Summer shower in the country with their own hands - photos and sizes, tips, ideas

In the heat of the summer, there is nothing better than to cool off with cool water, especially after active work on the plot. With the onset of hot days, the presence of a soul becomes a relevant and necessary requirement. This factor is especially important in the event that your house is in the stage of repair, and water communications are not yet connected. You can easily equip the summer shower in the country with their own hands, photos and sizes, as well as recommendations on choosing a place to build, you will find in this article. In any case, the inner space of the shower should be spacious so that the person bathing comfortably accommodates himself and with him all the necessary things for this procedure.

  • Choosing a place for a summer shower
  • How to build a summer shower - an example of a simple design
  • Tips for arranging a summer shower in the country
  • Capacities for a summer shower

160/100 cm wide. It is necessary to plan the erection of the summer soul in the spring, at its very beginning, so that by the coming of summer it will be ready.

There are no particularly strict criteria regarding the arrangement of such a soul. If you have imagination and the ability to hold building tools in your hands, you will be able to translate your ideas into reality and build such a necessary thing to give. Depending on the complexity of the plan, you can equip a simple summer shower in one day. A more detailed project will take more time, but it will serve you for more than one year.

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Choosing a place for a summer shower

To prevent the water in the tank from being cold, it is more logical to place the shower structure in a place illuminated by sunlight. If you prefer to take a shower in the afternoon or towards evening, then you should choose a part of the site where the concentration of solar activity is observed in the afternoon. It is important that this place was protected from wind blowing.

The second important factor is the availability of a drain for used water. Summer shower for giving should be installed on a hill so that the water quickly drained and did not stand, attracting insects. The operation of any soul implies the use of large quantities of water, and if a lot of people wash in it( a large family), then this nuance needs to be calculated and properly equipped.

If the capacity of your shower tank is about 1-2 m³, then a drain hole will be required. When arranging a place for water flow, its proper placement is important - in no case should it be located under the building itself. A drainage pit or septic tank with drainage should be located at some distance from the booth, in turn, the slope should go in their direction.

The presence of an impermeable layer for drainage is highly desirable: hydro-glass insol, PVC film, roofing felt or concrete screed are suitable for this purpose. Drain pit should be at a distance of at least 3 meters from the booth, its depth should be 2.5-3 meters, the bottom is covered with gravel or a thick layer of sand. The top of the pit must be covered and fenced.

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How to build a summer shower - an example of the simple construction of

There are a lot of options for this useful summer house - this is a matter of your creative approach. For example, we consider the features of the "standard" version of the summer dacha.

In the shower should be comfortable, so the minimum dimensions of the inner space should be at least 100 × 100 cm. Movements should not be constrained - a person should freely raise his hands and bend in the process of ablution. A small place for clothes and towels( changing room) should also be allocated, 50-60 cm is enough for him. Thus, in general, the size of the shower will be 160 × 100 cm and 2-3 m in height.

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Tips for arranging a summer shower at the cottage

  • Install strong and reliable racks - this is your safety, as the tank filled with water for a summer shower has an enormous weight. For this purpose, the wooden bar is ideal 100 × 100.
  • Racks are best dug into the ground, having previously treated with tar or fat-containing agent. Pour them with concrete solution, by the way, would be best.
  • For a tank, a horizontal platform should be installed at the top.
  • The booth is made of any materials, the main thing is that it should hide the person bathing from prying eyes and protect from drafts.
  • Containers for summer showers can be metal or plastic. It is worth considering that the metal tank will heat up faster, but it will also rust. To get the water heated rapidly, it is recommended to paint the tank with black paint.
  • If you make a frame above the tank and cover it with a plastic film, the process of heating the water will be much faster.
  • Crane for the tank can be any, but the most suitable ball.

The whole process begins with marking the perimeter of the future shower, the racks are installed at the corners and are connected from above by ligation from a similar bar. After that there is a turn of the lower ligation, keep in mind that it should be located 10-15 cm from the ground level.

For fastening all fragments of the frame, use long bolts - this will positively affect the overall strength of the structure.

The lag( floor) arrangement follows. For this, the board is laid with a certain gap, forming slots through which water will come out of the booth.

However, you can do it easier and install a metal or acrylic tray, while the water will be discharged with a hose.

To make the shower door tightly closed, use seals. The shower compartment and the dressing room can be separated by a special curtain, while it would be better if the threshold between these two compartments is somewhat overestimated( to avoid water leaking into a dry room).

A summer shower, as already mentioned, can be finished from the outside with absolutely any material. Lining, plastic, polycarbonate, moisture resistant plywood, fiberboard, slate, metal sheets, siding - the main thing is that the building is harmoniously combined with the rest of the buildings on the site.

Wooden materials will not interfere with pre-opening of protective compounds.

If the frame is welded from metal, then it must also be coated with anti-corrosion agents or painted with paint.

In order to heat the water in the tank many times faster, you can put rafters on top of the top trim, and place a sheet of roofing iron on top of them. The metal will reflect the rays of the sun, making the process of water heating more active.

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Tanks for a summer shower

Separately, you should pay attention to water tanks - their choice is determined by the individual requirements and preferences of the developer. They are small and multi-layered, flat and round, iron and plastic. The size of the tank depends on how many people will wash in this soul, often a volume of 100-200 liters is enough for an average family. As mentioned above, it is better to choose a dark color tank or even black - so the water will rather heat up.

Such a container must have a lid so that various debris and insects do not fall inside. In the lowest part of the tank mounted tap for tap, which is attached to the watering can-diffuser.

Here there is an important point - the tap should be located at the very bottom of the tank, so that all the water drains from the tank and does not stagnate.

Enjoying a summer do-it-yourself shower, you can purchase a ready-made tank in a specialized department of a building market. There are also capacities for sale just for such showers, with all the necessary details in the kit.

If you have a metal or plastic barrel that is suitable in size, then after certain manipulations it can turn out to be a completely acceptable shower tank. For these purposes, a manhole for the water inlet is cut from the top of the side of the barrel, and it itself is treated with acrylic enamel( or means for repairing baths) from the inside - this applies to metal containers.

And you can not lay the barrel on its side. You can do anything if “the hands grow from where it is necessary.”

Also in this role, tanks from worn-out washing machines “perform well”.Despite the fact that their volume is enough for 2 washings, they very quickly adapt to the shower tank, due to the presence of inlet and outlet connections, as well as the necessary technical holes. Such tanks corrosion is not terrible.

Equipping a summer shower in the country with their own hands, photos and sizes, as well as sample drawings, it is better to prepare in advance. So you will see all the working stages clearly and will be able to accurately calculate the final result. Having such a plan of work before your eyes, you will know how much material you will need for the exterior and interior of the booth and the drain hole.

Paying attention to the functional part, do not forget about the aesthetics of the appearance of your summer shower - everything should be not only comfortable, but also pleasant to the eye.

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