Kishmish Radiant Grape - variety description, photos, cultivation recommendations

Grape Kishmish Radiant( description of the variety, photos you can read and see in this article) - the result of the work of plant breeders of the Moldavian Scientific Research Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking. This young high-yielding variety was bred not so long ago, about 20 years ago, but thanks to its positive qualities, it has already managed to win the love of winegrowers and simple summer residents. For its creation, the grape varieties "Cardinal" and "Kishmish Pink" were crossed.

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The duration of the ripening period of this seedless variety is approximately 130 days( mid-season), the hands are large, sometimes their weight reaches 1 kg. This grape variety is distinguished by its high taste and yield, which contributes to the growth of its popularity not only on our summer cottages, but also on an industrial scale.

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Radiant kishmish - description of the variety

Slightly elongated, large pink berries of this grape( 4-5 g) do not have seeds. They have a rather dense skin - this factor has a positive effect on the long-term storage of the removed brushes, as well as on their transportation. According to reviews, this variety has a good immunity to "grape" diseases. With proper care of the bush, it is so abundantly covered with clusters, that there may be a threat of breaking the branches. That is why it is recommended to provide the branches with support in advance, as well as pay attention to the number of shoots.

Radish kishmish, photo:

The taste of grapes is sweet, with nutmeg notes. This variety is successfully used for making wine, juice, preservation for the winter, various marinades. The flowers are bisexual, the leaves are large( five-lobed, rounded), the brushes are formed with medium density, of elongated shape. Harvest time is the first half of August / first half of September. Despite relatively good disease resistance, appropriate preventive treatments are recommended in the spring. Grapes Kishmish Radiant prefers the space of , for this reason it is recommended to keep the distance between the bushes about 2.5 m.

This variety is characterized by moderate frost resistance and excellent yield. Thus, in the conditions of industrial viticulture, from one hectare it is possible to collect up to 140 quintals of radiant sultanas.

At the usual dacha cultivation "for oneself" it is possible to remove 30-40 kg of grapes from one bush. The bushes themselves can be of medium or large sizes( tall).

The variety is characterized as seedless - it is, but in very large berries, small rudiments of seeds can occasionally be observed.

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Characteristics of grapes Kishmish Radiant

This variety cannot be called unpretentious, it requires a host of vigilance and proper care at all stages of growth and maturation. For example, watering should be moderate, with an eye on the structure of the soil and the climatic features of the region. He also responds very positively to drip irrigation. When the bush begins to bloom, watering should be excluded( so as not to crumble color).After flowering, the bush should be saturated with moisture, but when the fruits ripen, watering should be minimized, if not stopped altogether( especially in the second half of summer).15-20 days before harvesting, watering should be minimal, but after removing the clusters, you need to water the bushes thoroughly to improve the maturation of the vines.

Despite the fact that the Kishmish Radiant grape in most cases is positioned as middle-ripening, it is still very vulnerable to cold and frost. Root icing is particularly dangerous. It is able to withstand temperatures as low as -15 ° C, a lower figure is a threat to it.

For the winter, the grapes should always be covered with the appropriate material, it is also possible to additionally warm with pine spruce branches and straw. Do not use sawdust as a heater, they acidify the soil!

Irrigation with chemical fertilizers to protect against pests and diseases will be relevant, especially with the arrival of spring. Radiant kishmish is resistant to oidium and mildew, but it is unarmed in front of the grape phylloxera.

Photo of ripe grapes:

The yields of this variety have already been mentioned above, I want to add that the optimal number of shoots on an adult bush should be limited to 17-24 branches. Pruning fruit vines should be carried out in a timely manner, not less than 6-7 eyes.

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How to fertilize Kishmish Radiant grapes?

With the arrival of spring, the growing season begins, which means that grapes require nitrogen supplements to build up their green mass. Next comes the turn of magnesium sulfate and potassium phosphate supplements such as potassium monophosphate. They can be used to support the root system throughout the season. Also in the relevant forums you can read a lot of good reviews about the complex drug "Plantafol".These fertilizers should be applied before flowering, strictly following the instructions, as a glut of additives adversely affects the condition of the bush. Before the flowering phase, protective irrigation from diseases and invasions of parasites is made.

The application of supporting feedings can be combined with treatments against pests. In order for Kishmish Radiant to be especially large, a plant growth hormone stimulator, the drug Gibberellin, is often used. Thus, the berries become much larger, and the brush itself reaches a weight of 1.5 or even 2 kg. Quite often in the thematic forums you can find complaints that this variety does not have a characteristic muscat flavor. This factor is directly related to either excessive irrigation or lack of appropriate fertilizers( trace elements).Attention should also be paid to the composition of the soil: if the soil is alkaline, then it must be “fed” with potassium, if acidification is observed, then phosphorus, sodium must be added.

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Radiant kishmish - reviews

On the subject forums you can read real reviews on the characteristics of this variety, growing conditions and care.

I will cite here some of them:

  • “My Ray blooms in the first week of August, seven days before the ovary. Single-sided support does not suit him, the best is a four-shouldered cordon and fan shaping of the bush. ”
  • “I planted a spring with kishmish radiant, vegetative seedlings, it grew very well, by autumn the branches reached 1.5 m in length. I cut it to the bottom wire, but this year, I see, they will produce fruit again, despite the fact that a lot of eyes, almost half, did not “wake up”.
  • " Do not spare weak vines when pruning - this is natural selection. Short pruning gives an excellent result. ”
  • “I recommend forming a bush for 8 shoots, on some it is possible and 10, it is better to leave about a meter between the sleeves. Sometimes I practice long pruning on 12 eyes, with a total number of shoots of 23-25. "
  • “I have a Kishmish Radiant graft on a Kober 5BB bush, there is also a separate growing own-owned bush, the taste is excellent for both, but on the grafted berries are larger and clusters look more dense. One "minus" - on the grafted bush much more stepchildren. "
  • “This variety has rather fruitful eyes, shoots began to grow in a four-year trunk of sleeping buds. Upon closer examination, I discovered the beginnings of inflorescences. ”
  • “It is best to protect against baking grapes - to stretch the pritain fabric, I also wrap the clusters with small cells - birds and wasps love to feast on them”.
  • “I use irrigation with parasitic preparations“ Karbofos ”and“ Karate ”- they are optimally suitable, I use it before the onset of the flowering phase”.
  • “Very pleased with this variety, it is not without reason that he is among the top ten world grape leaders. Eyes are very fruitful( 60-70%), responds well to long pruning. I noticed that he likes wind and space, and my friend has a dacha near the river, the humidity is high, because of this Kishmish Radiant is constantly sick. ”

At all events tasting assessment of grape varieties, Radiant Kishmish always takes first place. His score is 9.8 out of 10, this is one of the most delicious and large sultanas. He is also among the ten best varieties, according to experienced growers. With proper adherence to the rules of agricultural engineering, its harvest will surprise you with its abundance and taste. If you think about which sort to give preference and plant in your country house, then the Kishmish Radiant grape( description of the variety, photo attached) will be the best choice.

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