Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Petrusha gardener

Nowadays tomatoes are the most popular among vegetables because of their variety of their use. The main thing for a gardener is to choose the right variety in order to care for a smaller one, and the harvest was high. And of course, that tastes excellent were. In this article, will be considered a variety of tomato Petrusha gardener , its description and characteristics.

Table of Contentsa large number of ovaries. The variety was bred by breeders from Altai, and they recommend planting it both on the beds and in the greenhouses .

Hybrid sredneranny grade Parsley gardener has shtambovy shrub about 60 cm in height. The bush is dense, has juicy leaves of dark green color. It has a long fruiting , which can last from July to October.

To multiply the appearance of ovaries on tomatoes in greenhouses, it is recommended to make artificial pollination.

The fruits of its shape resemble the cap of the fairy-tale character Petrusha, from which they got their unusual name.

Characteristic features of the fruit:

  • size medium;
  • configuration oblong, having the form of a cap;
  • weight 150-200 grams, can reach up to 300 g;
  • color pinkish red;
  • the pulp of the fruit is dense, fleshy.

Tomato Petrusha gardener has fruits with a dense consistency, so easily transfers transportation over a long distance while preserving its presentation.

Tomatoes of the Petrusha gardener variety are unpretentious when grown and can grow in many regions.

Hybrid medium early variety, can be grown both in garden beds and in greenhouses

Advantages and disadvantages

This variety was bred recently, despite this, has quickly become a popular tomato. Advantages of this variety:

  • is a hybrid type .It is possible to combine growing in beds and greenhouses;
  • minimum care .The plant is slightly susceptible to diseases, so it does not need to be further processed;
  • stable yield .When planting tomatoes on the ridge and in the greenhouse, regardless of the weather, fruiting is guaranteed;
  • fruit dense .Tomatoes have fruits with a dense consistency, therefore they are suitable for all types of conservation.

The disadvantages include weak pollination in greenhouses .

Sowing seeds for seedlings

To get a good harvest, you need to pay due attention to planting seeds and caring for tender seedlings. Due to the fact that the variety is middle-ripening, seeds should be sown 120 days before the start of ripening .

If the seed producer did not process them before using the fungicide disinfectant, then in this case it is necessary to disinfect the seeds themselves in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

For disinfection of seeds, they can be wrapped in a gauze bag, and put it in a container with a solution for 20-30 minutes.

In order for seedlings to emerge faster, seeds should be allowed to “hatch” .To do this, wrap in a damp cotton cloth, gauze, or napkin, place in a plastic bag and put in a warm place near the battery.

Periodically check that the material is always wet. The first shoots appear, usually, after 4-5 days.

Before planting, the seeds are disinfected, letting them turn.

Before sowing seeds that have turned, must be prepared with .For this you need:

  1. Prepare suitable containers( plastic containers, jars up to 0.5 liters, or small pots).
  2. Pour the drainage mixture in the form of expanded clay, eggshell onto the bottom.
  3. Fill the containers with moistened nutrient.
  4. In each container you need to make indentations( in pencil).
  5. Sow 2 seeds in each container( one in case some die).
  6. Sprinkle with earth no more than one centimeter, moisten, if necessary.
  7. Close the glass, or film, and put the box on the windowsill, in the lit place.

The temperature must first be maintained at 23-25 ​​degrees. Then, when the first shoots appear, then reduce the temperature to 17-19 degrees.

The light should be at least 12 hours a day, otherwise the seedlings will stretch. For this it is necessary to use fluorescent lamps.

When growing seedlings in fertile soil, there is no need to feed plants. It is only necessary to ensure that there is an appropriate temperature, wet( but not damp) ground and sufficient illumination of the seedlings.

When growing seedlings, appropriate temperature, moist ground and adequate lighting are necessary.

Planting tomato seedlings in the ground.

When planting tomato seedlings in the ground, it is important to correctly timeline. Seedlings take root better if it is tempered in advance by .To do this, take it to the open air for 4-5 days for 2-6 hours.

Planting time is determined depending on local climatic conditions. In the regions of the middle lane, it is common to plant middle-ripening varieties of tomatoes under film from April 20 to May 5, and on the ridge from May 20 to June 10.

The best predecessors for tomatoes are legumes, cucumbers, cabbage .Before planting seedlings, they prepare the ground for this: they dig up and apply complex fertilizers.

For soil disinfection, in some cases, it is treated with a solution of Bordeaux mixture.

Fertile, well-lit areas of , preferably with a southern slope, are prepared for the tomatoes of mid-ripened varieties .Dig holes for seedlings of the mid-season variety according to the scheme 70 × 30.

After that, seedlings are planted in prepared holes, covered with root by the ground part of the stem and watered abundantly.

Before planting, the seedlings are hardened, planted in the ground according to the scheme 70 × 30

Grade care
  • air humidity 65%;
  • first hilling of tomatoes - 12 days after planting, then loosening, depending on the condition of the soil;
  • periodic removal of the lower leaves to improve air circulation below, tying up the stem.
  • Watering tomatoes should be at room temperature in the evening as the soil dries around the plant. Tomatoes do not like moist soil, so watering should be moderate.

    Pasine mid-grade tomatoes during the growing season.

    In order to properly feed the plant, it is necessary to comply with some of the conditions when applying the fertilizer :

    1. Organic fertilizer should be applied in a limited quantity so that the plant does not “fatten”.
    2. The mineral elements are effective for plant growth. The first time do fertilizing phosphorus in 2-3 weeks after transplanting. The second time ammonium nitrate - during the formation of the fruit.

    The main condition for fertilizer application: do not overdose .Otherwise, the plant will suffer irreparable harm.

    Shredding of a hive:

    Diseases and Prevention of

    One of the most common diseases in tomatoes is late blight .Both leaves and fruits are affected.

    It is possible to fight this disease only with the help of chemistry preparations.

    . Also, tomatoes are sometimes susceptible to . Alternaria and septoriosis( white spot). .They develop at high temperatures and they are mainly affected by the leaves.

    Metaxil is used to fight this fungus.

    Late blight on tomatoes

    It is troublesome for a gardener to grow tomatoes in the garden. The main condition for this is to follow certain rules when caring and to know the patterns of plant growth.

    And in the fall you will have to wait for a bountiful harvest of these tasty fruits.

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