Characteristics and description of 7 varieties of tomato De Barao

Sometimes newbies confuse the name of this variety and call it debarau, but this variety is not registered anywhere and therefore does not exist yet. Now we are going to talk about the tomato variety De Barao, which has no flaws and has no flaws.


  • variety Characteristic tomato De Barao
    • grade Description
    • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types - how do they differ
    • Pink
    • Black
    • Red
    • Royal
    • Giant
    • Golden
    • Orange
  • procedure for growing tomatoes in the greenhouse
    • Material preparation for planting
    • When planting
    • Basic Care Requirements
      • Watering
      • Feed
    • When and how to harvest
  • Cultivation in open ground
    • Material preparation for planting
    • When to plant
    • Basic care requirements
    • When and how to harvest

Characteristics of Tomato variety De Barao

Tomato variety De Barao

This variety has conquered gardeners in the 90s, and many have planted it so far. It has many subspecies of different color and shape of the fruit. The bush is indeterminate, powerful. It can be said that

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bushes of this variety give rich yields stably regardless of weather conditions .Tomatoes are suitable for eating in salads and preservation. Seedlings are easy to grow and you can get up to 20 kg from one bush.tomatoes

It is necessary to properly cultivate this variety in order to get more yield.

Description of the variety

Tomat De Barao - a variety of tall tomatoes, distinguished by high yield and disease resistance

The trunk is strong, not fragile, on which there are many leaf plates of tomato-type dark green color. On a bush tied to 10 pcs.brushes, each of which is available on 7 fruit weight-aligned .A variety of late ripening. Cultivate the variety can be both in the greenhouse and in the open field.

Fruiting continues until frost.
Indicator Description
Shrub Height 4 m.
Maturing term 110-120 days.
Productivity 20 kg.from one bush.
Fetus form Depending on the species, but mostly oblong.
Tomato color Depends on the type - pink, red, yellow, etc.
The average weight of the berry is 90-130 g.
Peel Medium elasticity.
Flesh Juicy and tender.
Transport Excellent.
Storage Up to two months after removal from the bush.

Advantages and disadvantages of

De Barao was fallen in love with gardeners not because of the size, but due to the high yield

This variety simply has no disadvantages, the tomato has only positive qualities:

  • It is not picky about maintenance;
  • Can be grown in partial shade;
  • Frost resistant;
  • Has a high yield;
  • It has good resistance to diseases of the tomato type;
  • Has a long shelf life.
With such positive qualities a tomato of this variety should be in the backyard area of ​​a skilled gardener.

Species - how do they differ

De Barao is the common name of the variety, but our breeders deduced many types of these tomatoes, which differ in :

  • Fruit Form;
  • Fruit Color;
  • Eating qualities.


Pink De Barao

115 days from the first shoots are necessary for full maturity. At full ripeness, tomatoes have a pink color and a beautiful trademark. Positive qualities - frost resistance, shade tolerance, amicable yield of the crop, resistance to diseases.


Black De Barao

This subspecies differs from the others only in the color of the fruit. They are dark purple-red color 50 gr. The fruits of the Black giant ripen for 115 days. All positive qualities are the same as in other subspecies.


A variety variety gives a consistently high yield up to 6 kg from a bush when properly grown. Fruits weigh an average of 110 grams.

Red De Barao

Positive qualities:

  • Well tolerates shadow;
  • Does not get sick;
  • tolerates lower temperatures;
  • Possesses a good yield of the fruit.

Negative qualities:

  • Powerful shrubs requiring staking and removing excess leaf mass.
Excellent subspecies for conservation. It will look especially nice in a jar if you mix two types in one container - gold and red De Barao.


Tomat De Barao Tsarsky

This is a fruitful view of De Barao, since collect, on average, 15-20 kg from the bush in open ground conditions.

Positive qualities:

  • Duration and yield yield; ;
  • Resistance to ;
  • Long shelf life of plucked fruits;
  • Universal application of tomatoes ;
  • Shifts temperature drops.

Negative qualities:

  • Strong growth requires high and strong support ;
  • Need for .
The Tsarsky variety will not leave a gardener without a harvest of excellent commercial tomatoes, which have a wide range of uses, from lettuce to preservation.


Tomat De Barao Giant

Shrub grows more than 2 m mark , the average weight of tomatoes in this class is 150 grams, the color of tomatoes is red and plum-like shape.

Harvest is 6 kg from a bush.


Tomatoes have remarkable taste and have a golden color of their fruits. The ripening period is 115 days .

De Barao Golden

Positive qualities:

  • Well tolerated partial growth in the shadows ;
  • Stable large yield ;
  • Disease Resistance and low temperatures.

Negative qualities:

  • Large bushes ;
  • A lot of sheet mass , which has to be partially removed.


De Barao Orange

Maturing period averages 125 days. Fruits are lined in orange. The yield is 12 kg from one bush .Fruits until frost and has the same positive qualities that are inherent in various types of De Barao.

The order of growing tomatoes in the greenhouse

This is a great view of the tomato, which in greenhouse conditions can give the maximum yield of beautiful tomatoes.

The greenhouse for these tomatoes must be at least 3 m high, since tomato creepers can reach 4 m in length.

Preparation of material for planting

Seeds should be prepared for planting. The first thing they check for germination. To do this, in a glass of water diluted with a teaspoon of salt and carefully stir it in water. In this salt solution, seeds are dipped and those that have surfaced are not suitable for the further germination of , since there is no life in them. The remaining seeds must be disinfected and for this they are immersed in a pink solution of manganese potassium for half an hour. Only after these procedures begin planting seeds.

Checking tomato seeds for germination
You need to go through these steps so that you do not have to wait for the emergence of a germ from an empty seed.

When planting

For sowing in a greenhouse, seeds are sown in prepared containers at the end of February. In order to get good seedlings at the exit, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  1. The tank should be about 12 in height and see in height and have drainage holes to drain excess water after watering.
  2. Soil For growing seedlings must be nutritious and loose. It can be purchased at a specialty store, and you can make it yourself, taking everything in equal shares - peat, garden soil, land from a compost pile.
  3. Seeds are filled to a depth of 1,5-2 cm, and then covered with glass and wait for seedlings 3-6 days.
  4. When most of the seedlings are already above the ground, glass is removed and the seedlings are grown, watering and turning it with different sides to the sun.
Tomato seedlings sprouts
  1. I make a dive of seedlings when there are two true leaves on the sprouts and transfer them to 500 grams.cups.
Take exactly this size cups, as the tall bush and seedlings are appropriate.

Basic Care Requirements


This is a prerequisite for the cultivation of tomatoes. They are made weekly and with warm water to avoid rotting of the root mass. It is better to water in the evening, so that during the night the plant will have time to drink water.

After watering, it is necessary to loosen the soil in order to increase the access of oxygen to the root system.


Fertilizing tomato bushes when grown in greenhouses is carried out in two stages.

The first fertilizing is provided to the bush 10 days after transplanting - fed with nitrogen fertilizers. The second is introduced during bud formation, it should be phosphorus-potassium top dressing and preferably in the liquid state. Overfeeding tomatoes should not be, as it will badly affect the quality of tomatoes.

Top dressing should be applied only on wet ground, so as not to burn the root system of the plant.

When and how to harvest

The fruits of De Barao begin to ripen after 4 months after sprouting of the seedlings. Fruiting is long and stops only when the temperature drops to minus .Tomatoes can be removed at the milk age, and they will reach normal ripeness during ripening.

Cultivation in open ground

Cultivation in open ground is not much different from cultivation in the greenhouse, the only thing that the crop will be smaller, since its amount will depend on weather conditions. Seedlings in the ground will be planted later and the crop will beat the frost earlier than in the greenhouse .

Material Preparation for Planting

Soaking Tomato Seeds Before Planting

Seeds are prepared on the same principle as for planting seedlings for greenhouse conditions.

When planting

The landing time is shifted by a month. In the southern regions of Russia, , the Moscow Region and all regions located at its latitude, sow seeds in the last days of March, start planting seeds on seedlings in the middle of March.

It is necessary to adhere to the timing, since the elongated roots take root in the open field is not as easy as seedlings of normal growth.

Basic care requirements

Tomato shrubs De Barao on support

The care requirements are absolutely no different from care in the greenhouse. The same watering and dressing. Loosening and removal of weeds is performed on the second day after watering. The only thing that the necessary support for the bushes is stuck at the stage of planting seedlings. This is done not to damage the roots.

Stakes driven into the ground must be at least 3.5 m. In height.

When and how is the crop harvested

The harvest begins to be harvested in late July and early August. It all depends on weather conditions and the presence of cold nights. The more of them there are, the less tomato ripens.

A wonderful variety of tomatoes of this variety will always delight the gardener with its result. Without a crop, even a beginner will not be left with the main thing to follow the recommendations for growing this variety.

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