Why the refrigerator door does not close and how can I fix it?

Why the refrigerator door does not close and how can I fix it?


As you know, the refrigerator should be tightly closed. Otherwise, it will work incorrectly, and in general it can break. What to do if his door does not close? What could be the reason? We will analyze everything in order.

Malfunctions of doors can be a lot: it does not close tightly, creaks, distorted or constantly opens. All of them lead to the fact that the products cease to cool, and the condensate (frost) appears very quickly inside. Why do such problems occur?

  • You open and close the door too often, you slam it.
  • Do not wash the sealing rubber, and it became dirty, greasy, cracked.
  • Overload the refrigerator door.
  • The sealer has worn out from old age and it's time for your refrigerator to change.

Now we will look at the problem from a more practical point of view, and we will try to understand what to do to make the door creep in anyway.


  • 1Commonplace Reasons
  • 2Eliminating Scripting
  • 3Elimination of skew
  • 4The spacer worn out
  • 5Old sealant
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Commonplace Reasons

First of all, it is necessary to check whether there is something big on the shelf of the refrigerator that prevents the door from closing tightly. If there are no visible obstructions, then it is necessary to inspect the rubber band. Maybe she somewhere hesitated, and you just need to straighten it.


Another reason that the door is not properly closed may be due to the uneven floor, and as a consequence, the slope of the refrigerator sideways.

Here you know what to do: twist the legs or substitute a cardboard box under one of the legs. Sometimes the refrigerator door is warped, because it is overloaded with products inside. This must also be taken into account, and before calling the master, pull out all the extra, and try to close the door tightly.

Eliminating Scripting

Overloading the door can cause it to creak. But if the door shelves are empty, then the reason that the door creaks is a poor lubrication of the old loops. The situation is corrected by lubricating the hinges. Here's how to do it.


  • Prepare the engine oil in the lubricator. If the oil can not, then you can type it in a syringe.
  • Loosen the fastening screws and lift the door.
  • Drip some oil on the axle.

If the door creaks, then it is possible to process the loops with a special universal lubricant in the aerosol. It's called WD-4, and it helps to eliminate the scratch.

Elimination of skew

If a large gap is formed, then try to eliminate it by adjusting the door. It happens that the bracket is shifted, the refrigerator door jams, and it loosely closes. This should be done as follows.


First turn off the refrigerator and take out all the products from the shelves of the door. Then it is necessary to loosen the screw, with which the upper hinge is fixed, remove one lining, then tighten the screw. You can also tighten the screw of the lower charge of the refrigerator, if the skew is at the bottom. Too much unscrewing is not necessary, since it will lead to a complete imbalance.

The spacer worn out

One of the breakdowns is manifested in the fact that the door constantly opens, as if something repels it. This happens with very old devices. They can be tightly closed, but for this you need to slightly lift the door. The reason that it opens is the breakdown of the spacer located below. The plastic has worn out and needs to be replaced.

Old sealant

The last version of the reason why the refrigerator door does not close is an old rubber band that is no longer performing its functions. To make sure of this, you can put a notebook paper on the door, and close it. In the place where the sheet is badly clamped, the refrigerator lets in air. If there are several such places, the elastic band (or the refrigerator itself) needs to be replaced.


If there is a deformation of the door due to a drop in the device or improper transportation, you will have to replace it. Although the procedure is not cheap, it will cost you less than buying new home appliances.


There may be malfunctions with the opening sensor, with illumination and other elements of electronics. Independently with such problems you are unlikely to cope, so it is better to call the master.

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