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Melon Chogar or Bukharka, as the inhabitants of the former USSR refer to, refers to the early Asian variety of chandalak or chandalak.

This is a fruitful early ripe melon with rounded or slightly flattened fruits. In plants assigned to the Chogare cultivar, greenish or light yellow skin, covered with a grid of cracks characteristic of the culture. The flesh is thick, with melting juicy consistency. The growing season is 70–80 days. With proper watering and temperature and humidity conditions, the melon has time to accumulate a lot of sugar for a short time, but at the same time the fruit quickly ripens and cannot be transported.

Melon variety Bukharka 944

The variety Bukharka 944 or Chogare was bred by employees of the Central Asian Experimental Station VIR.Unpretentious, productive plants tolerate cultivation on saline soils, are immune to powdery mildew, and their fruits reach a weight of 4-7 kg. Melon skin is slightly wrinkled, light yellow, decorated with rare patches of brownish or orange hue.

Melon on the cut shows thick white flesh with sugar content up to 13.5%.The melon of this variety has a recognizable aroma resembling a pear.

Because of the bark of spoiling ripe melons with melons, they are removed unripe. The collection comes in several stages, and the degree of readiness is determined:

  • by the appearance of a melon flavor;
  • for whip drying;
  • to change the color of the melon;
  • by formation on the surface of the mesh pattern.
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In Soviet times, the variety Bukharka was zoned in the traditional for the cultivation of melon crops of the Uzbek SSR and the Kazakh SSR.Today melon melons in these countries are occupied by other species. In Uzbekistan, they prefer the varieties of melons, the fruits of which are able to maintain their presentation for a long time and carry transport over long distances.

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According to these indicators, the melon of the Chogare variety of type cannot compete with large sweet fruits of gulyabi or other species. But they are still loved by the local population and the first to appear in the bright noisy markets.

Features of

agrotechnics The unpretentiousness and precocity of the Bukharka variety allows growing it not only in the southern regions, but also in central Russia. At the same time, you can use the experience of Uzbek melon growers, who apply agrotechnical methods for melons, which are typical for watermelon growing. However, due to the greater demanding of the melon on soil fertility, the seeds are buried in moist soil after fertilization.

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In Central and Asia Minor early melons are planted in April when the soil temperature reaches 12-13 ° C.In the spring, the risk of frost damage to shoots in this area is minimal, and in central Russia melons need shelter, at least until mid-June. The denser the soil, the less should be the depth of seeding. On average, the Uzbek melon seeds are immersed in the soil for 4 - 6 cm, which ensures a friendly germination of plants and the rapid formation of a powerful root system.

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