Mini-garden on the windowsill - it's vitamins all year round

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Vitamins are necessary for the human body in winter and summer. Moreover, everyone wants to be sure that the greens that we buy in the market are safe and properly grown. But no one can give us such a guarantee, and we have more and more doubts, because even the aroma of dill and parsley from the market in the winter time is not the one we are used to.

The most important thing that there is a way out is a mini-garden on the windowsill, which will help fill the lack of vitamins for the whole family. Moreover, beautifully decorated green pots or trays will become an ornament about will give a lot of oxygen, refreshing the air.

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Green crops for a mini garden on the windowsill

In order for everything to happen with a mini garden, you need to choose the right crops, that is, those that do not require a lot of light, unpretentious to the temperature. These plants include green crops.

For example:

  • onion - green onions in a mini-garden grow well, and you can plant both seeds from perennial onions and sprouted onions;
  • Watercress - it is distinguished by its rapid germination, it can be grown on a window that faces north, the first harvest can be made in two weeks;
  • Spinach is also a good option for salad. This culture needs a lot of light and a comfortable cool temperature( so as not to go to the arrow).Before planting, the seeds must first be soaked;
  • lettuce requires more attention, it needs a lot of light and coolness, as well as timely watering, but it grows quickly and there is a lot of it;
  • dill should be grown in a box that should stand in a cool place, germinate no earlier than two weeks later;
  • Parsley Seeds require pre-soaking for one day before planting, parsley can be grown on a loggia, she loves the cold.
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In addition to the habitual plants listed above, you can grow mint, celery, leaf mustard, basil and other greens, choose what you like in salad and seasonings.

A few tips for a good harvest in the mini-garden on the windowsill

  1. The temperature should not be more than 20 degrees in the room where you organized the garden on the windowsill, the greens do not like the heat.
  2. Green crops should grow in a humid microclimate, so they should be sprayed frequently.
  3. If you made a mini teplichku, saving plants from the frosty window, often lift the film for ventilation, so that the stems do not rot.
  4. It is better to use fertilizer liquid, and make the soil compound - half the earth with compost or ready-made soil for growing greens.
  5. Get fluorescent lamps, with a lack of lighting, especially in winter, they compensate for sunlight.

Reviews of those who arranged a mini garden on the windowsill, say that it can and should be done. Dare and you will succeed.

Video about the garden on the windowsill

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