Modes and washing time in the washing machine Atlant

In each brand of washing machines, the manufacturer has implemented both the main programs, similar to other brands, and unique functions. In the ATA Atlant has all the necessary washing modes for high-quality laundry care. Therefore, you need to be able to use them and know what program is for what.

How to make the right choice, we will tell in the article.

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  • 1 Table of Atlant programmer programs: description and designations of
    • 1.1 systemson the control panel of the machine Atlant. Determining where a program is is not difficult, since the panel displays names instead of icons. A description of each mode can be found in the instruction manual.

      In the table below we describe the main and special features of the Atlas washing machine.

      Basic Modes in the Atlas MachineThe program execution time depends on the AGR model. Spin takes place at maximum speed. 90-150 minutes. Synthetic Suitable for the care of synthetic fabrics at a temperature of 60 degrees. about 110 minutes.
      Hand or Delicate Wash Solution for things that only require hand washing. Suitable for thin and delicate fabrics: silk, cashmere, organza, wool. The drum slowly rotates, so that the clothes are not deformed and do not roll. 55-60 minutes. Advance Mode Turns on the main wash, before which the laundry is soaked. Such an approach contributes to even aging stains. about 30 minutes. Intensive Wash Prolonged Mode - performed at high temperatures up to 95 degrees. The laundry is subjected to mechanical stress, due to which impurities are removed. Spin the maximum. about 120 minutes. Fast or Express Wash Washes 30-40 degrees in lightly warm water. Suitable for lightly soiled laundry. 15-40 minutes. Children's clothes The mode is designed for washing baby clothes. A large amount of water is used to thoroughly rinse the powder out of the fabric. about 140 minutes. Spin Spin can be turned off or set the required number of revolutions. about 5 minutes. Rinse After the main program, you can select an additional rinse to remove detergents. 15-30 minutes.

      * The table lists sample indicators;To find out the exact washing time, take a look at your model's manual.

      Additional Functions

      Name Description
      Sportswear This function is useful for clothes made from membrane fabrics that need to be refreshed after playing sports. You can also wash sports shoes.
      Fuzzy Logic The smart system independently estimates the amount of linen, correlates the necessary consumption of powder, water and electricity. Allows you to spend 25% less resources.
      Combined wash Do not like the sorting of linen? Then this mode is for you. Allows you to simultaneously take care of any clothing. But the fabrics that fade, it is still better to put aside.
      Night mode A long program runs overnight. It works silently, without sound signals and spin.
      Biofase Provides for the use of special powders with enzymes. The mode allows you to wash the spots of biological origin: wine, blood, juice, chocolate, grass.
      Easy Ironing Set this mode so that the washing takes place carefully, in plenty of water and with a minimum of spin. Things at the exit are slightly wet and less crumpled, which allows them to be ironed quickly with an iron.
      Half load If you need to wash clothes, but it is not enough for a full load, choose this function. So you save on water consumption and electricity.

      How to choose the washing mode in the typewriter Atlas

      In order to configure and install the program in the Atlas washing machine, it is enough to choose the main mode for the appropriate type of fabric. This can be done by turning the selector. Press the button for an additional function if you want to select it, and adjust the spin speed.

      At the time of the main wash, add the duration of additional functions. Run the program by clicking on the "Start" button.

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