5 of the best growth promoters for seedlings of peppers and tomatoes

The end of winter, the beginning of spring - preparation for the summer season, planting seeds for seedlings of peppers and tomatoes. Each summer resident wants to be the owner of healthy and strong seedlings, to obtain a rich and tasty harvest. To do this, it can take advantage of the optics of the world. Tomato and pepper seedling growth

To reduce seed germination time, most gardeners use growth stimulants.

Exodus from stimulants can be the most diverse , because at different stages of plant formation, the phytohormones synthesized affect differently.

Growth stimulant acts on the plant in a complex:

  • Accelerates growth;
  • Increases immunity and protects against diseases;
  • Protects against adverse weather conditions.
The maximum effect occurs after double application. Know the dose and time of application, it is possible only after careful familiarization with the instructions.
An oversupply of drugs can adversely affect the growth of seedlings

An oversupply of drugs can adversely affect the growth of seedlings. Using growth stimulants, it is necessary to carry out work in gloves, as some drugs are poisonous.

Stimulants to accelerate the growth of seedlings of tomato and pepper

In stores, you can find a large number of various drugs for the rapid development of seedlings. Most gardeners prefer proven and well-known stimulants, ensuring the rapid growth of young seedlings.

4 rules for the use of growth stimulants:

  1. Before sowing , it is better to keep seeds in the ready solution of Kornevin for 6 hours. This procedure will allow for earlier and healthy shoots.
  2. After seedlings , for strengthening young roots, Epin or Zircon can be used.
  3. Before planting , seedling roots are treated with Kornevin, for quick rooting.
  4. Twice a month, the plants are sprayed with Zirconia, which leads to the early appearance of floral ovaries.

Seed treatment with growth stimulant, will allow you to get a high-quality and productive crop .As well as the tool used will not only protect the plant from all sorts of diseases, but also accelerate the growth of young roots, which will accelerate the formation and ripening of fruits.

Epin – extra

Universal preparation - accelerates seed germination and reduces the content of nitrates , and also adapts the plant to bad weather conditions, such as: drought and cold.

The drug is used in minimal doses.

Method of application:

  • The seeds are soaked at the rate of: 3 drops of the product per 100.0 water.
  • Sprouted seedlings are stimulated immediately 24 hours before disembarking to a permanent place or immediately after disembarking. For this, 1 vial of the product is diluted in 5 liters of water and the plant is watered exclusively under the root.
  • In bad weather conditions, in order for the saplings to grow stronger, they are sprayed every 7 days. Preparation of the solution: 5 drops of Appin per half liter of water. Water should be boiled and room temperature.

The prepared solution can be stored in a dark place, no more than a day. Epin - extra, is non-toxic and is not used in conjunction with potassium permanganate.


Effective Growth Stimulator - increases rooting and increases the formation of flower ovaries .In the initial stage of plant development, the drug gives immunity from powdery mildew and exposure to heavy metals.


Cooking methods:

  1. For seed treatment - 2 drops of the solution is diluted in 300.0 water and kept the seeds within 10 hours.
  2. Treating seedlings before planting in the ground - per liter of boiled water - 3 drops of the solution. Prepared solution young seedlings are sprayed the day before the landing or immediately after the landing.
It is possible to increase the effect on the root system by using Zircon in combination with Etamon.

When using , you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for the use of these products.


With the help of this stimulator, seedlings grow well in the ground , suffer from diseases less and grow stronger.


The drug is toxic , when using it is necessary to use means of individual protection. The drug is used for dusting the root system and for soaking seeds before planting.

Method of preparation:

1 gram of the drug is diluted in a liter of water. Watering the seedlings is carried out at the rate of 60.0 of the finished solution, per plant.


Using this stimulator, peppers and tomato yield will have a much higher yield than untreated plants. Also, the treated bushes bravely endure temperature drops and get immune to viral and fungal diseases.


For soaking seeds and processing seedlings, it is necessary to make a working solution: dilute the required amount of the drug in 200.0 warm, boiled water.

Seeds are treated in two ways:

  1. In the prepared solution: seed is soaked for 2 hours.
  2. Seeds are sprayed and dried.

Sodium HUMAT

Treatment with this solution allows to increase yield by 60% .

Sodium HUMAT

Concentrate is prepared 10 hours before use: 10 grams of powder is poured with 3 liters of hot water.

  • To speed up the germination of pepper and tomato seeds, the concentrate is diluted at the rate of: 500.0 with 4.5 liters of water.
  • For the treatment of seedlings - 250.0 concentrated solution is mixed with 4.5 liters of water.
  • For root feeding - 1 liter of concentrate is combined with 4 liters of water.
When working with this stimulant, you must follow the safety rules, since the drug is very toxic.

Proper use of growth stimulants before picking seedlings will help not only to harden, but also to strengthen the seedlings. Productivity will increase, and the plant will endure all sorts of diseases.

When working with drugs, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and use protective equipment, as most drugs are poisonous.

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