Bosch refrigerators review: models, specifications, reviews

Bosch Refrigerators are renowned for their reliability and functionality. The technique is different thoughtful design, convenient location of the shelves. New technologies expand product storage capabilities. How to choose a refrigerator? In the review we will consider the most interesting models.

material Contents:

  • 1 Features refrigerators Bosch
    • 1.1 Refrigeration
    • 1.2 Energy
    • 1.3 inner space
    • 1.4 functions and technology
  • 2 Review refrigerator "Bosch" 2017
    • 2.1 Bosch KIN86AF30
    • 2.2 Bosch KUR15A50RU
    • 2.3 Bosch KSV36VL20
    • 2.4 Bosch KAI90VI20
    • 2.5 Bosch KAN58A55
    • 2.6 Bosch KGS 36XW20 R

Features of Bosch

refrigerators Where are Bosch refrigerators collected? The country-manufacturer of technology - Germany. It all began in 1886, and today the company does not stop there: billions of dollars are invested annually in the development of new technologies. Residents of 150 countries around the world use Bosch refrigeration.

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Types and sizes are different, everyone can choose based on their needs and the number of people in the family.

  • Free-standing combination freezer refrigerators with bottom freezer are in demand. As the refrigerator compartment is used more often, you do not have to stoop every time.
  • Single chamber cabinet without freezer compartment. With the new technology Vita Fresh 0 ° products retain nutrients, shape, color.
  • Side-by-Side Refrigerators for large kitchens and families. Two doors conceal the freezer and refrigeration compartments. Provide convenient storage and excellent visibility.

  • Built-in models for lovers of ergonomic solutions. Appliances hide in the closet, which is part of the kitchen.

One- and two-compressor refrigerators to choose from. The presence of two motors allows you to separately regulate the temperature in the chambers, as well as turn off one of them if necessary.

Type of cooling

Today, manufacturers offer three cooling options:

  • Drip( Direct cool).It needs to be defrosted at least once every six months. Due to the "weeping evaporator" condensate freezes, forming frost on the walls.
  • Nou Frost( without frost).The presence of fans ensures uniform temperature distribution. Continuous air circulation does not allow moisture to accumulate and freeze.

  • Low Frost. This is a new development of the company. The special design of the evaporator minimizes the temperature difference between the compartments. Optimum humidity is maintained, so food does not dry out.

Energy Efficiency

Refrigerator is one of the largest energy consumers in the home. It is better to choose a more expensive model, but with an optimal power consumption of A + and A ++.Such equipment will consume 23-40% less electricity than representatives of class A.

Some Bosch models are guaranteed for up to 10 years. The coupon covers repair costs during this period.

Internal Space

Cameras hold shelves and storage boxes. Bosch has developed containers for long-term storage of individual products: the

  • Chiller Box is optimally suited for storing fish and meat products. Maintains cool temperatures and low humidity.
  • Hydro Fresh - high humidity contributes to the preservation of vegetables, fruits, salads.
  • Vita Fresh includes two climatic zones: humidity 50% for storing fish, and 95% for fruits and vegetables.

Functions and Technologies

Operation should be simple and straightforward. Therefore, manufacturers have developed Freshsense technology: a special sensor measures the ambient temperature and adjusts the climate inside the chamber. Thus there is no load on the compressor, in addition, the technology is triggered automatically, without user intervention.


  • AntiBacteria. Antibacterial coating allows you to store food in hygienic conditions. Silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Holiday mode. Leaving for rest, you can leave the freezer compartment to work as usual, and in the refrigeration unit you can use an economical energy consumption.
  • IceTwister allows you to quickly prepare ice for cold drinks.

In order to compare the characteristics, functional features and cost, we will present the rating of popular models, according to customer reviews.

Bosch Refrigerator Review 2017

Which models do users prefer?

Bosch KIN86AF30

Built-in two-chamber refrigerator with dimensions of 55.8 × 55.4 × 177.2 cm. Economical energy consumption provides a class A ++ - only 223 kW per year. The freezing department( 68 l) is equipped with the No Frost system, and the refrigerating( 189 l) Direct cool system is equipped with the drip system. During the day it can freeze 8 kg of food.


  • Electronic Controls Touch Control allows you to set the modes "Superfrost", "Supercooling", "Vacation".
  • Vita Fresh plus Box is a large box for storing vegetables and fruits.
  • LED lighting is bright enough to navigate the contents of the compartment. It also saves electricity.
  • In addition to the standard drawers in the freezer, there is a 29 cm high Big Box container.
  • The Foldable Vario Shelf shelf allows you to place high dishes: jugs, bottles.

Noise characteristics: 39 dB.

Cost - from 70,000 rubles.


I approached the purchase of a refrigerator responsibly. I have only one room in my apartment, so I would ruin my whole unit for a lifetime. The German assembly is good, also pleased with the reviews. The KIN86AF30 is really quiet. Although the height is only 1.77, which is very small compared to two-meter devices, everything inside is organized correctly. The shelves are rearranged, so there is a place for large pans.

Like the system of Frost. Products are stored longer because defrosting is much less common. A couple of hours is enough to turn off and wash the compartments, because the ice does not freeze. The only negative in this model is the price. Not everyone will be able to put such an amount on equipment. But finding another embedded device of this quality is difficult.

Bosch KUR15A50RU

Also built-in refrigerator without freezer. Despite the compact dimensions of 59.8 × 54.8 × 82 cm, the compartment is roomy - 141 liters. Compared with other models of this type, the device is equipped with shelves of tempered glass, as well as the bottom box for vegetables. Having built in under a table-top, you can use it as an additional storage place.

The door niches are deep and roomy. The equipment is equipped with climate control Fresh Sense. A special sensor measures the temperature in the room and regulates it inside the device. The inner walls received antibacterial coating. The system defrost drip.

Energy consumption - 146 kW per year, noise level - 38 dB.The door can be re-hung, the diagram is attached to the instructions.

Cost - from 34,000 rubles.


If you need a small device in the kitchen, you can safely take. Compared to other mini, this one is made on conscience: strong shelves, a spacious box and side fasteners. Conveniently, there is a stopper on the back of the shelves, so the products do not move close to the wall and do not freeze. It works quietly.

Bosch KSV36VL20

Single chamber version without freezer compartment. Suitable for large families with a separate camera for freezing and food storage. The dimensions are quite compact: width - 60 cm, depth - 65 cm, height - 186 cm.

Economical energy class A + - 143 kW per year. Includes a Vita Fresh zone( 26 liters capacity) for optimal storage of products at 0 ° C.Humidity adjustment is automatic, using a special membrane.

And also:

  • Fresh Sense - the sensor measures the temperature in the room and, accordingly, regulates it in the compartment. So food is stored much longer.
  • Two cooling circuits.
  • Super Cooling mode.
  • Defrost drip.

Available display for tracking indicators.

Price - from 45 000 rubles.


We have a family of six, so we decided to separately purchase a refrigeration unit. KSV36VL20 pleased with its spaciousness, the shelves of glass are adjustable in height. Withstand even 5-liter pans. The choice is satisfied, everything you need is placed. And thanks to the zones of freshness salads are preserved in their original form.

Bosch KAI90VI20

The Side-by-Side model provides more room for product placement. Useful volume - 523 liters. Modern design of the case, steel, almost mirror-like surface. Although consumption class A +, consumes 432 kW per year, which is justified with such capacity.

Both cameras are equipped with the No Frost system. Per day the refrigerator will freeze 11 kg. Equipped with an ice generator. This is a special compartment with an automatic ice-cubing system. In hot weather, you will always have fresh ice.

Additional functionality:

  • Keeping the temperature during a power outage is 4 hours.
  • When the door is not properly closed, a beep sounds and the indicator flashes.
  • Useful modes: "Supercooling" and "Superfrost".
  • Automatic water supply to the generator.

Case dimensions: 91x72x177 cm. Noise level - 47 dB.

Cost - from 97,000 rubles.


I have long dreamed of buying a Side-by-Side model. Very roomy and durable device. Glass shelves withstand heavy pans, doors tightly closed with a door closer. Even after the arrival of guests, all dishes are placed in the chamber. Now you do not need to make to the balcony, as before. Containers perfectly preserve vegetables and fruits. And the green does not lose its original appearance for a long time. I see some advantages in use. The principle of operation and control is easy to understand in the instructions. Recommend.

Bosch KAN58A55

Another stylish representative of the Side-by-Side type. Black refrigerator weighing 102 kg. Case dimensions: 90x73x180 cm. One narrow door hides the freezer, the door is wider - refrigerated. Built-in water and ice dispenser. Now you do not need to separately get the ice and put in a glass, just substitute the dishes under the dispenser.

The model belongs to the class A + and consumes 438 kW per year. Work is based on a single compressor. The Multi Air Flow system evenly distributes cold air through the air vents. Therefore, the temperature in the whole compartment is the same.

  • No Frost allows you to freeze products without the formation of frost and ice.
  • The SuperFreeze mode allows you to process up to 10 kg per day.
  • Total volume - 531 liters.

Noise characteristics - 45 dB.

Price - from 122,000 rubles.


The glossy black refrigerator is a dream and it came true! It looks gorgeous, although the care is not practical. Glossy parts quickly become dull with touch, you need to wipe with special sponges. Spaciousness is big, completely to fill space turns out only for holidays. The ice generator is noisy, but helps out on hot days, very convenient. In general, the purchase is satisfied, it works properly.

Bosch KGS 36XW20 R

Inexpensive refrigerator with two compressors, where one is responsible for the operation of the freezer, and the other - the refrigerating chamber. Want to turn off the cleaning compartment? You are welcome! At this time, another department will freeze. And if you are going on vacation, you can turn off the refrigerator compartment by removing the food.

Equipped with a defrost drip system. The total volume is 318 liters. When turning off the light remains autonomy up to 22 hours. Consumes 291 kW per year( A +).

  • Temperature display.
  • Superfrost and Supercool mode.
  • Electronic control allows you to adjust and adjust the cooling power.
  • Sound signal with the door open.

If you wish, you can re-hang the door on the other side. Dimensions: 60x65x185 cm.

Price from - 31 000 rubles.


Bosch KGS 36XW20 R pleased with good spaciousness and quiet operation. The shelves of impact-resistant glass are height adjustable, you can place large items. In the box for vegetables there is a separator. Comes with a large tray for eggs and an ice form. We have been using the equipment for half a year already, we are satisfied with the purchase.

You can go to the store for the purchase of equipment. Decide how large the fridge should be and what features it should support. Have a good choice!

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