15 ideas for crafts from tires and tires for a garden, a garden and giving


  1. №1. Paths from old tires
  2. №2. Non-slip steps
  3. No. 3. Staircase of old tires
  4. №4. Floor skirting of an old tire
  5. №5. A flower bed from an old tire
  6. №6. Pond of old tires
  7. №7. Swan of tires
  8. №8. Animals from tires
  9. №9. Sandbox of tires
  10. №10. Swing of tires
  11. №11. Furniture from tires
  12. №12. Fence from old tires
  13. №13. Washbasin made of tire
  14. №14. Trash can from tires
  15. №15. Other ideas for crafts from tires

Old tires, as well as plastic bottles, is a free resource for creating functional and decorative objects for a suburban area. Crafts made from old tires are made simply, special skills are not required, and tools usually only need a sharp knife, paint and fasteners. Inventiveness and imagination of summer residents allows you to create from unnecessary tires demanded in the economy of things and jewelry. Of these, make fences, flower beds, ponds, furniture, swings, sandboxes, stairs, and this is just the beginning. What useful crafts from tires and tires for the garden and garden can be made by themselves, using the minimum of effort and money? We collected all the most interesting ideas.

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Today, the concepts of "tire" and "tire" for most have become synonymous, although these are different things. The tire is a part of the chamber tire, in the design of which the camera is provided, a removable part holding the compressed air. For modern tubeless tires, the concept of a tire does not exist, because the camera itself disappeared, the skeleton, the inner sealing layer and the belt layers came to replace it. The concept of "tire" in the people has become synonymous with the concept of "tire". This, of course, does not affect the manufacture of hand-made articles, but the difference is curious.

№1. Paths from old tires

Garden paths from unnecessary tires can boast such unique qualities as absolutelynon-slip surface, ease of cleaning and resistance to any negative impacts, and this is not to mention the availability of the material. For narrow paths, tires from passenger cars will suit, for wider tracks it is better to use tires from trucks.

The process of creating a track consists of the following stages:

  • separation of the lateral part of the tire from the projector - this is not an easy task, use a sharp knife or jig saw, periodically wetting it in soapy water;
  • after separation of unnecessary elements, the protector is cut across to obtain a long tape;
  • Tapes are laid in 2-4 rows, depending on the required width of the track;
  • the base under such a path is prepared, as well as under any other: compacted soil, a layer of rubble and sand, but for pathways with a small load you can do just by ramming the soil;
  • In the ground or sand pressed wooden bars, to which self-tapes are secured protector;
  • The distance between the bands is best left 2-5 cm, so that the germinated grass adorns the path.
    . . . .

№2. Non-slip steps

Summer stairs, covered with icing or raindrops, become slippery and tramp-dangerous. To combat this effect, special pads are produced, but you can make them yourself. The process of separating the protectors is the same as in the previous case. It remains only to attach the cut off tapes of the necessary length to the steps or to their part with screws.

No. 3. Staircase of old tires

In the suburban areas located on the hilly terrain, where ups and downs are inevitable, the ladder can be organized from old tires - they will not even be cut, however, they will need a lot of them. Begin to spread the tires from the very bottom, the first is mounted where there should be a step, the base must first be leveled. You can drown tires in the ground a little, so that the staircase is more stable. Immediately tire covered with dirt, then trim the pad for the next step, put the second tire, etc. It is better that the tires overlap each other - so it will be more convenient and safer to climb and to go down.

As a filler, you can use anything, and the gardeners advise the soil to be covered with rubble from above: there will be no dirt in the rain, and it will not be slippery to move. Ladders for children are built in a similar way, however, they, rather, can be attributed to the hills - this is a kind of attraction that will cost minimal investments.

. . . .

№4. Floor skirting of an old tire


A characteristic pattern on the tread of the tire can serve as a decoration of the utility room, if you use a tire as a skirting board. Such a solution will ensure protection of the lower part of the wall from contamination and will be completely free. After the tread separation procedure, you can start assembling the prepared tapes, but first you need to make sure that the material is enough to decorate the entire room.

№5. A flower bed from an old tire

Most often outdated tire covers are used by summer residents as flower beds, and here the space for imagination knows no boundaries:

  • the simplest option- just put the tire on the place where the flowerbed will be organized, fill it with soil and go to the planting of flowers. To give the flower bed an attractive appearance, the tire is pre-painted in the necessary shade, it applies patterns, etc .;
  • can be putseveral tires one on top of another, falling asleep each soil and not forgetting about the decor. The flowerbed in the form of a slide will look very original;
  • if you attach a piece of strong plywood of the required diameter and three legs to the tire, we get a pretty vase that can even be carried;
  • suspended flower bedsalso look very interesting, and the tire can be suspended both in vertical and horizontal position;
    . . . . .
  • to give a flower bedunusual appearance, have to work a little more. First, on one of the sides of the tire, a marking is made in the form of a zigzag or a wave, after which a cut is made. After that, the cut off part is removed, and the main part is turned inside out, which is not very easy. Summer residents are advised to press the tire when it is half turned to make an oval to facilitate this process. Use tires with a maximum wear of the tread better, so that the work is easier. The shape of the petals and the flower of the flower pot can be any, and the part cut off in the first stage can be used as a stand.

With the help of skillful coloring of the tires, the flower bed can be turned into a real masterpiece and stylized as a big cup, princess-frog or cartoon characters, painted under gzhel or khokhloma.

. . . .
. . .

№6. Pond of old tires

The tire can serve as a small pond. If the site is small, and a hotbed of coolness is to be built, the tire from the car will suit. To implement more grandiose plans it is better to take tires from large trucks, and there are wheels whose diameter exceeds human growth.

Sequence of workis as follows:

  • cleaning the tires from dirt and cutting the upper part with a knife, electric jigsaw or hacksaw for metal;
  • digging holes of the required depth and diameter. As for the diameter, it corresponds to the dimensions of the tire with a small margin. The depth can be equal to the width of the tread or be only half or a third. It is recommended to leave at least 2 cm of tires above the ground so that rainwater does not flood the pond;
  • leveling the bottom and filling it with a layer of sand in 15 cm, so dig a hole for a pond with a margin for the sand layer. The sand is thoroughly rammed and the level surface is checked level, after which the tire is immersed;
  • waterproofing is equipped with a covering material, which is used to protect the bottom of the pools. You can use a dense polyethylene film, but the durability of the design will decrease from this. The covering material is distributed at the bottom of the pit and is withdrawn 50 cm beyond the cover of the tire;
  • leveling the covering material requires special care, it is possible, for convenience, to press the boulders inside the tires with boulders. The edges of the material enter the gap between the tire and the ground, they are covered with sand and gravel;
  • it remains to decorate the structure with stones, flowers and shrubs to completely hide the origin of the pond.

In addition, you can organize an interesting pond if you place two tires close by, and you can connect two ponds with a decorative bridge. If the neighboring reservoirs are at different levels (one on the surface of the earth, the other is buried), then it will be possible to create a pond with overflow. If there is a desire and skills, you can even organize a small waterfall.

Similarly, you can create evenswimming pools, the truth, the tire will be required of the big sizes, and works on arrangement are more difficult, after all the basis should be concrete. In addition, it will be necessary to equip the drain cock and the filtration system.

. . . .

№7. Swan of tires

A classic craftsmanship of tires is the swans. The main difficulty of the process is proper cutting and eversion. Take a tire better than a metal cord, so that the edges are smooth. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • marking application. A chalk needs to draw a beak, a head and a neck, passing into the trunk. The length of the neck with the head and beak should be slightly more than half the circumference, which can be seen from the finished artifacts and schemes;
  • cutting through the planned lines with a knife is difficult to carry out - it is better to use a jigsaw or a saw for metal - from the work of a Bulgarian, rubber will spread an unpleasant smell. It is better to make incisions alternately from two sides. If you first make a cut on one side, then the other will make it problematic;
  • eversion of lateral parts and lowering of the side semirings;
  • strengthening the neck with a wire. In the paired holes, which are created every 10-15 cm along the center line, metal staples are inserted, and with them a metal rod is fixed;
  • decor, including painting, creating the eyes, incising the wings of the swan to simulate feathers, etc.

Similarly, you can create other birds.

№8. Animals from tires

Tires are suitable for decorating children's playgrounds. Wrapping each other tires of a certain size and coloring them in the necessary colors, you can decorate the site with cutefrogs, bears, snails, hares, snowmen, nesting dolls, and if you also use plastic bottles, you can create the most bizarre beasts.

. . . . .

№9. Sandbox of tires

Another popular piece of art made of tires is the sandbox, which will become part of the children's playground at the dacha. There are several ways to organize a sandbox:

  • ofone big tire, with which the upper part is cut and attached to the edges cut along the rubber hose, which will protect children from possible injuries on the sharp ends of the tire. The design is painted in the chosen color, it is possible to apply patterns. It remains only to install the sandbox in a small groove and fill it with sand;
  • small tires can be cut in half and dig into the ground to make the walls of the future sandbox. Tires are painted in bright colors, and after the paint dries, the entire structure is filled with sand;
  • if you place the halves of the tires lying on the surface of the earth, fasten them togetherin the form of a flowerand attach to the soil, you can also get an interesting sandbox.

№10. Swing of tires

Their old tires can be built swings of different modifications and levels of complexity - everything depends on requirements, preferences, imagination and skills. The easiest way is to swing, whenthe tire is placed vertically. Support for it can serve as a thick branch tree with a diameter of at least 15 cm, or a wooden or metal frame. In two places screwed eyebolts, self-tapping screws, which have hooks on their hats. They are tied with ropes or a chain is fastened with carbines. The lower edge of the tire should not be above 40 cm above ground level, so that the kids can sit comfortably and climb down from the swing. At the bottom of the tire, it is recommended to make drainage holes for free exit of rain water.

If the bus is fixedhorizontally, it will serve as a comfortable and durable seat. Using the same eyebolts on the tire make 3 or 4 mounts equidistant from each other (the attachment points must form the correct square or triangle). Ropes or chains are attached to the base (metal or wooden frame, tree branch), and then fastened to the tire. In dachas, the tire is often tied in 2-3 places with a thick rope, which is used to attach the structure to the tree.

. . . .

If desired, it is possible to form a full seat from the tires if you connect two tires or bend one.

. . .

№11. Furniture from tires

To describe all possible ideas for the construction of furniture does not even make sense - there are lots of options for implementation, but the most interesting and practical are the following:

  • Two stacked tires on each other, painted in a pleasant shade and covered with a soft seat - it's comfortablecountry pouf. In the kit with it, you can use a table made of several tires of a slightly smaller diameter, and as a table top you can use a sheet of plywood or tempered glass;
  • cutetablecan be obtained if you fix on the tire two sheets of plywood of the required diameter (one of them can be with legs) and from the center of the plywood in concentric circles begin to glue the bender. Such a table will become an adornment not only of the dacha, but also of the living room;
  • convenientarmchairYou can build, if you fix two tires on each other, and attach to them from the third tire self-tapping back. Of the separated protectors, you can even make a railing, and as a seat use soft pillows;
  • zadekorirovav the tire with golden paint, putting it on metal legs and covering the glass top, we get a stylish piece of furniture;
  • comfortablearmchairscan be obtained by connecting the whole tire and a half. Of course, you have to work hard, processing all the slices, but the result is worth it;
  • even a cozy countryhouse for petcan be built from a tire, with effort at least: paint the tire and put a soft pillow or blanket inside.

. . . .

№12. Fence from old tires

To realize this idea, many identical tires will be needed. They are laid out in rows in staggered order, the ground is filled in each tire so that after the fence is erected it is possible to plant flowers, thus decorating the rubber fence.

№13. Washbasin made of tire

A nice dacha wash basin can be built if a suitable pelvis or bowl is inserted into the tire. In the center of the pelvis make a hole for draining the water. With the help of paint, patterns are applied.

. . . .

№14. Trash can from tires

To make an accurate place of storage of waste in the cottage is also possible with the help of tires. It is enough to put 2-4 tires on top of each other, put a garbage bag inside, and the tank is ready. If you still paint it, it will turn out well.

№15. Other ideas for crafts from tires

In addition, tires can be used for such purposes:

  • for the organizationbike parkingit is enough to dig a tire at close range to each other;
  • umbrella stand. Wash the tire, make a few holes for umbrellas in it, process them, if necessary, paint the product, and the stand is ready;
  • forroof coveringssmall out-of-town buildings. For this purpose, use the tread part, which can be given a slightly curved shape and fastened like a tile. Such a roof will be durable, water resistant and will withstand any bad weather;
  • children's cars and bicycles from tires.
    . . . .

A little imagination, free time and improvised materials will help give a second life to automobile tires.

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