a foreign object

    Any small and not very subject can block the drum. The masters, sharing their experience, say that in their practice the drum in Bosch brand washers was blocked because of garbage, small coins, buttons, cufflinks and even socks and tights.

    In confirmation that a foreign object interferes with the drum operation, you will hear a characteristic knock or noise. The fault codes of Bosch washing machines accompanying this failure do not always appear.

    Typically, the subject is:

    1. At the bottom of the tank or drum.
    2. Between the drum and the walls of the tank.
    3. reeled on the drum.

    To find out where the interference is, unplug the machine from the electrical outlet and turn the drum by hand. By knocking you almost immediately find out where the object is located. If you could not find right away, arm yourself with a flashlight to carefully inspect the space behind the tank wall.

    Disassembly of the Bosch

    washing machine

    If this does not help, you need to remove the pulley by unscrewing the pulley mounting bolt for this. After removing the pulley, put the fastener back in place, but do not over-tighten it.

    Further, the shaft and the drum must be shifted with respect to the tank in order to gain access to the object. To do this, you need a hammer - gently strike the shaft cut.

    To damage nothing, use a thick gasket before striking with a hammer.

    Having shifted the drum, roll it over again - find and reach the object through the hole from which you got the heater. If your hands fail, make a hook from a regular wire.

    In this video you will find the answers to the remaining questions on removing items from the CM:

    Collect the CM, connect to the electrical outlet and start the test wash. If the reset errors did not occur, and the machine still shows the code F43 on the display, a major repair will be needed.

    How to fix the error, if you need to replace the bearings, repair the engine or board, experts know best. Do not take up such complex works - they require experience, effort and a special tool.

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