What is smart diagnostics in a washing machine LG

In the new generation of washers, so many modern technologies have been introduced that it is extremely difficult to surprise the user - "smart" machines weigh linen, update the software via the Internet, are controlled from the smartphone. LG went further and was able to come up with and implement the unique Smart diagnosis - Smart Diagnostics.

What it is and how to configure the option, if you find it in your AGR, you will learn further.

What is smart diagnostics in a washing machine LG

Content of the material:

  • 1Why Use Smart Diagnosis?
  • 2How to use the smart diagnostic feature
    • 2.1Method 1. Call the operator
    • 2.2Method 2. Connect smartphone
  • 3Models with Smart diagnosis
    • 3.1LG F1296ND4
    • 3.2LG F-10B8ND
    • 3.3LG F-1096TD3
    • 3.4LG F-12U2HBS4

Why Use Smart Diagnosis?

Smart diagnostics are needed to troubleshoot Lji washing machine using gadgets or a mobile phone. So, in case of a breakdown, the user can determine as precisely as possible the cause of the failure in the online mode or by telephone from the operator of the call center "AlJ".

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The Smart diagnosis is designed to recognize 85 breakages - from simple to capital. The program analyzes the work of the CM - its results come in the message. You will be notified not only the reasons for the failure, but also instructions for action. This is especially true for problems that you can eliminate yourself - clean the drain filter, tighten the door, straighten the hose, open the water supply valve, check the voltage in the network and etc.

If the help of the master is required, the notification is duplicated to the repairman from the service center. The specialist contacts the user, specifies the convenient time of arrival, takes the necessary parts and tools, taking into account the specifics of the breakdown, and arrives.

Important! Diagnosis does not guarantee 100% accurate detection of the problem due to factors that may affect the transfer of information to the smartphone, such as noise or vibration.

How to use the smart diagnostic feature

There are two ways to use the program: for fans of conservative mobile phones without access to the Internet and for owners of modern smartphones.

Method 1. Call the operator

If you only use a cell phone and do not want to understand modern gadgets, this is the way for you. Do this:

  • Call LG service center (the number can be found on the warranty card or the official website of the company).
  • The operator will instruct you, telling you which buttons to press on the machine panel.
  • The washing machine will give out the indicators that you will give to the operator, attaching the phone with a microphone to the iconSmart diagnosis.
  • The specialist will process the received data, after which the master will contact you.

Method 1

Important! Before starting the diagnostics, connect the machine to the mains.

Method 2. Connect smartphone

Do you perfectly know how to use a smartphone and do not think without it your life? Excellent! You can feel the full benefit of the service from LG.

Before you connect from the smartphone to the Stiralk, you need to download and install the programLG Laundry & DW. The menu in the program is completely in Russian, and during the diagnostics the data will be displayed in English.

Method 2

How to conduct mobile diagnostics? Follow all the items listed in the menu, after which the program will analyze the machine itself. Usually it takes no more than 60 seconds for the application to be diagnosed. As a result, you will receive recommendations for the elimination of the failure, if it arose as a result of negligent handling of the machine.

If the breakdown is serious and caused by factory marriages or independent reasons, a mechanic will be sent to you.

Models with Smart diagnosis

Such a function is not in every model of "AlJ it is equipped only with the latest models, usually from an expensive segment. If you are worried about not only the technology of rapid breakdown search, but also the parameters of the washers, check the characteristics of such models in our review.

LG F1296ND4

LG F1296ND4

SMA with a drum for 6 kg of laundry, pressing laundry at a speed of 1200 revolutions per minute. There are 13 programs for washing clothes from different fabrics. The control panel is equipped with a large display. The tank is made of stainless metal - this is a definite plus. Minus - not complete, but partial protection against leaks. The average market value is 2, 00 rubles.


Narrow model for 6 kg of laundry, with a maximum spin speed of 1000 revolutions. A full set of necessary modes is provided, for comfortable operation there is a display. A high class of energy efficiency and a price of about 2, 00 rubles make it economical and affordable.


LG F-1096TD3

A machine with full dimensions and a drum for 8 kg of laundry. Differences from the previous models are a bit, worth a little higher: about 2, 00 rubles.

LG F-1096TD3



Another compact model with a capacious drum of 7 kg. Its difference in attractive design - the machine is made in silver color, the case is supplemented by a black control panel in the spirit of minimalism.

Of the 14 modes are particularly useful - steam, removing stains, refreshing things, hypoallergenic regime. Of the shortcomings, there are two: partial protection against leaks and a high price in the region of 3, 00 rubles.


Important! The presence of the function of mobile diagnostics is weakly related to the price of the washing machine. Typically, pricing depends on the capacity of the drum and the list of programs.

In conclusion, we say that smart diagnostics in LG branded washing machines is a useful technology, designed to save your time and improve the company's service.

It is difficult to say unequivocally about the stability of the application, since there are very few reviews in the CIS countries. We will think that this is due to the fact that the high-tech El Gy's washing machines rarely break. And if there is a failure, now you know how to do the diagnostics without releasing the phone or smartphone from your hands.

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