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Powerful arrows, literally strewn with large flowers that look like tropical butterflies. These are gladioli, varieties and photos with names that can be studied for a long time and carefully. But to stay on a few plants for your own garden will still be very difficult! The one who once raised such magnificence on the site already “fell ill” with an amazing flower and will surely find a chance to replenish the living collection.

Gladiolus came to Russian gardens from Europe, where plants of this kind have been grown since the 16th century. Two hundred years ago, active breeding work began, giving the world modern hybrid varieties known as garden gladiolus.

Familiar to many perennials, reproducing and renewable with the help of dense rounded oval corms are not very similar to their African and European ancestors. For several centuries, garden gladioli have acquired an incredible number of colors, their flowers have become much larger, the arrows are higher, and bloom longer.

One glance at the photo of the flowers of gladiolus is enough to recognize him as the real "king" of the flowerbed. The selection begun in the 19th century in the last century was not only continued, but also thanks to genetics it received a new, powerful impetus. Therefore, in the middle of the century a rather successful attempt was made to classify the available varieties, each of which today, apart from the author’s name, is assigned a complex alphanumeric code.

Scientists estimate that there are more than five thousand original varieties of gladiolus at the disposal of floriculture admirers, whose photos and names are amazing and the inexperienced spectator lead to indescribable delight. In this case, the work of nerds is not completed. Old varieties are gradually forgotten, giving way to brighter and more unexpected innovations.

Large-blooded hybrids or gladiolus-butterfly with flowers, shaped like huge exotic butterflies, are most popular.

Thanks to breeding, these varieties bloom in the first half of summer and hold lush arrows until mid-autumn. Plant height can reach 1.3–1.8 meters, with 15–20 and sometimes up to 28 buds forming on each inflorescence. An incredibly wide palette of large-color varieties, which are conventionally divided not only by the shape of the flowers, but also by their prevailing color.

Photos and names of varieties of white gladioli

White gladioli are incredibly fresh and spectacular, especially, eating the size of flowers, like White Prosperity, reaches 15 cm, and the height of the inflorescence is close to a meter. Light-loving powerful plants of gladiolus White Prosperity will decorate not only the garden, but also the room. Graceful white flowers with light lilac strokes on the petals in the depths of the funnel do not fade for a long time in cutting, and after the faded haloes new ones open, higher in the stalk.

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Another white gladiolus Bangladesh in the depth of the corolla is painted in subtle shades of yellow-green. The height of the most beautiful plant reaches 80–11 cm, corollas with petals slightly corrugated along the edge exceed 12–14 cm in diameter. Like the previous variety, Bangladesh gladiolus can be used both for landscaping the site and for bouquet cutting.

As seen in the photo, the flowers of gladiolus Ajax are decorated not only with a wavy border along the edge of the petals, but also with a bright scarlet spot on the lower part of the corolla.

Unusual gladiolus Green Star with flowers of a delicate greenish-yellow shade due to originality, duration of flowering and dense inflorescence really claims to be the “star”.The height of the arrow reaches 100 cm, the diameter of the flower Green Star gladiolus in full dissolution can exceed 15 cm.

Photo of gladioli with yellow and orange colors

Today varieties with bright yellow color, luxurious plants with two- and three-color corolla are available to gardeners. Incredibly spectacular in the garden are yellow, orange, salmon gladioli.

The bright, summer-like sunny gladiolus Bananarama is striking in the warm color of the flowers, in the center of each of which a curious look will notice orange or honey-colored touches.

The bright yellow flowers of gladiolus Princess Margaret are shaped like stars. The similarity with the heavenly bodies is even more due to the scarlet coating on the edges of almost even petals. Flowers of the gladiolus of Princess Margaret, as the photo will illuminate the whole garden and decorate any room.

An incredible combination of white and sunny yellow shades gives the grower gladiolus Buggy. The bright center of the corolla, as if framed by a white corrugated border, creates a joyful mood and instantly attracts eyes.

The flowers of the Olympic Flame gladiolus are almost entirely painted in a juicy salmon or orange tone. Only in the center of the corolla a warm yellow spot is visible. Gladiolus Olympic Flame is a plant for sunny areas of a garden with fertile, loose soil. Here, the height of the inflorescences can reach a meter, and more than 15 flowers are revealed on each arrow.

The large-flowered gladiolus Jester is a bright flash that illuminates the garden! High, up to one and a half meters, the plants form an inflorescence of up to 80 cm in length. The flowers of the variety Jester that open in August have a yellow color, slightly corrugated petals and an unforgettable red spot in the center of the corolla.

Orange gladiolus Peter Pierce, like many large-colored orths, has a height of 80 to 150 cm. The plant blooms from July to early autumn, delighting with bright flowers with a salmon shade of petals and a crane spot in the center of the corolla. Gladiolus Peter Pears requires garters and does not tolerate low temperatures.

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Photo and names of varieties of pink gladioli

Pink color is always associated with tenderness. On the colors of gladiolus, you can see all sorts of shades from subtle to saturated.

The white flowers of Pink Lady are adorned with an exciting corrugated border around the edge of the petals, delicate strokes of raspberry-pink shade and light green spots on the center of the corolla.

When you first look at the photo of a variety of gladiolus called My Love, you are amazed at the skill of the breeders who managed to create such exquisite beauty. The slightly pointed petals of the large-flowered variety are decorated with subtle crimson touches.

From July to September, the lush blooming of the gladiolus variety Wine and Roses continues. With pinkish-white flowers, topped with crimson spots at the bottom of the corolla. Juicy strokes resemble wine spilled on the tablecloth, which is what the name of gladiolus Vine and Roses reminds of.

The variety Gladiolus Priscilla is softer, but no less beautiful than the previous variety of garden flower. Arrows up to a meter in height carry up to 8 gently pink flowers with a cream spot in the center and more saturated than the background with a crimson border. Gladiolus Priscilla blooms in mid-summer and is distinguished by a special density of spike inflorescences.

Gladiolus Plumtart has an incredibly rich color, reminiscent of the shade of a ripe summer plum. Flowering varieties occur in the second half of summer, when the arrows of the gladiolus Plumtart rise to a height of 130 centimeters. Plum-colored flowers with velvety petals occupy up to 60 cm stem length and have a diameter of more than 15 cm.

Red gladiolus: varieties and passionate names of luxurious flowers

Incredibly luxurious variety of gladiolus Black Surprise affects not only the magnificent, rare shade of petals, but also the powerful arrow with the height uptwo meters.purple-red with pink or purple flowers in July flowers become a garden sensation. The inflorescence is about 70 cm long, which allows 6–10 large crowns to open simultaneously with thin white seams on each of the petals.

As seen in the photo, the gladiolus Traderhorn is a very noticeable plant that not only attracts everyone’s attention, but also requires a truly royal reverence. Plant height reaches two meters. The large-flowered gladiolus Traderhorn blooms from July to the end of August, forming up to 10-18 buds on a half-meter inflorescence. Opened bright red flower with a spectacular white smear on the bottom petal has a diameter of up to 15 cm.

Gladiolus Oscar is a real classic! Solemn gorgeous flower of rich shade with velvety silk petals. Oscar plants reach a height of 120 cm and on a half-meter inflorescence form 15–20 buds with a diameter of at least 12–15 cm. The arrows stand in excellent cutting, but they are best tied at the site to save heavy inflorescences from kinking and breakage.

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Gladiolus Zizanie is a real treat on the site! White-red bloom does not leave indifferent and can even replace several varieties. The petals, which are chaotically scattered with red and white strokes, are delicately bent and bordered with a wavy strip.

Gladiolus with brown colors

A few years ago, flower growers could not assume that they would become available varieties of gladiolus with unusual brown colors for culture. Today is a reality!

Gladiolus Chocolate amazes with delicious shades of milk chocolate, soft caramel, burgundy and pinkish-orange sparks. The color reaches maximum saturation at the edge of slightly corrugated petals. To the center are 12-centimeter corolla of gladiolus. Chocolate is lighter and warmer. The plants themselves are very strong, large, can grow up to 120 cm, and therefore require support or garters.

Today there are a lot of varieties with brown, ashy and smoky flowers. An example would be the gladiolus of El Diablo with fascinating brown and ash flowers, each petal of which is decorated with spicy crimson vein.

No less interesting is the photo of gladiolus with the name of the variety “Ancient Magic”.The plant of domestic breeding with light brown flowers surprises with bizarre forms and rich play of shades. The lilac-smoky edges of the petals are thickly corrugated, the central veinlets are painted in pink and crimson tones.

Lilac and Lilac Gladiolus

Almost blue, gentle lilac and almost purple gladiolus always receive the increased attention of gardeners.

Gladiolus Passos boasts a truly exotic color, combining a delicate background of petals, bright purple splashes on the edges and crimson spots in the corolla neck. In addition, the edges of the flower are decorated with a wavy border, which adds to the variety of gladiolus Passos a bit of charm and decoration. Flowering plants in the second half of summer have a height of 120 cm, half a meter of which falls on the inflorescence-spike.

Gladiolus Lilac and Chartreuse is tenderness itself. Corrugated petals are covered with watercolor strokes of mauve, lemon and pinkish shades. In colors in full dissolution, cold, lilac tones prevail over warm, pink colors.

Breeders managed to get varieties of gladioli with flowers of unusual nature colors. However, to create a true blue or blue flower is not yet possible. However, in the sweet blue coloration of Sweet Blue only a creamy, cold haze, that delicate lilac tone seems almost blue.

Gladiolus Blue Mountain will appreciate the lovers of bright open colors. Corollas of this variety on a lilac background are densely covered with pinkish-purple splashes. Streaks on the petals are lighter than the main color, only on the lower part of the flower we notice a thin purple "tongue".On the inflorescence at the same time opens 6-8 large flowers, up to two weeks not losing attractiveness.

Introducing Gladioli of Different Varieties - Video

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