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Well-toned slim body today is not only one of the criteria of beauty, but also a sign of health

Slim body today is not only one of the criteria of beauty, but also a sign of health

Slim body today is not only one of the criteria of beauty, but also the sign of health

Slim body today is not only one of the criteria of beauty, but also the sign of health

Slim body today is not only one of the criteria of beauty, but also a sign of health

Slim fit body today is not only one of the criteria of beauty, but also a sign of health

Slimmed body is also a sign of

and activity. Women and men of different ages willingly use all sorts of means to lose weight. By popularity, pineapple rightfully occupies one of the first places among natural products that help to lose weight.

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What substances in the fruit can affect the human body, and what is the effect of pineapple on health?

Composition and nutritional value of pineapple

The attention of nutritionists to the fresh fruits of pineapple is associated with the biochemical composition of this native of South America. According to comprehensive studies, the pulp of a ripe fruit contains a number of vitamins, among which the clear leader is ascorbic acid. Pineapple vitamin C content reaches 50 mg per 100 grams of purified pulp. In addition, there is beta-carotene, vitamin PP and a number of vitamins of group B.

Of macro and microelements in pineapple for health, iodine, iron and calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium, manganese and copper are of particular importance. Thanks to these substances, fruits from distant southern countries become a good preventive measure at the risk of atherosclerosis and heart diseases, thrombosis and seasonal respiratory diseases. Hypertensives include pineapple in the menu as a product that can lower blood pressure. But for those who want to lose weight, pineapple is interesting with other qualities.

First of all, this is a low calorie pineapple, because 100 pulp can give the body only 48 calories.

There is almost no fat in this slice. And the value of pineapple for the human body is:

  • of 0.4 grams of protein;
  • from small amounts of ash and dietary fiber;
  • of 11.5 grams of carbohydrates, most of which is sucrose and fructose;
  • of 85.5 grams of water.

As can be seen, the nutritional value of pineapple is also low. The taste of the fruit is determined by the organic acids contained in the pulp, essential and aromatic oils, and a rather high, in ripe fruit, sugar content.

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About 20 years ago, a complex of plant enzymes called bromelin was discovered and studied by scientists in the pulp of pineapple. This name was chosen in honor of the name of the entire bromeliad family, to which pineapple belongs. The uniqueness of these enzymes turned out to be that under their action the digestive processes in the body became more active, the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates improved, and the person, without serious physical exertion, began to lose weight.

The discovery of scientists has caused a real buzz around the pineapple and losing weight with it, and all sorts of diets based on the use of fruit are still considered the most popular.

But is it worth treating a pineapple as a miracle cure? Is it possible to lose weight by eating fruit, and how will the pineapple diet affect your health?

Weight Loss with Pineapple: Benefits and Possible Risks

If you believe the promises of some sources, bromelin as part of a pineapple works wonders, literally “burning” fatty deposits. In fact, the situation is somewhat different. Indeed, the enzymes present in the pulp of pineapple have an effect on digestion. But most of the bromelin is not in the juicy flesh, but in a hard, fibrous core, practically representing a continuation of the stem, sprouting through the stem. This part of the food is not used, but discarded.

As for the pineapple itself, to lose 500–1000 grams during the day you will have to arrange a fasting day, during which you can eat about one and a half kilograms of pulp, drinking it with herbal teas or water. In addition to pineapple, eaten in three or four doses, per day is allowed to drink a liter of juice from this fruit.

But the weight loss in this case is achieved not due to the action of bromelin, but because of the mild laxative and diuretic properties that are natural to fruits. Yes, and adhere to this diet can not be longer than 2–3 days, otherwise the pineapple saved from a couple of kilograms on health will leave a negative mark.

A long-term pineapple-based diet can be a serious mistake, threatening disorders of the digestive processes, metabolism and even diseases.

Fruit, characterized by a high content of acids, entering the gastrointestinal tract, causes inevitable irritation.

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If a person who uses pineapple for weight loss suffers from gastritis with acidity, peptic ulcer disease or is prone to these ailments, the fruit can cause aggravation and provoke worsening of the condition. Similar problems will arise in the presence of pancreatitis or cholecystitis.

Acids, with the constant use of large quantities of juice and pineapple pulp, also have an impact on the state of the tooth enamel.

Unfortunately, the list of risks of a diet based on an exotic fruit does not end there. Pineapple is a bright and dangerous allergen. Do not forget this if the fruit is decided to use in the diet fasting day or for a long diet. If fresh pineapples for weight loss with a reasonable approach to use is still possible and necessary, then often the recommended alcoholic tincture on the pulp will bring nothing but harm.

In an effort to feel the “miraculous” power of the fruit, many are tempted by the low calorie content and the presence of pineapple fiber, scavenging slags from the digestive system and other deposits. In fact, most of the dietary fibers, like bromelain, are located in the core of the compound, and their content in the pulp does not exceed a fraction of a percent.

If you even look for the benefits of pineapple fiber, it is better to try the dried fruit. It is only important not to confuse the slices cooked in syrup and dried, more similar to candied fruits, with natural rings and slices without adding sugar.

Contrary to popular belief, you will not be able to lose weight with pineapples from cans, that is, canned in their own juice or in syrup. The minerals and vitamins contained in fresh fruits in such a product are almost completely destroyed by the action of high temperatures and preservatives. Therefore, such canned pineapple for health is completely useless.

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How to lose weight with pineapple

With a lot of conflicting information and very real contraindications, pineapples still help to lose weight. Only for this they need to have a core. In ripe high-quality fruits that have reached the edible condition on the plantation, the central part is not too rough and thick. If you eat a slice of pineapple before a meal, such a measure will help not to pass during the main meal, and a portion of fruit for dessert will really help the food to digest faster. But everything is good in moderation!

Recommendations to eat pineapples for the night should be treated with caution, since the fruit requires the work of the stomach and intestines, which means that night rest will be incomplete.

Wanting to keep fit or lose some weight with pineapples, their flesh can be included in the diet, adding to your favorite dishes, not forgetting the compatibility of certain products. The low nutritional value of pineapple will not affect the calorie content of the food, but the taste of the dish will be new and unforgettable.

In this case, it is better not to combine the juicy flesh with fatty meat, starchy or flour products, but add to dietary dairy and vegetable dishes, combine with cereals or nuts. For example, a combination of brown rice, pineapple and protein-rich seafood can be considered ideal. If such a dish is flavored with spices and enriched with succulent vegetables, any gourmet will appreciate and adopt a healthy diet. Instead of shrimp, you can use lean sea fish or chicken.

No less healthy pineapple dessert with kiwi fruit and sour cream foam. You can decorate the dish with nut crumbs. With all dairy products, including yogurt and cottage cheese, pineapples will be a good support for the body, and will help get rid of excess weight.

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