How to choose the best heater for a country house

Well, if in your country house there is a real fireplace or a simple stove. Living fire creates comfort, and this method of heating is inexpensive. True, the furnace heating of the dacha is associated with certain increased danger factors: the occurrence of fires, the release of carbon monoxide. And many modern citizens prefer to abandon the stove in favor of more modern ways to heat their beloved cottage.

If the cottage is visited frequently, the house is used as a place for relatively long stays, it is better to choose a gas, electric, diesel or solid fuel boiler as a heating system. This method will provide the house also with hot water. But for rarely visited cottages, it is impractical to install a gas or oil-fired boiler. It is much easier and better to choose a cheaper and more compact heater.

The type of heater is determined by the method of heating the room and the energy source used. Most models are powered by the mains, Some are designed to work on natural gas supplied from the pipeline or cylinder. If gas is supplied to your dacha, then it is better and more economical to buy a gas heater.

Condensation EngineThe principle of operation is based on the passage of cold air through the heating element. Air supply is provided by the fan. Even in simple and cheap models there is an adjustment according to the degree of heating and the power of the air flow. The advantages of the fan heater include the low cost of the device, compactness and speed of heating the room. More minuses:

  • Power consumption is quite large.
  • The device will not cope with the heating of a large room.
  • During prolonged work in the room, oxygen “burns out”.
  • A burning smell may form on the heating spiral of dust.
  • Heating is accompanied by fan noise.

Heat fans related to fan heaters. But for a relatively small room, this device consumes too much energy. It is advisable to use it in large halls, or to dry the damp walls of the dacha.

Oil cooler

The device operates on heated mineral oil, placed in a system of flat sections. The radiator is equipped with a thermostat, some models have a built-in fan to accelerate the heating of the air. It can heat quite large rooms, but not very quickly. The work is quite economical - at least, better than a fan heater.


  • Does not reduce the oxygen content in the room.
  • Fairly safe in terms of fires.
  • The presence of wheels allows you to move the device around the house.
  • You can buy relatively inexpensively - prices vary within 1500 rubles.
  • Silent operation.


  • Cannot be used in rooms with high humidity( in the bathroom) and for drying clothes.
  • Heats up slowly.

Gas or electric convector

In the convector, cold air( sometimes supplied from the street) passes through the heating elements and enters the room heated. The electric convector is compact, looks very attractive, takes up very little space - like a modern radiator, or even less. In size, the gas convector is noticeably larger, but still quite compact. If the convector is gas, then it connects to the outer space with a pipe for outputting combustion products. A gas convector is more economical, but it is more difficult to install, like all devices associated with the need to remove combustion products..


  • Compact, neat appearance.
  • Efficient heating.
  • Low noise level( electrical modification is completely silent)
  • Electric convector heater is fireproof.
  • It is possible to adjust the heating, thermostat.
  • The gas version is very economical to operate, provided it is connected to the gas main.
  • Reasonable cost( gas convector, like electric, you can buy for 1000 rubles)


  • Gas heater requires the output of combustion products on the street and connected to a gas source.

Infrared Heaters

The difference of this type of heaters from other devices is that they do not heat the air directly, but rather the home surfaces: furniture, walls, floors, etc. Heated surfaces, like heat accumulators, give off heat to the air, creating comfortableconditions. This principle of operation allows you to choose infrared heaters, not only for heating the space inside the house, but also on the street - in the gazebo, on the terrace.

Infrared heaters - perhaps the best of all the options to give, despite its higher cost. Such a device works either on gas or on electricity. Can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. Gas option, like all devices associated with burning, less safe and more difficult to install.


  • Rapid temperature rise in the area of ​​operation of the device.
  • Infrared heaters operate silently.


  • Higher cost compared to the heaters described above;infrared heaters cost from 2000 rubles.

Quartz heater

Not too well-known novelty of the market, which can be safely recommended to those owners of country houses, visiting their country possessions infrequently. This heater is fireproof, reliable, economical. Compactness allows you to install it under the window, like an electric convector, saving space in the room. Quartz heater can be left to work in economy mode, even during your absence.

Heating is performed by means of a monolithic plate of quartz sand, inside of which there are built-in heating elements, completely insulated. The presence of a thermostat allows you to select the desired modes of operation, saving energy.


  • Security.
  • Cost Effective.
  • The presence of a thermostat.
  • Ability to leave on while there is no owners.
  • Compact.
  • Easy to install.
  • Silent operation.


  • While difficult to find on sale.


This is not about a real fireplace with wood, but about its modifications such as electric fireplaces. The flames in them look quite like the present, creating a cozy warmth. But there is no need to build a chimney and worry about the removal of combustion products. Modern electric fireplaces look fascinatingly beautiful and cope well with the functions of space heating. You can choose the options mounted on the wall, in the corner of the hall, or stand-alone models that you can even move as you like.


  • Great appearance, creating a special comfort in the room.
  • Variety of models for installation and design.
  • No need for a chimney device.


  • High price - more than 6 thousand rubles.

Rational choice of

In order to correctly calculate the optimal parameters of the heater for the dacha, you can take an approximate formula that provides for costs of 1 kW for every 20 m².But usually this primitive formula is not enough. In the calculations, you need to take into account a number of parameters that affect the creation of a comfortable temperature in the house:

  • the area and number of floors of the building;
  • ceiling height;
  • material from which the building is constructed;
  • quality insulation of walls, floor and roof;
  • number and area of ​​windows;
  • climate data for the region and much more.

Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist in the design of heating systems.

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