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True fans of green plants never try to part with them. Therefore, in their home they grow indoor flowers using pots with automatic irrigation. The unique system helps forgetful color lovers to enjoy lush greenery all year round. After all, the full-fledged development, growth and periods of flowering of decorative living ornaments depend on regular watering.

The eventful pace of life often leads to unexpected trips, so you have to leave your home nest for a long time. At such moments, the color lovers are worried about their silent "friends" who need constant nourishment. Come to the aid pots with automatic watering for indoor plants. What are these unique containers? What are they like? What is their advantage and how to use? Answers to these questions will help you choose the best option.

. An inexhaustible source of moisture.

. A plant that grows near water is distinguished by rich greenery, lush flowering and unsurpassed beauty. Many fans of indoor plants also want to see a similar picture on their windows. Just pots with auto fuel and are an inexhaustible source of moisture for decorative indoor plants.

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For the first time such an invention was used in Denmark by color lovers, and then the idea spread to other countries. The unique system of growing pot flowers allows:

  • to save time;
  • to care for the pot without any extra effort;
  • to regulate the flow of moisture to indoor flowers during a personal absence;
  • apply for any kind of plants.

Those who already use pots with automatic watering have long enjoyed a flower oasis of indoor plants.

The design provides moderate watering for a period of approximately 14 days. At the same time, plants consume the necessary amount of moisture, keeping their root system healthy.

To date, manufacturers offer various options for flower pots with automatic watering, which differ:

  • design;
  • material;
  • decorative coloring.

In addition, the design is a fixed volume of water or adjustable. The option is chosen for the plant or the circumstances of the color lover. It is also important to consider the model and principle of operation of auto-watering systems for indoor plants. There are several types of such structures:

  1. The use of side tanks. This method involves the use of double pots. Capacity with indoor plants is placed in a tank with liquid for irrigation.
  2. Using the indicator. The design in the form of a cone-shaped tube with a transparent window and the indicator is installed directly in a cache-pot.
  3. Collapsible watering system. The design includes a pot with a flower, an indicator and a reservoir for the liquid.

Before choosing the option of autowatering, it is desirable to learn in detail the principle of operation of the device. Knowledge of the theory protects against rash decisions.

First-class type of pots with automatic irrigation

Among the many different designs to help green lovers want to mention the automatic watering of Lechuza, which are widely used in many countries. They are designed to regularly moisten the soil of indoor plants and feed the root system. They are produced from high-quality plastic, which withstands unexpected shocks or falls, while remaining unaffected.

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In addition, they are decorated with an exquisite design that allows you to use them in any interior of the dwelling.

If you need to leave home for 3 months, you can safely use pots with automatic irrigation Lechuza. Thanks to the integrated water supply system, the plants get enough moisture.

Using this design, nature lovers protect their green masterpieces from drying out and all sorts of diseases. Caring for indoor plants is reduced to a minimum, especially for busy people.

Lovers of balcony or facade liners willingly apply the automatic irrigation system in special elongated containers. Receiving the necessary amount of moisture every day, the plants bloom magnificently throughout the season. At the same time, pot owners do not spend a lot of time and effort on caring for plants.

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Simple tips for newbies

Flower pots with automatic watering are quite easy to use. Planting is done in the usual way: drainage material is placed on the bottom, and the soil is selected for the type of flower. First, watering is carried out in the usual way. But from the moment when the root system reaches the drainage, an automatic system is connected.

Fill the tank through a tube protruding from the pot. Suited clean water is suitable. Its volume is fixed by the indicator. Fill the tank to the maximum level, regardless of the type of houseplant. As the fluid decreases, it should be replenished. For classic flowers - no more than once every 14 days, for moisture-loving plants - 10 days. In this case, it is important to take into account the season and the humidity in the living room. Using simple tips for using such pots allows you to create great green compositions at home.

With the help of smart pots you can regularly feed indoor plants. For this fertilizer is dissolved in purified water, and then poured into the tank.

How to use pots with automatic watering - video

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