LED lamps with cap e14: a comparative review of the best models on the market

The high-tech filling, the effective light output, and an undeniable economic benefits of LED bulbs leave competitors with similar features far behind. Now, most consumers choose these light sources.

The most in demand in the home led e14 lamps - they are included for the organization of the decorative, the main and accent lighting in the rooms. However, to LED-lamp was the most comfortable to use, it is necessary to competently approach the issue of his choice.

Before buying should evaluate the characteristics of lamps and match them with the upcoming operating conditions. Equally important will play and manufacturing company. We can help you determine the best one - the article provides all the necessary information to select the best LED-lamp e14.

The content of the article:

  • Decoding of marking values
  • Compare minions with incandescent lamps
  • Main characteristics of the equipment
    • Constructive forms flasks
    • Ranges color temperature
    • Power and luminous flux
  • Top 5 manufacturers and models of lamps
    • Budgetary and reliable instruments Canyon
    • Innovative light sources are X-Flash
    • Cheap and high quality devices Feron
    • Secure and technological solutions Era
    • Universal product Jazzway
  • Useful guidelines for choosing
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Decoding of marking values

For easier understanding of the design features and technical specifications of all existing modifications LED-lamps are divided according to the standard classification. Devices labeled according to their intended purpose, the type and the cap of the device.

Mark is attached to the package based on established standards. After studying it, you can quickly get a clear idea about the possible interest of the device.

The marking indicates:

  • power and brightness;
  • maximum continuous operation time;
  • the degree of efficiency;
  • variation of the bulb;
  • the range of acceptable operating temperatures;
  • the level of color quality.

One of the main criteria, which are oriented in the selection - view of the cap .

Cap is an essential part of the device, since the density is responsible for coupling contacting elements of metal and quality of interaction with the electrical power circuit.

Cap LED Lamps

Any damage to the cap makes the equipment susceptible to the slightest differences of parameters of current and voltage. It can cause serious disruptions in the operation of the lamp, which will soon lead to the complete failure of the

Soffit caps marked «S» letter recessed contacts - «R», pin - «B». Instrument with a standard threaded connection, characteristic of conventional incandescent lamps, is assigned the letter "E".

As a symbol marking a chosen purpose. He borrowed from the names of the construction developer - the famous inventor in the field of lighting Edison.

Cap E14 and E27

LED light bulb with a designation of E14 called "minions." By common modifications, they differ only in the parameters E27 base sizes

According to the figure, next to the stamped letter is determined by the diameter of the contacts, measured in millimeters. A compound considered lamps equals 14 mm.

Compare minions with incandescent lamps

Numerous studies and testing of LED sources have repeatedly proved that they, with significant margin outperform their traditional counterparts in all respects.

The design of LED lamp

LED lamp consists of a scattering bulb, light-emitting elements, aluminum radiator, polymer insulator. The light sources are mounted on a special printed circuit board from which heat is transferred to the heatsink

Comparing the device of Representatives LED and incandescent lamps with the same socket E14, hard to ignore a mountain of advantages first.

Among the advantages of LEDs include:

  • Energy consumption - LEDs consume almost 8 times less electricity;
  • brightness - ordinary light bulb give a dim light;
  • lifetime - minions live three times longer;
  • stability - voltage spikes on the network do not cause flickering of LED devices, harmful to vision.

In general, innovation is inherent in lamps is only one drawback - relatively high cost. In most of the customer feedback indicates that it quickly pays for itself, and is compensated by a variety of advantages.

Main characteristics of the equipment

Before buying LED bulbs for chandeliers, sconces or floor lamp, it should examine in detail the technical parameters. Understanding the devices and functionality to help make the most correct choice in the future.

Constructive forms flasks

Models E14 LED bulbs vary in shape bulb - a glass container that hides the light source. This part of the article makes both transparent and frosted glass.

structural modification type affects the way in which direction, the range and the angle at which the lamp will emit light.

pear-shaped devices. The most popular of the commercially available types of construction. They have a standard form, similar to incandescent lamps. Scope is practically unlimited.

Lamp with a conical shape

Lightbulb with conical lens differ possibility of uniform light diffusion. This shape is ideal for installation in lighting fixtures, equipped with a canopy or shade

spherical bulb similar to previous versions, but provide a greater range of lighting, which is important for the spacious rooms.

However, due to the not very compact dimensions of "balls" cause difficulties in the installation and are not suitable for each lighting fixture. They should be screwed to the desk lamp, and in those where they will be directed to the bulb down.

Elongated bulb, "candle" and "Candle in the Wind", an imitation swaying lights. Often, these lamps set in decorative lamps, wall sconces, small chandeliers. Light emanates from them in hand.

Power of lighting from the front hemisphere depends on the flask top: the more it is sharpened, the less light gets out.

Corn bulbs refers to an entirely separate species. Devices have this name because of the unusual light sources resembling corn.

They are equally powerful light in the front and on the sides, allowing for optimal general space illumination. The angle of the emission is in the range 220-270 °

LED bulbs

Experts believe that the lamp with the shape of corn have insufficient fire safety. This is due to the fact that the outer contacts LEDs in them are under stress. Such a model is desirable to install a protective ceiling of

Housing of LED devices may be represented not only in white but also in golden, black, silver shade.

It should be noted that the color has a purely aesthetic function and does not affect the characteristics of the device. Picking up one or another variation, it can be beneficial to supplement and diversify the interior.

Ranges color temperature

In classical lamps for the color range corresponds to the filament, to maintain a certain temperature level. Ottenochnyj range little bit poor in them.

And here at the LED-source selection is much more interesting. They can shine lukewarm yellow, neutral, cool white color. This is possible thanks to the phosphor - a special substance that is applied to the LEDs.

The specific temperature determines the hue luminescence overheated metal. To a lesser degree of heating warm colors are formed, a greater - cold.

The unit of measurement in the scale color temperature LED-lamps take Kelvin:

  • For 2700-3000 - warm;
  • For 3500-4000 - natural;
  • For 5500-6000 - cold;
  • More than 6500 K - cold with a bluish tinge.

In a dark time for the premises optimal familiar and comfortable for the warm colors of eyes. They do not suppress the body's important for the production of melatonin.

Color temperature of LEDs

Light neutral white colors suitable for artificial lighting in the day period, will contribute to increase the reaction rate and improve attention

Cool white color is relevant for large public places, shopping areas, zoned lighting of working areas where there are many small details and moving objects.

Power and luminous flux

In order for the buyer it easier to navigate the power LED manufacturers indicate on the package option is equivalent incandescent light bulbs.

Due to the small base size in devices E14 cardinality indicators are rather limited. They are represented by three main values ​​of - 2, 4, and 6 watt. The maximum capacity of 7 watts.

But this does not mean that in a bad light output minions. On the contrary, this feature tells the economical consumption of resources. Moreover, brightness, for example, at 5-6 watts will correspond to that issued incandescent bulbs at 40 watts.

The amount of light, the reproduced source light stream is determined by efficiency, measured in lumens, based on the power of 1 watt. The total range of light LEDs - 50-130 lm / W, E14 products - 60-90 lm / W.

Even in those devices which have equal power, the efficiency can vary substantially. To compare different types of bulbs it is expedient in the parameters of the light beam.

Correspondence table parameters

On the packaging manufacturers specify lamp luminous efficiency is not always the case. In this case, in order to properly compare the characteristics and understand how it will shine the device, you should use the table

If the calculated values ​​do not converge with standardized indicators and not up to the required standards, it is recommended to increase the number of LEDs in the chandelier. This will ensure the required coefficient of luminous efficiency.

Also for the calculations can use the formula: multiply the indicator lamps on the power characteristic of her glow range. For example, 6 * (60 to 90) = 360 to 540 lumens.

On light flow value additionally affects the material from which operate products flask.

Frosted housing reduces the efficiency of luminescence rays up to 15-30%. In this regard, the transparent bulb is more appropriate. But we should not forget that with direct eye contact, they are dangerous to the eyes.

Additional information about the characteristics and the choice of LED light bulbs, refer to this article.

Top 5 manufacturers and models of lamps

The market is full of a variety of lighting technology solutions and modifications of the light sources. According to statistics, last year in the top five were the best manufacturers brands. Products were evaluated on the technological stuffing, functionality, relevant statements and the actual performance.

Budgetary and reliable instruments Canyon

European company Canyon It produces high-quality lighting products made in Germany with standard socket, suitable for a variety of lighting modifications.

Pros and cons of Canyon lamps

The main advantages of LED lamps emit Canyon consumers relatively low cost. The minus is not enough rigorous assembly and periodic pulsations at the time of surge

The presented models of the brand is produced according to the latest international standards.

They combine several advantages:

  • large variety of products at different color temperatures;
  • a low level of heat - only 80 °, while the performance of similar devices of other companies are 90-110 °;
  • application Chip On Board technology that fully protects internal components against external influences;
  • five-year warranty.

When testing the strength of luminescence users identified with these statements about 10% of consumption, taking into account that a small measurement error is not so critical.

One of the popular Canyon models with 14-mm socket - mat candle lamp LED B38, designed for consumption of 6 W of power, the equivalent of 40 watts in an ordinary lamp. Her light stream - 470 lumen.

One of the models Canyon e14 lamps

Canyon lamp dispels the room warm white light and provides good color. The unique module Cob Ice prevents overheating and maintain safe operation

The elegant design allows you to use the device in a variety of models of outdoor chandeliers. Experts recommend installing a light bulb-shaped candle bulb up.

Innovative light sources are X-Flash

brand name X-Flash It belongs to the Russian company engaged in the development of LED equipment, commercial and industrial use. During its short existence, it has managed to become a successful player in the lighting market.

In the laboratory, trademark manufactured powerful devices with advanced technical characteristics.

Due to the continuous improvement of the company's LED lamps are endowed with a number of advantages:

  • radiation comfortable light, flicker-free;
  • high luminous efficiency;
  • lumen parameters;
  • extensive range;
  • long service life.

This bestseller of the company blew the market - smart lampRepresenting heavy duty industrial model for illuminating objects. They built a special photoresists and motion sensors that enable the inclusion of automation.

Not so long ago went very successful model updated X-Flash with E14. glow strength indicators it considerably exceed established for products with such a threaded connection of the border. They make up 820 Lumen.

Model X-Flash E14 820 Lm

In his new design X-Flash manufacturer managed to bring almost impossible performance, surpassing the limitations associated with the design of the small base

The device has an elongated rectangular shape and shines in 2-3 times better than the competition. The color temperature is between white daylight and warm tone.

The manufacturer gives a 5 year guarantee and states that light is capable of properly serve at least 43,000 hours. Testing showed that the promised parameters converge to the actual figures.

Cheap and high quality devices Feron

Company Feron It has a reputation for longevity of the Russian market of lighting equipment. It stands affordable pricing policy and fair specification.

The assortment of the company accrues more than 4 thousand items that you trust the following nuances:

  • intense and bright light;
  • quality assembly;
  • increased energy efficiency class;
  • reliable electronic components;
  • IC-driver protects against surges in the electrical parameters.

Among assortment of lamps Feron particularly relevant spherical model with a cap of 14 series SAFFITSBG4507. It possesses strong parameters - 7W and light stream 560 Lm. The bulb emits white light and comfortable, close to the natural shades.

Feron SAFFIT lamp e14

Brightness Feron SAFFIT bulb exceeds the value of similar models by 15%. Opal diffuser softens the harsh rays of light, evenly distributing the light in the room

Ripple model with voltage fluctuations are excluded. Subject to the conditions of use lamp will last about 30,000 hours.

The manufacturer gives it a three-year warranty period. Most often, this modification put in recessed spotlights.

Secure and technological solutions Era

Domestic trademark "Era" manufactures electrical products for two decades. The main motto of production - the use of modern technological principles, suggesting improved safety and increased energy savings.

Among the advantages of LED-devices "Era":

  • large radiation angle;
  • good color;
  • long service life;
  • sturdy construction.

As for the drawbacks, many consumers complain that the manufacturer slightly overestimates the power equivalent to the device with a filament.

LED lamp e14 era

sales leader brand - model with base E14 LED smd R50 of ECO series. Her term of continuous service - about 25 thousand hours. The product shines soft warm light. Power luminous efficiency - 420 lumens

In general, the parameters correspond to the characteristics of products with an incandescent filament equipped with a capacity of 40 watts. Company "Era" the guarantee in case of failure of the product within one year from the date of sale.

Universal product Jazzway

known company JAZZWAY It produces reliable LED products in more than 1500 items. The range contains all types of lighting solutions, distributed by categories: economy, standard, combi.

During production of a trademark provides independent expertise and efficient multi-stage quality control.

As a result - getting certified product JAZZWAY with many advantages:

  • long service life;
  • good color;
  • safe and durable equipment;
  • radiation smooth flicker-free light.

In line with the proposals E14 base model deserves attention PLED-ECO-C37, Outstanding natural white lighting. The normal performance of the device is retained in the temperature range from -20 ° to + 40 °.

LED bulb e14 JazzWay

At a power of 5 W power bulb luminous flux is 300 lumens. The design of the product's enclosure consists of a strong plastic material

Angle of dispersion medium therein - 190 °. Analyzing the responses of consumers, it is clear that this model breaks down often. If any problems do arise, in this case provided a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Useful guidelines for choosing

Summing up the outcome of the review, there are several things that make it much easier to choose the appropriate model of LED bulb with a standard socket.

Firstly, The type of cartridge installed in lighting fixtures, according to the size of the acquired base of the lamp. E for caps 14 and 27, there are special adapters.

Secondly, Additional savings in the purchase is not always feasible. Cheap light bulbs that offer unreliable brands, often fail. Proven manufacturers are responsible for the quality of the goods and guarantee the replacement or repair of the product if breakages.

Frosted bulb in LED Bulb

Lighting equipment with a matte bulb, ideal for the organization of a softer and muted lighting in the room, do not irritate the eyes. If a bright light source is required for the room, it is better to buy LED lamps with clear glass

ThirdlyLight sources filament lamps or fluorescent need the right to replace the LEDsPicking up a similar light output. It is possible to focus on the sign above.

Before purchasing you must check to see whether the light pulses in the process. Having found such a phenomenon, it is desirable to give the device, since it is imperfect control circuit.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Detailed information about the parameters of the lamp brand Era:

Overview of dimmable light sources with E14 base company JazzWay:

Compare different models and analysis of product unit:

Compact devices can be illuminated in the appliances, to become part of a local, spot or general lighting. To choose the right LED light source E14 light, you can be sure that he will perform well and will save a lot of electricity for many years of operation.

Got something to complement, or have any questions regarding LED bulbs with E14? You can leave comments to the publication, participate in discussions and share their experiences in the use of such lamps. Contact form is in the lower block.

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