Shrub veygela - an excellent decoration of the country garden

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creating a unique design of your site, pay attention to the ornamental shrubs Weigel, belonging to the family of honeysuckle. For growing in the garden using only 10 varieties of deciduous highly decorative weigel. The attention of gardeners is attracted by the simple care of plants, easy reproduction, the beauty of foliage and flowers.

Description of Weigel Shrub

The plant grows equally well in shady places and in open areas. The plant will thank the owner of a large number of flowers, if you provide him with a sufficient amount of moisture. Weigel varieties differ in color of leaves and flowers. Having chosen several varieties for your garden, you can create original compositions that will bloom with white, yellow, red, cream, pink and other shades during the flowering period.

With proper planting and care, shrubs can bloom in spring and then in late summer. Upon completion of flowering in place of flowers formed boxes with seeds.

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Plant Weigel

To protect the young plant from freezing and give it a little stronger, it is best to plant in the spring before the buds swell. An ideal place for planting a bush would be the southern side of the site, closed from the north winds by a house, fence, or growing conifers. If the site is heavy, dense soil, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. The result of this preparation will be loose, saturated with humus with a weakly alkaline reaction.

Three year old weigels are recommended to be planted in open ground.

Proceed to landing:

  1. Dig a hole 40-50 cm deep.
  2. Lay out drainage from gravel or broken brick.
  3. Pour a layer of fertile soil with the addition of compost and nitrophoska.
  4. Process seedling roots with any root stimulator for better survival.
  5. Place a bush in the prepared hole and gently spread the roots. Start to fall asleep soil, well sealing. Pay attention to the location of the root collar. It can not be buried in the ground by more than 2 cm.
  6. Water the plant, and cover the basal area with mulch.
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Care for ornamental shrubs

In the spring carefully inspect the weigela and carry out sanitary pruning. Frozen, broken and old branches are subject to removal. To get lush flowering bushes must be freed from thickening branches. Once every four years, you will need to do a strong anti-aging pruning in order to prolong the plants life.

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If the summer is too hot, you will have to water more often. Remove weeds carefully so as not to disturb the weigela root system. Fertilization after proper planting will be needed only for 3 years. For intensive growth of shoots, it is necessary to apply a universal mineral fertilizer with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus content.

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When the first buds appear, make fertilizing phosphorus and potassium compounds. After completion of spring flowering in mid-June, it is necessary to prune the shrubs. After a time, new shoots will start to grow, which at the end of the summer will give repeated flowering.

Choosing weigel varieties for the garden

A pleasant ornament and her variegated weigel variegate will become the ornament of the garden.

Be sure to pay attention to Weigel Florida and its forms:

  • dwarf Alba;
  • cold-resistant Variegatu;
  • purple weigela;
  • Weigel pink;
  • decorative with red foliage to Weigel Victoria.

Find a place on your site for a hybrid weigela and its varieties:

  • compact weigel Red Prince;
  • fast growing Weigele Bristol Ruby.

Complement your collection of weigela Middendorf with large flowers of beautiful yellow color.

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