Which heater to choose for the heating of the garage

Which heater to choose for the heating of the garage


It's not new to anyone that a warm garage is much more comfortable than a cold one, but heating often does not lead to garage spaces. Help heaters, which can be brought and installed at the right time. Which heater is best for a garage?


  • 1Primary requirements
  • 2Diesel and kerosene
  • 3Gas
  • 4Classic electric heaters
  • 5Infrared heaters
  • 6Solid fuel heaters

Primary requirements

When choosing a choice, one should take into account a number of important points.

  • The heater must be safe for the garage, where combustibles are present.
  • It should be quite effective.
  • The cost of heating should not be high.

The larger the volume of your garage, the more powerful the heater should be, but some owners will have enough of a minimum temperature level. According to the existing norms of SNiP, the garage should be heated to + 5 ° C in winter.

Diesel and kerosene

This option is great for an unheated garage in cold winter conditions. Inexpensive fuel and high efficiency make diesel heaters very popular. They are easy to handle, they are quite compact and will not interfere with repair work, and the garage with their help will warm up very quickly.

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For a garage, it is better to choose an indirect indirect heating heater, since there is a gas exhaust pipe in it. The device can work continuously for up to 15 hours, with the need to periodically ventilate the garage, since the percentage of oxygen in the air decreases. It is best if ventilation is provided and it functions normally.


The advantage of a gas heater for a garage is that it can be switched on and operated without electricity. For him, use a gas propane-butane mixture of cylinders. The cost of gas devices is higher than electric heaters, however, the payback is fairly fast, taking into account the difference between the price of gas and electricity.

Convector gas heater is traditional. The air enters it through a special air duct from below, heats up and rises. The device is covered with a protective cover, which heats up only to 60 °, excluding the possibility of getting a burn.


The second type of gas heaters is ceramic. It uses a burning gas to warm the ceramic panel, which radiates heat to the space, heating the garage in minutes. Ceramic heater is more economical than convector heater, since it consumes less gas. If the gas flame for some reason goes out, then the device automatically turns off. With all the advantages of ceramic devices, their cost is quite high, so decide for yourself which one is best to choose.

Classic electric heaters

Everyone is familiar with these devices, since they are the most common at the household level. There are quite a few types of electric heaters, however, they have the same working principle. Electric current heals a spiral that gives its heat directly to air, or other medium, for example, oil.

The shortcomings of electric appliances for the garage are obvious. They can not be turned on if there is no power grid and they consume a lot of electricity. But their advantage is a relatively low cost and a huge assortment. Some devices can be moved at any time and put in the right place by turning on the button. The following types of electric heaters are acceptable for a garage:

  • wall convectors;
  • oil radiators;
  • heat fans and air curtains;
  • heat guns.

It can not be said that all these devices are beneficial to use for regular heating of the garage. Most often they are used, if you need to make minor repairs or warm up the garage for a short time for some other reason. If you decide which electrical heater to choose, then please pay attention to its power and fire safety.


Infrared heaters

In fact, it is also an electric heater, because for its operation you need electricity. To ensure maximum efficiency, infrared heaters are suspended in a small room under the ceiling. They, perhaps, most quickly heat the garage, or rather, the place where the radiation is directed.

Special lamps in the heater emit infrared waves, the waves warm up all sorts of objects in the room, and only then the objects increase air temperature. The infrared heater works noiselessly, does not emit harmful smells and does not occupy a useful area, since they are at the top, it is quite convenient to use. If the garage has a ceiling height of up to, meter, then low temperature IR heaters are used.


Despite many advantages, IR-devices have their drawbacks. One lamp can not heat the entire garage, because its action is local.


If the room is spacious, then it is desirable to have at least two IR lamps. It should be remembered that it is forbidden to direct infrared lamps to flammable objects.

Solid fuel heaters

Finally it is necessary to say about the stoves on solid fuel. They are often collected by hand, but ready-made models are sold, which provide everything for safety and ease of use. In the common people they are called stove-burzhujki. With their help you can warm up the room well and maintain the temperature at the required level, while in the garage there must necessarily be a chimney. As fuel used wood, coal, sawdust and even all kinds of wood trash.

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