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Looking at the empty garden with anguish, saying goodbye to spring, stop near a small curtainyou. She stands, captured deeply dug slate, so as not to run up the site. Having presented the empty windows of a non-residential apartment, you run after the dishes. Carefully digging a bush, typing on the landing of the land, with a light heart, leave the cottage until spring. It is a little alarming that peppermint will take root at home.

Requirements for planting and caring for garden mint

Spread fat soil from the dacha by strong hot potassium permanganate so as not to accidentally bring a mite or other pest. Spread the prepared soil into several small wooden boxes and begin cutting the mint bush. There are a lot of roots there and it is necessary to disassemble it so that the root is spread out on a plane and well spilled, sprinkled with earth. Shorten the twig, leaving only two leaves.

In warmth on a bright window, mint turns green after a week, giving its fragrant leaves. No need to disturb the young plant. When a curly hat rises above the window sill, run your hand over the leaves and the room will be filled with the scent of freshness. It is an easy way to grow mint at home in a pot of cuttings.

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The seeds are grown much longer. Sowing should be superficial, with the thinnest powder with fine sand and spray irrigation. Before emergence, the flat dish should be covered so that the seeds do not dry out. Later plants are planted in separate containers or left for a pictorial composition.

Plant care consists of timely watering, which is reduced in the winter months. Feed mint can be once a month with any complex fertilizer in half, against the instructions, the dose. In winter, the plant will delight with aroma only with sufficient light. In the summer of plants will thrive on the free air at the cottage.

Let us grow room mint Plektrantus

Room Peppermint Plektranthus has come to Russian window sills from Scandinavia. To make a small garden of medicinal plants in your apartment is not at all difficult. Next to pots of Kalanchoe, parsley, dill, you can plant plectrantus. Numerous modifications of this home flower are often difficult to recognize as close relatives. The photo shows an ampelous species of plectrantus, which has numerous falling shoots with dense foliage.

Plectrantus ampelous silver

The most common forms of Plectranus flowers grow in the form of a shrub with a variety of colored toothed leaves. Distinguished by their delicate mint flavor and beneficial properties. In addition to improving the microclimate in the living room, these plants are the protector of the home from moths. In addition, indoor plants are so unpretentious that they tolerate the carelessness of the owners, who from time to time allow the soil to dry out. Flowers in these plants have an attractive appearance only with very skillful care.

According to national signs, some of the varieties of home mint relieve insomnia and drive away evil spirits. So or not, can check the owner of this flower.

Plectranthos Ertendal

The abundance of flowers hides bright green velvet leaves on one side and purple on the other. The light pattern of the vein on a green background, rapid growth, the aroma of the leaves make this plant very decorative.

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Flower growers are advised to grow a molar tree with a pinch of flower stalks, so that the power of the plant goes into a decorative green outfit. Moreover, it is difficult to achieve special beauty in flowering.

Plectrant colus

This flower has very large leaves on a standing stem. They are 6 cm long, the largest of all types of plectrantus. Very decorative edging plate and amazing smell emanating from him at the slightest breath of fresh air.

Plectrant bush

A home-grown plant is most often called a mole tree. It grows a bush up to a meter in height, spreading the aroma of freshness and chill to the whole apartment. In the atmosphere of such a tree, home dwellers find salvation for headaches, insomnia. The ethereal smell of mint is healing.

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Plectrant wood oakish

The flower has a kind of leaf blade and drooping branches. Its dense green verdure is unusual and, like all other species, it emanates the scent of menthol. In addition, you can spend hours looking at variegated specimens, or bushes that have a thick crimson with veins and borders.

The crushed leaves of any Plektrantus well relieve itching and burning from the bite. Infusion of leaves is used for gargling in sore throat about ENT diseases.

Plentranthus variegated

This type of Plectranthus will be the perfect decoration of your apartment. Green leaves are characterized by the presence of white edging, which makes the plant unusual.

Care and reproduction of room mint

Reproduces Plectrantus only by grafting. Lowered cuttings with water give 100% survival rate. The soil is prepared slightly acidic fertile. Watering moderate without stagnant moisture to avoid fungal diseases. In direct sunlight, the leaves lose their decorativeness.

With the advent of green friends in the house, it will be easier to breathe, because the air dried out by radiators will become more humid and healing. Mint leaves many times will help in the winter to cope with the disease.

Video about growing plectrantus at home

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