LED «Feron» lamp: the pros and cons, the best model + reviews

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Feron LED lamps have a sufficient performance at low cost, allowing them to become one of the most popular in the post-Soviet space.

In addition, the company's products is diverse, so successfully applied in a variety of areas - residential, industrial, others. And you can use them on the street.

In this article we present a brief overview of the best representatives of lamps Feron, will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the devices and let the main criteria for their selection.

The content of the article:

  • Reviews of lamps Feron
  • Advantages of lighting brand
  • Overview of the main shortcomings
  • The best representatives of Feron line
    • Rank 1 - LB-92
    • Rank 2 - LB-57
    • 3rd - LB-93
    • 4th - LB-95
    • Rank 5 - LB-718
    • 6th - LB-65
    • 7th - LB-37
  • What lamps are not worth buying?
  • How to choose the lighting unit Feron?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Reviews of lamps Feron

Numerous product reviews owners, sold under the brand name given, in most cases, indicate that it decent quality, so can serve for years, even in difficult conditions.

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Although eventually show signs of degradation, namely the reduced brightness, changing the color rendition. Although these negative features are common to all, without exception, LED lamps.

Also, users indicate that the defect rate is quite low. And if you still have not bought a lamp worked stated warranty period, it can be replaced without the mess at the point of sale, which served man.

lamp Feron

The Company does not Feron is the top manufacturer of LED lamps, but is able to provide users with low-cost and relatively high-quality products. That because of this, and it has become popular in almost all post-Soviet space

Advantages of lighting brand

Manufacturer on the post-Soviet territory is represented by a long time, that in itself is a plus. Since it indicates success, and that the company is not ephemeral, which many in China.

But the main advantage in the eyes of many buyers is the low cost of the entire production. Although this figure is not always indicative of the quality, but not in this case. Since the lamps are users really long.

Inexpensive light Feron

Feron extensive line of products, but the most popular are available LED lamps for general lighting of small spaces for any purpose

In addition, Feron company has the following advantages:

  1. Wide selection - the entire catalog has about 4 thousand. items.
  2. Use of modern technology - which allows production of economical and functional products.
  3. Duration of warranty - in the majority of lamps distributed two-year term, and in some cases up to 3 years. Also receives all the leading manufacturers. It is also important that the guarantee provided by the company Feron, which excludes the most controversial issues with vendors.

And the buyer can choose bulbs of all kinds today form factors, that is, they may be conventional, spherical, circular, in the form of candles, very tiny, and so on. D.

Light color is in the range 2300-7000 K and the power starts at 1 Watt, which allows to solve various problems. More can be read about the color temperature of the LED lamps and their power this material. As LEDs increasingly used modern format SMD, boost economy durability.

marking lamp

Any LED lamp Feron quite durable. But almost none of them match the specifications indicated on the package. What to consider when choosing and buying the product more powerful than a quarter

If necessary, turn to choose dimmable lamp the necessary power, and its functionality and quality is not inferior to conventional products. Lamp caps come in all formats in use today.

Overview of the main shortcomings

Each buyer must be prepared to the fact that most of the models Feron lamps do not meet the stated principal characteristics and significantly.

For example, often the power and brightness of a quarter less than indicated on the box and the socket. Circumvent any such marketing ploy is simple - you need to buy a more powerful model, but will have to pay more.

CRI also complies with only part of the product. What is an unpleasant surprise - the transmitted color may differ materially from expected results.

In some cases, the accuracy of this parameter is less than 75 units. This means that not all the colors of illuminated objects will be transmitted correctly. Although the specified index corresponds to the assessment of "good", but still the lamp with such a characteristic is not necessary to use at home.

Lamp Table Lamp

The advantages include the ability to select the manufacturer's LED bulbs in all cases, and inexpensive, for example, for table lamp

In addition, individual members of Feron product line can pulsate, which is considered one of the main deficiencies in the area of ​​lighting.

This phenomenon can significantly affect the health of people, namely:

  • much more quickly tired eyes;
  • there is irritability;
  • varying degrees of headaches;
  •  partial loss of working capacity.

To the listed negative moments resulting insufficiently stable electric current that equipment LED lamps can not stabilize to desired parameters. That is, the pulsation further indicates both the mediocre quality of the individual products Feron.

And this is the reason for the lack of flashing when the switch is off position, equipped with a backlight. And this is a common flaw.

As a result, the person will have to immediately change the lamp bought a different model or upgrade it by replacing the driver or the smoothing capacitor to the next. While such procedures financially burdensome and executed quickly, but whom they delight?

For the sake of objectivity, you should know that the pulsation is found only in some models. But all the same guarantees that it will not fall choices, no.

Lampi to enhance interiors decorative properties

Buyers need to know that LED lamps Feron have different color rendering, so it can improve the aesthetics of any interior. The main thing is to make the right choice

For example, conventional demand LB-92 lamps and almost its analogue LB-91. In this case, the first practically corresponds to the specs, and furthermore, are durable, no ripple.

But the second considerably inferior to her, and in all respects. But to distinguish them outside person is difficult, since the marking is similar, but apparently both species at all identical.

Hence, the conclusion should be that must be approached intelligently to the selection of LED lamps, having some knowledge. And when you buy be sure to check them for pulsations that hard to do not having special equipment.

This is another drawback, as the products of leading companies, such as Philips of the Netherlands, do not have to buy with such difficulties. Because it has an extremely low percentage of marriage, the characteristics of stability, but also more expensive.

The best representatives of Feron line

In spite of the extensive range of LED lamps the desired option is easy to find, and in any of the categories. Since the best is the most popular among buyers.

Rank 1 - LB-92

This is not the newest lamp on the market, but the manufacturer continues its release. Because successful design ensures its durability and functionality. In addition, this product is devoid of such a drawback, as the ripple, resulting in a negative impact on the human body shimmer, he will not.

Feron lamps in interior

Products submitted to the manufacturer's stand and excellent appearance, which makes it possible to use them to decorate many interiors. The photo shows the lamp with the beautiful name of "Candle in the Wind"

The spherical shape allows diffuse light at a wide angle. This feature makes the practical bulb for general lighting of housing and other small spaces.

Its housing is made of a very effective heat sink material - alyuplasta, which is a mixture of plastic and aluminum.

It can provide ideal working temperature electronics in all modes. Which ensures a long service life, saves the best properties.

An important feature is the economy. Although the packaging LB-92 says that it is an analog stovattnyh incandescent bulbs, but keep in mind that this setting is lower than claimed.

This feature is found in testing. Although conventional 70-watt bulb to replace it entirely. And that is enough to operate in small spaces for any purpose. It is suitable for installation in the most popular we have kind of base - E27.

An important advantage is the low cost. Among Feron offer for this product a two year warranty. LEDs are able to work 30 thousand hours.

Rank 2 - LB-57

This lamp is designed for those who like to color reproduction light bulbsAnd their decorative effect. Therefore, it has been used successfully not only in housing but also to illuminate the interiors of hotels, catering establishments.

Candle in the wind

The design of the lamp "candle in the wind" is a glass surface to which the adhered small LEDs. To be most effective, they are covered with a layer of phosphor modern

The basis of design of the COG are linear LEDs, providing color reproduction similar to incandescent bulbs, but the brightness will be many times greater.

Moreover, LB-57 can save up to 90% energy. The light scattered by 300 °. They are perfect for general lighting, successfully replacing a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

The durability of the lighting device that provides a fairly high-quality materials and a high level of assembly. Therefore, the tendency to flicker, and consequently, the negative impact on the people not to notice.

To copy LB-57 bulbs are made as similar as possible with them, and the linear LED immigrated incandescent filament. Despite this "vintage" is traditionally a low cost.

3rd - LB-93

It is a more potent analogue popular LB-92, therefore has an effective heat dissipating housing, made of alyuplasta. Which provides a lamp life to 30,000 hours. Moreover, the declared characteristics for a long time will not change.

Successfully replaces incandescent lamp power of 120 W, is used for general lighting any room. Since this lamp is a pretty high-quality, the flicker is absent.

Imitation bulbs

People who do not like bright light output of white or blue, it is necessary to look at the product that simulates an incandescent lamp. They are nice looking, do not carry damage to the eyes, as opposed to listed species and are also inexpensive

Excellent performance confirms the three-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. The diffuser is manufactured in a dome shape that provides adequate for most viewing angle of 270 °. the product is equipped demand cap E27. Different low cost.

4th - LB-95

This lamp with alyuplastovym body can replace popular in our 100-watt traditional lighting with incandescent filaments.

It is distinguished by good design, so do not harm the health of users brings deviations from the stated characteristics of a minor. Able to work 30 thousand hours. In Feron for this product provide three-year warranty.

wide dispersion angle (270 °), the high brightness of the light flux (900 lm). It intended for general lighting, capable of operating in complex environments. Characterized moderate cost.

Rank 5 - LB-718

This lamp is a novelty, but it was to the taste of many users. Its main feature is the ability to effectively operate over a wide voltage range - 150-250 V. That is, it is fully adapted to our difficult circumstances.

The device is a powerful, therefore, to the manufacturer, is able to replace a 180-watt incandescent lamp A80 format. Although traditionally the buyer should be aware that the parameters are somewhat overstated.

Decorative lighting

If necessary, any customer will be able to choose not only the products for general lighting but also for decoration. Which is becoming more popular

This luminaire is successfully coping with the current surge, so injury does not bring a twinkle.

Equipped with the popular E27 base, its lifetime is usual for Feron 30 thousand hours. Ideal for general lighting. LB-718 cost is quite reasonable.

6th - LB-65

This powerful product can replace a 1000-watt incandescent bulb. Designed for general lighting of all kinds of industrial and warehouse space.

Fully adapted to our conditions due to the IC-equipment drivers, easy to cope with significant voltage fluctuations.

Pulsation no deviations from the stated conditions are insignificant. The durability of the lamp provides a heat dissipation plastic and special aluminum molds, which create ideal conditions for the electronics.

Her life is an impressive 30,000 hours. Designed to be installed in the sockets E40 / E27.

7th - LB-37

Presented by the luminaire is solely for decorative lighting, which is becoming more popular. Equipped with high-power LEDs, with different efficiency. Therefore, Feron assure the ability to save up to 90% energy.

Test tubes

Despite the benefits of a sufficient amount of each customer is worth remembering that all LED devices are inexpensive brand Feron. Why their quality can vary from batch to batch, so it is always necessary to carry out testing. And often it can be done in the store

Also, the lamp has a low heat release, which prolongs the service life up to 50,000 hours. Furthermore, the low heat dissipation significantly reduces its flammability.

Although LB-37 power is only 1 watt, but it successfully replaces a 15-watt, but a long time outdated, incandescent lamp. With minimal deviations from the declared characteristics and without pulsation, which is important.

What lamps are not worth buying?

Because in the lineup Feron is not only successful designs, but obviously bad, they should also be aware of. Although such products and a little bit.

LB-91. Although it is almost complete analog qualitative LB-92, but the difference in accordance with the stated characteristics is great.

Thus, its color rendering index slightly greater than 74 units, which is just a mediocre figure. This means that in residential areas should not use this lamp. The only advantage is that it does not flicker.

LB-72. This lighting device is substantially different from the characteristics specified in Feron, but the main drawback is the pulsation.

Ie LB-72 is able to cause damage, and significantly, the health, if the owner is in the room, which she illuminates at least a few hours. What often happens in winter evenings. Therefore it is better to refrain from buying this product for use in a residential area.

lamp test

The simplest test for all kinds of LED lamps can be made using an ordinary pencil. If you hold them in a light stream and silhouette starts to divide in two, the choice should be stopped on another product

But thanks to the durability of sufficient reliability and low cost of LB-72 can be purchased for use in garages, outbuildings, that is where the person is long.

How to choose the lighting unit Feron?

In order not to become a member of a lottery when you buy, you should initially get acquainted with, the results of independent tests.

But often the information on the product at least Feron, especially when the issue of a certain model has only just begun. And to avoid a failed purchase, you can validate yourself. What the store should be taken with a smartphone.

The fact that the pulsation can be easily detected by a camera. What you only need to look through it at a working product. If there are any no flicker, then the test is passed, and if the visible interference, then the purchase should be abandoned.

Packing lamps

Yet the company Feron is a reliable supplier, so for all products provided long warranty. A lamp can be exchanged at the same point where the purchase was made

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In the first video, a review is carried out one of the most popular models that will help to become more familiar with its features:

This video viewer can see the results of another test lamp provided by the manufacturer:

Feron LED devices are different low cost and sufficient reliability. Still, the specs correspond to rarely also occur pulsation. Therefore, the buyer, who wishes to save money, should remember the wisdom of trust and verification. So, the basic tests conducted in the store to help you choose a high quality and long-life lamp with LEDs.

If you have experience in the use of LED lamps Feron, tell us whether you are satisfied with their work? You may have noticed some nuances that are worth paying attention to prospective buyers? Leave, please comment in the box located below.

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