Detailed description and characteristics of the potato variety Adretta

Potatoes - one of the most popular vegetables used throughout the world. Potatoes - a component of a huge number of various dishes. Today, a large variety of potato varieties is grown. Adretta is considered one of the most popular and worthy varieties. This potato has a high yield, and its tubers have good taste. Adretta is an unpretentious variety and can be grown throughout Russia.

Table of Contents.Earlier, yellow potatoes were considered only as fodder crops, but now they are being actively consumed.

It can be safely attributed to the mid-early varietal varieties of potatoes. Since planting seed takes about 80 days.

If you plant potatoes in mid-late spring, but in the middle of summer you can feast on tasty tubers.

According to the description, this potato boasts a rich harvest .From one hectare it is quite possible to collect about 40 tons of tubers of different sizes. With one bush you can get about a dozen medium and large tubers.

Tubers are mainly of medium and large size

.The average weight of a tuber reaches 140 grams. But this does not mean that in the fall you will not dig tubers with a weight of about 400 grams.

According to the characteristics, this variety is unpretentious, resistant to dry weather conditions, , rapid temperature changes, as well as to many diseases.

Characterized by high yields, about a dozen medium and large tubers can be obtained from a single bush.

Bushes are upright, their height can reach 100 cm. The plant is sprawling. The leaves are quite large. The color of the leaf plate is pale green. Blooms white inflorescences .

Tuber shape - oval. The peel has a yellow color. The flesh is also pale yellow. The peel is quite thin.

Tubers are distinguished by their good taste . In the process of heat treatment, the pulp does not change its cream color, and the potato itself boils well.

Suitable for cooking, frying, stewing, cooking a variety of casseroles. The starch content in Adretta is about 17%.

Tubers are not only tasty, but also have a mass of beneficial substances - protein, vitamin B, carbohydrates( easily digestible carbohydrates).

Potatoes of this variety are advised to boil in a uniform and use together with the peel, because it also contains a large amount of elements necessary for the human body, especially for the heart and blood vessels.

Suitable for boiling, frying, stewing, starch content of about 17%

History of Adretta potato selection

Adretta was bred in 1975 in the GDR .At that time, yellow potato varieties were considered fodder and went only to pet food.

But Adretta surprised everyone with his excellent taste and became one of the best varieties. Today Adretta is one of the most popular varieties of , including in Russia.

The advantages and disadvantages of

potatoes The advantages of the Adretta variety are:

  1. High yield.
  2. Early ripening of tubers.
  3. Tubers are neat and quite large, most of them have a presentation.
  4. Well kept and transported transport.
  5. Unpretentious to the composition of the soil and weather conditions.
  6. Adretta is resistant to many diseases.

This species of the representative of the family Solanaceae has almost no deficiencies. Among them is only low resistance to viral diseases.

Grade advantages: high yield, early ripening, well kept

Features of planting and growing

Adretta - unpretentious grade .Even beginners in vegetable growing can cope with growing this crop.

However, Adretta, like any other variety, has its own characteristics. If you take into account all the rules of care, you can get a very good and tasty harvest.

A few tips on processing tubers before planting:

  • before planting tubers are recommended to be treated in a solution of copper sulfate or potassium permanganate. Also suitable solution of boric acid;
  • for fast germination is also recommended processing by such means as "Epin", "Prestige";
  • it is also desirable to treat it with a solution of ammonium nitrate or superphosphate. This will increase yields.
It is recommended to put one garlic clove into each well. This will be an excellent prevention against the bear.

Seed tubers are dug to a depth of about 5 cm. The distance between them should be about 40 cm , because the tops are very spreading.

Before planting, process the tubers in potassium permanganate, germinate, and plant at a distance of 40 cm from each other.

General care tips

It is recommended to follow the care rules:

  • watering;
  • fertilization several times per season;
  • treatment of diseases and pests;
  • timely weeding, loosening and hilling.

Basic rules for care:

  • is very important to periodically loosen the soil. Loosening helps not only to prevent the growth of weed plants, but also saturates the soil with oxygen;
  • spud is recommended once a week. Hilling helps protect potatoes from pests. Once a week it is recommended to remove weeds;
  • watering is recommended at least 2 times per season. Watering during dry periods is especially important after the height of the bushes reaches 15 cm.

It is also important to follow the proper technique of planting Adretta potatoes.

It is important to periodically loosen the soil, spud it once a week, water it at least 2 times per season.

Diseases and pests

The variety is resistant to many diseases : late blight, golden nematode, potato cancer.

But resistance to viral diseases is not the highest. This also applies to scab and blackleg.

For the prevention and control of these diseases, it is recommended to process potato-fungicidal preparations.

Among the pests, the most common is the Colorado potato beetle .To combat it, insecticides are used.


Three times per season it is recommended to apply fertilizer according to the following scheme:

  1. When tops begin to grow, it is advised to apply humus under each shrub.
  2. During the formation of buds, the introduction of wood ash for each bush is recommended.
  3. During the flowering period it is required to feed it with superphosphate.
Fertilizer fertilization is recommended three times per season: humus, ashes, superphosphate

Harvesting and storing the crop

You can enjoy the taste of fresh potatoes in the middle of summer. However, harvesting is recommended to produce closer to the fall , when the tubers gain their maximum weight and fully mature.

If harvesting is postponed until the last days of September, then there is a chance that an excess of moisture will lead to rotting of the tubers.

The variety has a good keeping quality during storage of .Tubers are not subject to deterioration and decay during long-term storage.

In the room where the tubers are stored, there must be good air ventilation. Perfect cellar or underground. Even freezing will not lead to loss of taste.

Potato Adretta is unpretentious and can be grown on almost any soil. Weather conditions also have little effect on potato yields.

Adretta - medium early, high-yielding variety .Even inexperienced gardeners can cope with growing potatoes. The variety has good taste and nutrients, which are contained in tubers and yellow skin.

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