Drinking melon in type 2 diabetes

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It is impossible to resist the August campaign on the market and not buy a sunny berry, melon. A fragrant healing slice of melon gives a good mood and nourishes the body with essential elements. Among those who can harm a melon, there are a large number of people with diabetes. Can I eat a melon with type 2 diabetes, try to figure it out.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, its signs and effects

Our body is a complex system. Faults in one organ are reflected in the most unexpected manifestations. Thus, constant overeating, excess weight, possible surgical intervention, stress, and poor ecology can lead to the fact that insulin produced is not used for the processing of sugars, and this leads to the disruption of the entire system of carbohydrate absorption. One of the dangerous signs of the possible development of type 2 diabetes is obesity from malnutrition. People who use fast food, have a snack on the run and get fat while thinking about the consequences. Once acquired, diabetes is no longer cured.

A person receives a signal in the form of the following symptoms:

  • frequent and abundant urination;
  • dry mouth and great thirst day and night;
  • pruritus in intimate places;
  • is a non-healing skin wound.

In type 2 diabetes, insulin injections are not given as the cells do not respond to it. When hyperglycemia sugar is excreted through the urine, and its production increases. If you do not follow the recommendations of the doctor, diabetes will take life in 10-15 years. In the final stages, leg amputation and blindness occur. Therefore, only a strict diet and drug support can alleviate the condition of the patient and prolong life.

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Nutrition in type 2 diabetes

The disease is always accompanied by overweight, regardless of the reasons for its occurrence. And the first thing that will ease the condition is a decrease in the volume of the body. To make the right calorie diet for a diabetic you need to take into account that the most dangerous foods that are produced during the process of carbohydrate - sugar. Carbohydrates are delivered to the digestive system in a bound form, but are released and enter the blood. Some of them break up for a long time, sugar in the blood rises slightly, others give carbohydrates immediately and it is dangerous, coma can occur. Part, cellulose and cellulose, in general, are not destroyed.

Therefore, glucose was taken as a standard and an index of 100 was assigned to it. That is, it immediately goes into the blood, increasing the sugar content by half. According to the GI table of products, the glycemic index of the melon is 65, which is high. This means that by eating a piece of melon in 100 g of sugar increases briefly in the blood, it comes 6.2 g, if you eat more, the time is lengthened depending on the dose.

In addition to the CI, the measure is the bread unit. In this case, all products are equal in the amount of carbohydrates to a slice of bread in 1 cm, cut from the standard loaf. A diabetic should consume no more than 15 XE during the day. The diet is designed so that a balanced diet does not exceed the allotted amount of XE.The energy value of the melon is 39 Kcal per 100g. This piece is equal to the nutritional value of 1 XE and for its processing you need 2 units of insulin.

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Can I eat melon with diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is of two types. In case of insulin diabetes, it is necessary to calculate how much insulin will be required to process the product, and to increase the volume of injections. Or eat melon, excluding the other, equivalent in carbohydrate balance, food. In the case of insulin diabetes, the melon can be consumed in limited quantities, remembering that it increases the supply of sugars, but 40% of carbohydrates are represented by fructose, for the splitting of which insulin is not required.

For type 2 diabetics, things are getting harder. Insulin is present in the body, but it does not fulfill its function. Therefore, melon for such patients is an undesirable product. But since a small piece contributes to the production of happiness hormones, then for a mood of 100-200 g, if included in the menu, it does not harm. Moreover, melon has a laxative and diuretic effect. At the same time, the calorie menu will even be more stringent, since the product is low-calorie. Perhaps even a slight weight loss. Along with other fruits( tangerines, pears, apples, strawberries) in small quantities, it improves mood, which is important for the patient.

Medical research has not yet been presented, but in folk medicine the reduction of blood sugar levels with the help of bitter melon, momordica, is becoming increasingly popular. The variety is common in Asia. In Russia, momordika is brought in green. Fruits of a peculiar form, small. They are really very bitter, and the bitterness is collected in the crust and under it. The flesh itself is only slightly bitter.at one time, it is recommended to eat a quarter of the peeled fruit. In countries where this melon grows, it is consumed at full ripeness.

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Indians, who discovered the usefulness of bitter melon, believe that polypeptides present in the fruit contribute to insulin production.

Bitter melon is a folk remedy for improving the condition of the patient and can harm if the sugar level is low. Therefore, consultation with a doctor endocrinologist before using the tool is required.

The question whether diabetics can melon is solved individually based on the patient's condition. However, there are ways in which the melon is not so dangerous for diabetics. You can eat an unripe fruit:

  • , the amount of sugar is significantly less;
  • immature fruit has a lower calorie content;
  • If you add a touch of coconut oil, sugar enters the blood more slowly.

You can use the infusion of melon seeds, which is used as a diuretic, to clean all internal organs. This infusion will only benefit from regular use. A tablespoon of seeds is brewed in 200 ml of boiling water, infused 2 hours and drunk during the day in 4 doses. The same recipe will help alleviate the course of colds.

Bitter Melon and Diabetes - Video

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