Characteristics and description of the cucumber variety Nezhinsky

Nezhinsky cucumber variety got its name from the Ukrainian city of Nezhin. The history of the variety begins in the mid-18th century. These cucumbers were popular both in Tsarist Russia and in Europe. They do not leave indifferent and modern gardeners.

Table of ContentsStarts to produce in 45-65 days after the emergence of .The plant gives long, up to two meters of lash, so this variety is not suitable for balconies. Type of flowering - mixed.

Described fruits have an excellent taste.

Cucumbers are elongated, egg-shaped, the peel is dense, green in color with black spikes. Fruit size - 10 cm with a mass of 100 g .

According to the characteristic, is possible to grow both in the greenhouse and in the unprotected soil. However, the second option is preferable due to the need for natural pollination.

With a length of 10 cm, the fruits of Nezhinsky have a weight of about 100 grams. This variety is valued and grown for many years.

Among the advantages can be identified:

  • excellent taste and appearance
  • is universal. Can be used both fresh and for preservation;
  • fruiting duration;
  • quietly transfers temperature fluctuations , suitable for unprotected soil;
  • resistant to many diseases;
  • tolerates transportation;
  • unpretentious in cultivation.
The disadvantages include the dependence on bee pollinating
The disadvantage of this variety can be attributed to its dependence on bee pollinating.

Soil Requirements for Planting

To obtain a high yield, it is important for to properly prepare the soil and choose a good site for planting cucumbers. From autumn it is recommended to bring fresh manure into the ground. Good precursors for cucumbers will be: tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage. But after cucumbers cucumbers will grow poorly.

The root system of cucumbers is difficult to develop in heavy clay soil. But this can be corrected by adding humus. Before planting the soil you need to dig and remove all the weeds .

For loamy soil, manure can be applied a month before sowing seeds.

Planting Rules

Sowing cucumber seeds is possible in two ways - seedlings and directly into the soil .And the second method is used more often.

Seeds of cucumber varieties Nezhinsky

For planting the seeds are pre-soaked and treated with a solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. Plant seeds in heated soil( not earlier than mid-May) to a depth of 2.5 cm .

Between the holes, you must leave at least 30 cm , and between the rows 50-60 cm .Then the bed is covered with agrofibre, which protects the seedlings from freezing, and the soil from drying out.

Water as needed, once or twice a week.

When growing seeds through seedlings, each plant is planted in a separate container. The fact is that the roots of pumpkin varieties are very tender, and it is important not to damage them during transplantation. It is convenient to use for this special peat cups.

Seedlings should be placed in a well-lit and warm place .In low light sprouts will be weak and elongated. Before planting, seedlings must be “hardened” during the week. Plants are carried out to the open air, first during the day, increasing the time, and then at night. Often watering the seedlings is not necessary.

Care for cucumber after planting

After the appearance of the first shoots, the cucumbers can be fed with mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen, magnesium and phosphorus. is not recommended to handle in hot sunny weather.

During the fruiting period, the Nezhinsky should be treated with

nutrient solution. During the fruiting period, you can spray the plants with a solution( per 10 liters):

  • 50 g of urea
  • 2 g of boric acid
  • 3 g of potassium permanganate
  • 2 g of copper sulfate.

Organic fertilizers can be used, such as:

  • a solution of bread and yeast;
  • furnace ash;
  • manure solution;
  • infusion of weeds.

Watering plants is better every other day with warm water on the root system .The best time for watering is evening. Very convenient drip irrigation system of plants.

Do not water on the leaves - it can lead to decay.

garter system. The needs to be cleaned regularly from weeds and loosened by the , spudding up the bushes.

If the cucumber plot was covered with mulch, there is no need for loosening and hilling.

When the first 2 leaflets appear, the trellis system of the supports must be installed. With the growth of the plant, the lash will need to be fixed on supports.

Another important point in the care - timely harvesting .Overgrown cucumbers weaken the plant. And with frequent removal of the fruit, new ovaries form much faster.

Diseases and their prevention

Nezhinski cucumbers have more resistant to fungal diseases .But it is still easier to prevent plant infection than to struggle to preserve the crop.

The important point of protection is garter lashes and removal of the lower leaves. These measures are necessary in order to avoid contact of the leaves with the soil, which can lead to the defeat of cucumbers fungal infection.

Powdery Mildew on Cucumber Leaves Nezhinsky

The common disease of powdery mildew can be eliminated in the following way. When the first signs of disease appear, spray the plant with a solution of 1 liter of mullein and 20 grams of urea( the proportion indicated is 10 liters).

The next most common plant disease is defeat by aphids .From these tiny, but dangerous for the leaves of pests help folk recipe from the infusion of soap with wood ash.

After prolonged precipitation it is possible to spray the plants with fungicides.

Harvesting and storage rules

The Nezhinsky variety belongs to mid-season varieties; the harvest comes from for July-August .Gather cucumbers of any kind in the morning or in the evening, during the lowest solar activity. The best collection schedule is every two days.

Collected for storage cucumbers should be immediately removed in the shade. It is not necessary to wash them, so as not to damage the natural protective layer. It is desirable to leave the stalk.

The best harvesting schedule - every 2 days.

. For successful and long-term storage, you first need to select vegetables correctly. They should only be plucked from the bed, dry and free from damage.

In the refrigerator, without special preparation, in the vegetable compartment, the cucumbers will remain for up to 3 days .Up to 10 days, you can maintain freshness if you put cucumbers in a plastic bag and cover with moist gauze on top. Package does not tie. Up to 14 days cucumbers lie, if each vegetable is wrapped in a napkin, and then put them together in a bag.

Cucumbers should be stored at an temperature not lower than 0 degrees .Cucumbers do not store with fruits that produce ethylene( apples, tomatoes, bananas, etc.)

Cucumber Nizhinsky is a beautiful, unpretentious, time-tested variety that is very popular with gardeners. Tasty, crunchy, fragrant cucumbers are a wonderful decoration of the summer table. And for canning, this variety is one of the best.

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