Bar Stool Guide

  • Step 1. Choose the seat height
  • Step 2. Choose the
  • design Step 3. Choose
  • material Step 4. Choose the design and
  • style Step 5. Look for where to find low-cost but excellent chairs

Earlier we wrote abouthow to choose a bar or table-island, and now tell you how to choose bar stools for the kitchen. In this material you will find useful tips, a small review of prices and manufacturers, as well as 30 photo examples of various models.

Step 1. Select the height of the seat

Before you go to the store, you need to measure the height of the countertop of the bar counter and understand how high the chairs should be to it.

  • The difference between the height of the table top and the seats should be about 30 cm. So, if the height of the rack is 1 m, then the seat height of the chair should be about 70 cm.

Of course, a person’s height also plays a role, so you should focus on your own feelings"Test drive" furniture.

  • If guests often come to you, your table has a non-standard height, or you simply plan to use chairs for different tables, then we recommend buying chairs with an adjustable leg.

Step 2. Choose the design of the

The bar stool consists of a seat, legs and leg supports, many models have a backrest and armrests, some models are height adjustable, can turn or even fold. The following tips will help you figure out what design is needed for you and your family:

  • High stools without a back are good because they can slide under the table and put one on top of each other when you wash the floor, for example. Sitting on them for a long time is inconvenient, but if your kitchen is small and the rack you use only for breakfast and snacks, then this option is perfect.
  • If the bar counter replaces your dining table, performs the function of a home mini-bar or workplace, then give preference to comfortable models with backs and armrests.

  • The legs at the bar stool can be three, four or one central with a wide support at the bottom( on the photo).The most reliable version of the chair - with 4 legs.
  • The bar stool must have a very strong footboard, because it will not only support the legs, but also help to sit on the high seat.
  • A spinning seat will be a great bonus if you use the rack as a mini-bar, and also if you often have parties and like to watch TV, say, in the adjoining living room.
  • If the kitchen is very small, then you can choose lightweight folding chairs. These are sold, for example, in Ikea( model Franklin).Also simple folding chairs are useful to have in case of reception of guests and get only when necessary.
  • It is desirable that soft lining be worn on the legs of the chairs to protect the flooring.

Step 3. Selecting the material

Bar stools for the kitchen differ not only in height, but also in the types of materials used. The following materials and their combinations are used in the production of such a group:

  1. Steel with gold and silver plating, as well as forged. Only a support or the entire chair can be made of metal. Metal bar furniture - the most reliable and easy to clean.

Bertoia in the interior

  1. Wood. Wooden chairs are beautiful, but require periodic tightening of the screws. In addition, it is highly desirable that the wooden footboard footrest was metal.

Wooden bar stool Ingolf, Ikea

  1. Painted or transparent plastic. Plastic chairs are lightweight and can look fantastic. For example, transparent Louis Ghost polycarbonate chairs as in the photo below will seem invisible and will not clutter up the space. But keep in mind that plastic does not stand more than 100 kg.

  1. Vine and rattan, both natural and artificial. Only seats are made of this material, but this greatly facilitates furniture. For convenience and beauty, wicker chairs complement with pillows and capes.

  1. Upholstery: leather, eco-leather, fabrics and tapestries. It is especially nice and comfortable to sit on chairs with upholstery, besides they look very elegant in the interior.

Step 4. Choose the design and style

For a cozy kitchen in the style of country fit wooden or vintage metal bar stools, with upholstery and without it. And models with wicker seats will look great as well.

For a classic-style kitchen, only wooden or wrought-iron chairs are also acceptable. They should be as close as possible to chairs, and therefore have good-quality upholstery, seats, and armrests.

. Strict straight or sleek lines and shapes are welcomed for the modern interior. Bright or, on the contrary, neutral colors. Materials are appropriate any, and plastic will be especially organic.

But for the loft, you can pick up chairs made of metal or wood, with leather upholstery, on trinogs in the Tolix style( in the photo).

Pop art and fusion - the exact opposite of minimalist restraint. Chairs of unusual shape or at least with bright frames are suitable here as in the photo below.

Step 5. We are looking for where to find cheap, but excellent chairs

Bar stools from Poland are a good option for those who want to buy quality furniture relatively inexpensive. Signal is known for the quality of materials and the harmonious design of its furniture. In the photo below you can see how the Signal bar stools of the popular S-300 series look like in the kitchen interior( price from 8000 rubles).

Even more affordable furniture can be found in Ikea. Seat height of almost all bar stools from Ikea is 74 cm. The most popular models are wooden Ingolf( 3999 rubles) and Henriksdal( from 6000-9000 rubles, depending on the upholstery).

Below are photo examples of how the chairs from Henriksdal( first photo) and Ingolf( second photo) look like in the interior.

Henriksdal in the interior

Ingolf in the interior of the kitchen

Original bar furniture, for example, transparent chairs Louis Ghost from polycarbonate, from Kartell factory cost from 30,000 rubles. But you can find in the Russian online stores excellent copies at a price of 5,000 rubles.

You can also search for replicas of the legendary designer chairs Eames( from 6000 rubles) and Tolix( from 5000 rubles).

Eames in the interior

Tolix in the interior

Tolix in the interior

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