The benefits and harm of watermelon seeds for our health

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Watermelon is a waste-free product. From crusts prepare tasty candied fruit, and seeds are a useful delicacy. In all parts of the striped berries contain a large number of unique components, but the seeds are of nutritional value.100 grams of seeds contain more than half the daily protein requirement and 85% fat. The use of watermelon seeds has long been studied. Read about: the benefits of pumpkin seeds for the human body!

The composition of watermelon seeds

Any seed intended by nature to create a new life. The nucleus carries a supply of vital elements that will serve as food for the embryo in the first stage of development. Therefore, in the seed, as in the pantry, the active substances are collected in high concentration. Under the solid watermelon husks closed grocery treasure.

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Before getting the benefits of watermelon seeds, they should be freed from the husk. Therefore, eating watermelon pulp and swallowing seeds at the same time will not be beneficial. Can I eat watermelon with seeds? Not worth it, you can get a blockage and abdominal pain.

The energy value of the product is determined by the content of basic substances, and these are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It was determined that in the standard portion of watermelon seeds they are presented in the following proportions.

  1. Protein component - 30.6 g. These are amino acids necessary for building muscle mass, which is 61% of the daily needs of the body. Arginine, glutamic acid, lysine, tryptophan are included. Caloric protein 117 Kcal.
  2. Fats make up 51 grams including 11 grams of saturated, poly-and monounsaturated, including Omega-6, which covers 84.6% of the daily requirement and is 426 Kcal.
  3. Carbohydrates in the seeds a little, just 15.31 grams, this is 61 Kcal and 6.1% of the daily needs of the body.
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The figures show that watermelon seeds are a high-calorie product, 600 Kcal is one-third of the energy for a person not involved in sports and hard physical labor. However, watermelon seeds are valued for the beneficial properties of the vitamins, minerals and biologically active elements present.

A number of B vitamins improve metabolism, affect metabolism, reproductive and brain activity of the body. There are few of them, fractions of milligrams, but catalysts are effective in small quantities:

  • nicotinic acid - 3.55 mg - 17.8% of the daily requirement;
  • folic acid - 0.058 mg - 14.5%;
  • pyrodixin - 0.089 - 4.5%;
  • pantothenic acid — 0.346 mg — 6.9%;
  • Riboflavin - 0.145 mg - 8.1%;
  • thiamine - 0.19 mg - 12.7%.

Each of these vitamins acts on a specific function of the body. They mainly contribute to the translation of the energy component of food in physiological processes. Vitamins improve the functioning of the nervous system. Niacin has beneficial effects on skin, hair and nails.

But watermelon seeds are especially valued for the combination of microelements that are not found in such quantity in any product. Some of the metals provide a standard portion of the daily need of the body. At the same time, minerals are contained in the seed coat, so it is important to eat not only the core, but also the peel. This is the answer to the question of whether there is watermelon seeds.

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Element Weight mg Sut.% Element Weight mg Sut.%
manganese 1,614 80,7 magnesium 556 139
sodium 99 7,6 potassium 648 25,9
phosphorus 755 94,4 iron 7, 28 40.4
zinc 10.24 85.3 copper 6.86 68.6

Zinc is particularly useful for the male body. He also keeps the immune system in good shape. If the hair began to fall off, fatigue and diarrhea appeared, it is necessary to include zinc-containing products in the diet. Iron in plant foods is not enough. You can get it from watermelon seeds and meat and fish food. Iron is necessary for the production of red blood cells in the blood system.

It is known that the fibrous components for our digestive system are like a panicle for the janitor. In watermelon seeds, hemicellulose serves as a cleaner, which has a milder effect on mucous membranes than regular fiber.

The value of citrulline in watermelon seeds

The benefits and harms of watermelon seeds largely depend on the content of the amino acid citrulline in the product. This substance is contained in all components of the watermelon, but it is synthesized in the body itself. This substance is very necessary for the body. Therefore, supplements are used to stimulate the cardiac activity of athletes, to increase potency in men. It has already been proven that the use of citrulline in products or bioadditives:

  • reduces hypertonic pressure;
  • suppresses sickle-shaped anemia;
  • normalizes blood sugar.

However, along with the benefits for healthy people, the use of seeds for individuals can be problematic. There are people whose body does not produce citrulline. The disease is called citrullinemia and is caused by a metabolic disorder. The metabolism of the incoming substance involves its conversion to arginine with a breakdown product containing ammonia. It is excreted in the urine and is irritating. This is the basis of the harmfulness of citrulline.

In West Africa, watermelon seeds are a must-have in soups. In China, fried watermelon seeds are part of many seasonings.

On the basis of a complex effect on the human body, the beneficial properties of watermelon seeds have not been confirmed for humans:

  • with patients with citrullinemia;
  • pregnant due to the presence of proteins and citrulline;
  • for lactating mothers and children up to three years old;
  • for persons with pancreatic diseases;
  • for people with obesity and type 2 diabetes.
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If this amino acid is detected in a patient's blood during examination, watermelon seeds are contraindicated. For people suffering from diseases of the genitourinary sphere, the use of seeds in food should be limited.

How to fry seeds?

Fry the dried and dried seeds in a dry thick-walled pan for a few minutes until browning. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in 50 ml of water and put the seeds out in this solution until it is boiled away. There is a need for seeds with a shell.

Toasted seeds can be used as an anthelmintic for prophylactic purposes, and during illness.

Eat dried seeds as a useful addition to the menu, or as a treat. However, women have found a different use for this product. Ground into the flour composition, mixed with medical clay, produce an effective cleaning procedure. Scrub is easy, not traumatic, but effective.

Video about the benefits of watermelon seeds

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