Malfunctions of washing machines Bosch( Bosch)

In this article we will explain how to repair your Bosch washing machines( Bosch) on your own. Learn how to eliminate light and moderate damage without resorting to the services of a master.

Bosch washing machines attract attention and deserve the respect of customers due to the high quality and abundance of innovative technologies. The German assembly is fully justifies the price of such washing machines - in the manufacture of using high-quality materials, and developers prefer ergonomic forms. But among the highest quality technology failures are not excluded.


  • 1 hook
  • 5.2 We continue to disassemble the machine

Diagnostics breakdowns Bosch

Diagnostics washing machines Bosch - a built-in function in all modern machines. Thanks to her, you can determine the essence of a breakdown without calling the workshop. If you did not find a step-by-step description of how to carry out the diagnostics yourself, we will describe in detail how to do it:

  1. Close the loading door.
  2. Set the program selector wheel to “OFF”.
  3. Wait a couple of seconds.
  4. Set the selector to SPAN.
  5. If you did everything correctly, the “START” light will flash.
  6. Press the “SPIN REVERSE” button and do not lift your finger until the “START” indicator flashes again.
  7. Turn the wheel again, this time stopping it on the “PLUM” program.

Warning! Rotate the selector just to the right.

  1. After releasing the “SPIN CIRCULATION” button, select the object to be tested by turning the wheel. Or determine the failure by the error code displayed on the board.

Important! If the diagnostics does not start, then the problem is in the control board( electronic controller), and in this case one cannot do without calling the master.

If you decide to manually inspect individual parts, turn the selector dial to select the desired object. Proceed as follows:

  • Engine Check: Position 3.
  • 4 - to test the pump.
  • 5 - Check TEN.
  • 6 - valve for hot water intake.
  • 7 - cold water intake valve.
  • 8 - water intake valve for the main wash.
  • 9 - Pre-wash Water Intake Valve.
  • 10 - sound signals.
  • 11 - Autotest FCW.
  • 14-15 - “fast” autotest.

Next, press “START” again( in addition to this indicator, also “DRAIN” and “TURN”) to start the test program.

To exit the test mode of the program, click on “START” and turn the wheel.

. To exit the diagnostic mode, turn the dial to the “OFF” or “OFF” mark.

Typical Bosch

machine breakdowns Of all the huge list of Bosch washing machine faults, the most typical for this brand are such failures:

  1. When washing, water does not heat up.
  2. There is no drain.
  3. No spinning tank.
  4. The drum is noisy.
  5. There is no water intake.
  6. The engine does not work.

On the basis of the above list, we conclude that the most vulnerable place of this brand of styralok is heating elements. If the thermoelectric heater burns out, but the controller is intact, then repair of the Bosch washing machine does not take much labor and effort. Otherwise, a replacement controller is needed, and this work is best left to a specialist.

Users find out about any faults by fault codes( or flashing lights).In the Bosch CM, these error codes usually appear: F01, F16, F29, F31, F34, F36, F40, F61, F63, as well as E02 and E67 and others.

Causes of breakdowns

The device of the Bosch washing machine determines both the nature of the breakdowns and the reasons for their occurrence. Consider what usually causes failures.

After washing in the tank is waste water. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Drain pump( pump) failure.
  • Clogged filter or pump.
  • Pump contacts blown or oxidized.
  • The pressure switch broke.

If the drum is standing tightly, such reasons may be to blame:

  1. The drive belt is damaged.
  2. Electronics malfunction.
  3. Less - engine failure.

Drum screen associated with:

  • Broken bearings( need to replace the bearing in the Bosch washing machine).
  • Soil and foreign objects in the tank.
  • Shattered or broken shock absorbers.
  • Torn counterweight.

There is no water entering the drum, because:

  1. There is no water in the water supply system, weak pressure.
  2. Pump or Aqua-Stop system clogged.
  3. Kink bend.

Engine breakdown coincides with these "symptoms":

  • Open hatch.
  • Breakdown of the controller.

Having determined what caused the malfunction, and assessing its complexity, you can begin an independent repair of the Bosch washing machine.

If you have not identified the damage, and do not know how to repair the washing machine, contact a specialist.

The most common causes of breakdowns are for Bosch Classic 5, Bosch Maxx 5, Bosch Max 4, Bosch Maxx 6, but other models may fail for the same reasons.

We do the Bosch machine repair ourselves

Below we consider the faults and how to solve them, paying attention to the most common failures and the best ways to solve them.

We repair the drain pump and filter, pressostat the Bosch

machine. Having determined that the drain pump( pump), drain filter or water level sensor( pressure switch) needs repair, we repair it ourselves - this does not require special knowledge and effort.

To eliminate the blockage of the filter, we act according to the following scheme:

  1. Find the drain filter: it is located at the bottom of the washer body, under the front panel( you can get to the bottom, putting the car on its side) or behind the door of a small technical hatch.
  2. It is necessary to lay a rag or put a container in - the remaining waste water will rush out of the hole.
  3. Turning the filter cover to the left, remove it.
  4. Clean the filter and wash it under the tap.
  5. Install into place. Remember that it is IMPOSSIBLE to run CM without filter.

To clean or replace the drain pump( pump), you need to properly remove the front panel;for this, you may need a manual for a Bosch washing machine of your brand. In principle, nothing complicated, but you need to make an effort.

  • Remove the cuvette for detergents.
  • Remove the bolt in the lower right corner.
  • Remove the bottom panel by unscrewing the bolt near the filter and the bolts at the bottom of the panel.
  • Remove the rubber hatch of the hatch( to do this, remove the retaining ring by tilting the small spring with a slotted( minus) screwdriver).
  • Remove the panel.

To get close to the pump itself, remove the UBL wires. Remove and disassemble the pump - there may be foreign objects and debris. Impeller in serviceable pump turns easily in all directions.

Check the resistance of the pump winding. If it is 200 ohms - order. If the values ​​are different, there is a breakdown, and the pump needs to be changed.

. If water is not collected, you need:

  1. Check whether the machine is connected to the water supply( if not, open the valve).
  2. Examine the drain hose( there may be kinks and kinks in it).
  3. Check the filter "AKVA-STOP".If there are problems with it, you need to replace it with a new one.

If the water level sensor breaks, we change it according to this scenario:

  • We find the sensor by removing the top cover of the car - you will see it in the right corner, if you look at the car from the front. To remove the cover we twist 2 bolts.
  • Clicking on the latch, remove the sensor. Remove the wires and disconnect the pipe, snapping the clamp.
  • Install the new unit in place of the old one, acting in the same way, but in the reverse order.

Replacing the heating element with their own hands

If the heating element has completed its service life or has accumulated scale, overheated and burned out, you need to change it. This work can be done independently. But first you need to check.

If you are not sure whether the heating element is working or broken, you can test it yourself, armed with a tester. Check is carried out as follows:

  1. Without removing the heater, disconnect the wiring.
  2. Configure the tester to measure resistance( in Ohms).
  3. Set the control dial to “200”.
  4. Attach the test leads to the heater terminals.
  5. Normal resistance typically ranges from 20 to 40 ohms.
  6. If the tester has the value “1”, then a break has occurred, and the heating element needs to be changed.
  7. If the value is about “0”, in the heating element circuit, the heater must be changed.

It is easy to find a heater: remove the back panel of the MCA and below the drum you will see the heater, or rather its shank, with a screw driven through the center. Replace with:

  • Remove the bolt.
  • Remove all wires carefully.
  • Remove the heater by slowly loosening it from side to side and pulling it towards you.
  • Take a serviceable TEN and install.

Independent replacement of bearings

To carry out this complex operation, you need almost complete disassembly of the CM.If you decide to do this, do not completely remove all the wires from the electronic module - it’s not a fact that you will be able to connect everything into place. Having dismantled the module, lay it on the frame or hang it on a special hook.

We make the technological hook

. To make a technological hook with your own hands, take a 30-centimeter piece of non-hardened steel wire with a diameter of 3 mm. The wire should be strung cambric( heat shrink), which should be longer than the wire - at least 1 cm on each side. Make bends, stepping back from each end of the wire 6-7 cm - you will get something like a hook. On this hook, hang the dashboard.

We continue to disassemble the machine

  1. Remove the tank with the drum, unscrewing the springs.
  2. Disassembling the tank into 2 parts, specially provided latches need to be broken.
  3. Taking a hammer and a wooden lining, gently knock out the axle shafts of the bearings with light blows.

When selecting new bearings, pay attention to the details to match your brand of washing machine. For example, you need the bearings for the washing machine Bosch Max 5 - and say in the store, so as not to buy the wrong parts.

The video shows how the master disassembles the Bosch machine and changes the bearing. Look, it will come in handy for you:

As you can see, repairing Bosch washing machines with their own hands is a doable task. Just do not forget about the periodic cleaning of your washing machine and maintenance, which will save the machine from damage.

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