Why when washing clothes washing machine makes a noise and buzzes

Why when washing clothes washing machine makes a noise and buzzes


Washing machine is one of the main items of household appliances in any home, and its breakdown is always associated with a lot of problems and costs for the owner. What should I do if the washing machine thrashes while spinning? Someone may think that excessive noise when washing is not a serious defect that can be ignored and rely on the old technique "maybe it will pass by itself". But in fact, such a malfunction can entail far more serious problems, and therefore it is necessary to understand it at first

To begin with, it is worthwhile to carefully study the possible reasons why the washing machine is buzzing, knocks and makes noise when spinning. It is possible that the problem really is in some detail. For example, in the pockets were coins and keys, or on the skin of the drum knocks a metal buckle. If you could not find such shortcomings, the source of the problem should be looked for in another.

So, for what reasons can the washing machine make an increased noise? There are several reasons why such problems can arise, and not always everything will be able to settle independently. But to make an initial diagnosis and determine the source of the noise you will get it with your own hands, it is only necessary to get acquainted with a number of tips from experienced specialists.

In most cases, the problem is:

  • Lost the shipping bolts of the tank;
  • Failure of bearings;
  • Presence of extraneous things between the tank and the drum;
  • Weak pulley pulley;
  • The counterweight of the tank is not fixed properly.


  • 1Lost the shipping bolts of the tank mounting
  • 2Failure of bearings
  • 3The presence of foreign objects between the tank and the drum
  • 4Weak pulley pulley
  • 5The counterweight of the tank is not fixed properly

Lost the shipping bolts of the tank mounting

If the new and newly connected machine is very noisy and vibrates during the spin, the reason is that they forgot to unscrew the fastening transport bolts. The fact that the tank washing machine for better damping is suspended on the springs, but for transportation, the producers of it are rigidly fixed with three bolts.


These bolts must be unscrewed after installing the machine. The mistake is quite common, it is often admitted by "master installers".

Failure of bearings

Bearings can fail in any washing machine, regardless of its price and brand. If your device is buzzing precisely because of the bearings, it's easy enough to determine. Previously, you need to disconnect the machine from the network in order not to get an electric shock. Then it is necessary to press a little with a palm on a drum to turn it clockwise, and then in the opposite direction. If the drum produces a characteristic crack, then your fears are justified.


Usually the problem lies in the failure of the bearing-gland assembly. When this node breaks down, the washing machine is characterized by noise and knocks during spinning, causing a lot of trouble to its masters.

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For example, the tank of the Indesit washing machine is sealed, therefore it is impossible to disassemble and replace the bearings. And if the bearing seat is damaged, no repairs will help you - the drum will rotate with increasing noise, and the device will soon have to be replaced.


The presence of foreign objects between the tank and the drum

A fairly common problem in everyday life. If you notice that the drum knocks and makes more noise than usual during spinning, it can be caused by a foreign object falling into the space between the drum and the tank. Metal money, badges, buttons - lots of options, and you can not insure against them. To fix the problem is simple enough: you just need to loosen the TEN anchorages and remove the object that has fallen into the machine. For this, you can use forceps, tweezers or other improvised means.

After carrying out the work, it is necessary to return the fasteners to the preliminary position, and clean the sealing rubber and degrease it.


Weak pulley pulley


When the drum starts to rotate in the free-wheeling mode and when characteristic clicks are heard, the problem lies in the weakened pulley of the drum. This does not mean that the machine knocks and makes noise due to non-observance of the rules of operation and negligent attitude - the pulley is out of order due to the long use of the apparatus, this is quite normal.

The source of the problems is always a weakened screw or nut. After you have found the problem element, it needs to be tightened, and then pour the fastener with a sealant for maximum effect.


The counterweight of the tank is not fixed properly

The counterweight ensures reliable fixation of the tank in the washing machine. The counterweight is fixed by means of ordinary screws and screws, which in due course can weaken and cause excessive noise when pressed. Determine the weakened fasteners can be visually inspected, after removing the cover of the machine. Having determined the weakened fastenings, it is necessary to tighten them, and the problem is solved. If the machine is still noisy when pressed, the cause must be sought elsewhere.

Excessive noise is not the only sign of a possible breakdown of the washing machine. To pay attention to a condition of your technics is necessary and at display of such signs as:

  • Traces of rust on washed clothes and rusty water (a sure sign that the drum and the bearing-oil seal assembly need repair);
  • From under the washing machine water pours (besides, a problem with an epiploon);
  • The drum does not rotate under the influence of physical force (serious problems with the bearings).

Having discovered one of these anxiety symptoms, immediately call a specialist to avoid even more serious problems.

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