Porch to the house, cottage, cottage - how it can be

This is not the largest or most prominent building element. But if you make a little effort, you work with your soul, you will make the porch to the house not just a parcel, but a beautiful, functional addition to the building. We offer to your attention a review article that will help you choose the best option for your house or cottage, without making mistakes.

  • How to make a porch to the house
  • Important details when designing a porch for the house

do not let us down. But something is wrong. But the matter is in the details, in which, as they say, the devil is hiding. The porch may be small in size, but this is the first thing that the visitor or the owner who has arrived from the city sees. So, its appearance largely determines the mood with which a person goes inside.

According to the rules, a porch is supposed to be erected simultaneously with the whole house. However, they often make it according to the principle of “just to be cheaper”.But a beautiful porch to the house can be added later.

Perhaps it is in this solution that the real charm is hidden.

When there is already a foundation, walls, roof, you come to the country to work or relax, and your hands are itching to remake, finish, improve. A familiar feeling? Think about replacing the porch. Dream, come up with something interesting. Now you have enough time to choose a design, because you already have a house, it is worth it, you can use it!

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From what to make a porch to the house

Sometimes it seems to cottagers that the porch of a small house can only be something primitive, boring. In fact, there are many options for its device, from the simplest to the exquisite, expensive. In order not to get lost in the sea of ​​choice, start with the material to be built. Ideally, it should coincide with the one from which the house is made. But options are also possible here. .. There are many of them - from wood to polycarbonate. ..

For centuries our ancestors built houses out of wood, respectively, the porch was also made of wood. In ancient Russia, it was built from logs, now it is more often made from timber.

It is interesting to supplement the wooden porch with carved railing: it is simpler to give an unusual shape to a tree than to a brick or metal. Of course, wooden buildings are afraid of fire and rot, but special modern impregnations, as well as the observance of basic safety rules, minimize the risks. And a wooden porch is easier than any other to do yourself.

A brick porch is combined with a brick or stone house, which always looks solid and serious. This material is fireproof, it is more durable than wood, but at the same time more expensive. The brick gives space in the construction of various forms of structures, and for the most demanding home designers there is a figured brick. This porch can be made with your own hands, but only if you have construction experience. If you are “not a magician, but are just learning,” do not suffer, invite experts. They will help in choosing a solution and its implementation.

To many, concrete seems to be plain. However, the dacha porch is, first of all, not sophistication, but strength, reliability, and unpretentious operation. All these characteristics fully apply to concrete. Unfortunately, this material, at an affordable price, requires precise calculations, as well as skill in the manufacture of formwork. It will be easier for you to put in the cost estimates for invited builders, than to try to build something personally. Although, if you have the experience, skills, go for it!

The metal porch is the most expensive, especially if the project is the author. But you will have a true exclusive, designed more for a country cottage than for ordinary cottage. Beautiful, fashionable, extremely impressive. You can choose a slightly more economical option - to provide a metal railing with a porch of any other material. But remember that the metal is susceptible to corrosion from moisture, so it is not very good for giving.

Wood, brick, concrete or metal - everything is a classic. But there are other materials, they appeared relatively recently, but they were already loved by many consumers. So, often in the country a porch is made of polycarbonate. It is strong enough to, for example, reinforced with a metal corner, to serve for a long time.

Or maybe build a porch of fashionable, practical ceramic granite?

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Important things when designing the porch of the house

  • Firstly, the porch should certainly have its own foundation. Mark out the place and drive in the corners of the pegs, you need to dig a square pit. It will be deepened the construction of the porch. If you are too lazy or try to save materials by building without a solid foundation, it will most likely noticeably warp, twist, move away from the building after the first spring.
  • Secondly, take care of your convenience. The upper platform should not be "the width of the foot," because you do not just stand on it, but also open the door. There you should be placed quietly when you open it. So add a meter to the width of the door - this will be the ideal depth for the upper deck. Another option, less comfortable: to increase the width of the porch. Then you open the door, step aside. In any case, plowing it up, one must stand quietly on the landing without backing up the steps. Such a “retreat” may be tolerable for an adult, but for children and the elderly it is dangerous!
  • Pay attention to the size of your future porch. They should be well combined with the dimensions of the entire building. If too small porch at a large house looks just a little strange, then a huge porch at a small house is just a caricature!
  • If you want to use an eye-catching element, equip the house with bright platbands, or with an unusual figure-skate roof. It will look more harmonious.
  • Many gardeners think that the railing for the porch is not needed. What is this decoration, without which it is easy to do. Yes, the railing is not needed if the porch is two-way. In any other case, if there are more than three steps, the railing is simply necessary.
  • It is recognized that the ideal tree for the entrance group is larch, the wood of which is strong, beautiful, does not expire with resin. The oak porch is also an excellent choice, it was not for nothing that at all times oak was associated with strength, reliability.
  • Remember that even if you are satisfied with a simple porch, you may be asked to replace it. After all, the temporary building is temporary building, that its service life is much less than the walls, the basement of the house.
  • Finally, do not forget to provide your porch with a shed or visor. You can choose a purely decorative version, or you can choose a more dimensional version, which will protect guests from the wind or damp from waiting on the porch or things left behind.
  • The material of this roof must be chosen in harmony with the materials of the porch, the whole house and the roof. The variety of options is huge! Forged lace, transparent polycarbonate, carved wooden base, covered with slate, ondulin or metal tile. What do you like best?
  • If the porch is large enough, it can be combined with a flower bed. Do not just place a flowerbed next to each other, but make these two buildings one and the same. You only need to think about reliable waterproofing, so that water does not leak when watering, reducing the life of the building. The larger the porch, the more appropriate such a neighborhood.
  • You can arrange an unusual flowerbed on the porch by pouring earth into half of an old wooden barrel. Or nail to the wooden wall a flower shelf on which to place the pots, as on the kitchen window sill. In general, planting a porch is a very interesting activity.

Ekaterina Khozyainova, Fazenda newspaper, 2015

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