Description and characteristics of tomato blast varieties

Tomatoes Explosion is incredibly attractive to all gardening enthusiasts. This is a promising new variety of tomatoes, bred by Russian breeder V.I. Kozak. In fact, the variety “Explosion” is a hybrid of white filling tomatoes and other varieties. It is very unpretentious, because it is recommended for areas with unstable agriculture. This variety is recognized by gardeners as the best hybrid variety of 2016 .

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  • Descriptionyou need from 90 to 110 days for tomatoes to appear. In addition, this variety justifies all the efforts in the garden.

    The tomatoes themselves are very tasty, fleshy and dense. Tomatoes are very suitable for salads, tomato paste and salting. The content of solids in them is moderate.

    Tomatoes Blast - Meaty.juicy and tasty

    So, in more detail: “Explosion” is an early ripening variety that has won the sympathy of gardeners for the following characteristics:

    • Steadily resilient, in all weather conditions;
    • Is not susceptible to disease due to climatic conditions;
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    • Very easy to clean;
    • High yield: from one plant about 3-4 kg ;
    • Resistant to diseases affecting all types of nightshade.
    The explosion has high yields - 3-4 kg from an
    bush. Fundamentally the main feature is the simultaneous ripening of fruits on one branch.


    According to the description, “blast” tomatoes are low-ribbed, ripened with ripe weight up to 120 g , and for experienced gardeners, the lower fruits can reach 250-300 g

    In these tomatoes there are a lot of vitamins like: A, C, K, and a high content of lycopene. Taste properties at the height of , demanded and simple in cooking.

    Tomatoes are very meaty, there are not so many seed chambers in them, around 5-6.However, being a hybrid plant, does not give seeds for cultivation, it is always necessary to buy new seeds.

    The plant itself is of small height, approximately 45-60 cm .The leaves are not wide and not thick, light green in color.

    Height of tomato bushes Explosion - 40-60cm

    Comments on the variety

    Anna: “Among the bushes in rows, according to the weather, covered with film, the Explosion looks more cheerful than everyone else last week, there were slightly prominent branches of fruits. But at this time, tomatoes are already weighing presumably 100 grams, while green ones. .. However, weighs tomatoes quickly - really explosive speed! ”

    Aleftina:“ I heard for the first time about the wonderful hybrid “Explosion”.This is the third year since I planted these tomatoes on open ground. After 5-6 days, the first loops appear. Fertilizing plants do not indulge, just not necessary. grows very well. The crop surpassed all expectations: the taste is excellent, for pickles and salads, I highly recommend it. ”

    Yana:“ Tomato varieties are Pyaterochka! Planted two seasons, and every year the harvest deserves respect. We have to admit that this summer is not very warm. I collected tomatoes until late autumn, the taste of tomatoes is relatively juicy and not bad , it is possible to pick green ones, they are sown at the same time, and stored for six weeks. ”

    Taisiya:“ Planted by seed, under film. They grew together, nevertheless, the first ovary of the explosion occurred much earlier than other varieties of .When night frosts in June, the bushes covered with plastic wrap. Harvest, just no words, but the trunks of the plant propped up with dostochkami, otherwise they would lay on the ground. ”

    Landing methods

    The explosion is intended for landing only in open ground

    The statement that it is intended to only for planting on open ground is true. Only in individual experienced gardeners, he bears fruits in greenhouses without any problems.

    This can be explained by the fact that tomatoes love direct sunlight.

    Therefore, careful selection of a place for the bed of these tomatoes is the main condition for yield. But this is not a fundamental feature, Solanaceae, for the most part, love the sun.

    Sowing and cultivation of

    "Explosion" is possible to plant both in seedlings and directly in the beds( only in the southern regions).

    . Having bought seeds, before planting in a seedling place, it is important to hold for 6 hours in melt water and in aloe juice .After that, slightly dried, sow in a warm, slightly acidic and saturated, moist soil. This method, in fact, will help to collect a great harvest.

    Tomato Seeds Explosion

    When and where to plant

    Soaked seeds can be planted in cups so that later, when the seedlings grow without taking out, it can be transplanted to the open ground.

    You need to plant in the second half of March, or in April, .Enters care: access of a sunlight with rational watering. When 3 - 4 leaflets are formed, the first side leaflets are recommended to be removed.

    Care Requirements

    Clusters, at the time of disembarkation, should be 50-60 days .When transplanting, it is best to take into account the distance between the bushes, fine, if it is: 40 cm X 60 cm .

    "Explosion" is very sprawling and short. As for watering, before the plant begins to set fruit, requires one bucket of per week. And when tomatoes appear, 2 buckets a week .

    After the appearance of the fruits, you need to water 2 buckets a week.

    Tomatoes “Explosion” in terms of fertilizers are simple. It is only 2-3 times per season to feed the bush with compost. Tomato bushes are resistant to late blight and root rot disease. Easily tolerates windy weather and sudden temperature fluctuations. As for the pests: for them the "explosion" also has its own immunity.

    Whether these tomatoes have been eaten by

    In order to obtain fruits of considerable weight and size, it is important to pasynkovanie plants.

    However, when cutting the leaves and single stalks, it is necessary to remove the stepson leaves, as they take away the nutrients from the tomatoes.

    Passed need to properly: should not interrupt the young shoots of , because the ovary of the fruit is still able to form. In addition, if in time to harvest already ripe tomatoes, you can greatly increase the yield. Only by the time the collected tomatoes contribute to the further growth and ripening of young tomatoes.

    Globally, blast tomatoes are excellent and is highly recommended for the speedy harvest of .We can safely say that V.I.Kozak, inventing this variety, very carefully considered all the possible nuances of gardening. Efforts justified. The variety is great in fertility and ease of care.

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