Submersible blender: choose the best

A modern submersible blender can easily push many electrical appliances out of the kitchen. But it, perhaps, can not completely replace any kitchen assistant.

Why? Yes, simply because a simple pen with a “foot” and a pair of nozzles is compact, convenient and multifunctional, unlike other similar devices.

But how to choose an immersion blender, if all the models are so different from each other? Which tips are useful, and which ones you shouldn't look at? Let's see.


  • 1 Blender against competitors
  • 2 6 secrets to a successful purchase
    • 2.1 wire length
    • 2.2 Power
    • 2.3 Number of nozzles
    • 2.4 Secret number 4: gear change
    • 2.5 weight and noise
    • 2.6 Knacks
  • 3 compare different models

Blender against competitors

Different applicants are competing for a place in the kitchen.“I am the most multifunctional!” Shouts the food processor from its huge box, thundering with a bunch of volumetric nozzles."I am the most powerful!" - interrupts his electromeat grinder, silent about how to cook a couple of meatballs for the baby with its help - this is a real feat.“I am the most nimble!” - rather condemns the mixer, showing off his beaters, which, unfortunately, are devoid of knives. But which device is better?

A better one who modestly keeps quiet while standing on the place of honor of the cutting table is an immersion blender. After all, it is most often used by the hostess, as she appreciates its simplicity and unpretentiousness in care.

If you only knew how he makes the finest fruit puree for the youngest household! And how beats cocktails for the eldest son! Why, there: he even copes with the meat for the favorite chebureks of the head of the family. And how much they whipped up with the hostess of everything, chopped and mixed - not to convey. And all because a wise woman was able to choose the right submersible blender. Follow her lead?

6 secrets of successful purchase

In order to choose the right immersion blender, you need to consider the following characteristics:

  • wire or battery;
  • power;
  • number of nozzles;
  • speed shift;
  • weight and noise;
  • pleasant things.

So let's get started!

Cable Length

Most experts begin an overview of electrical appliances with their power. But the immersion blender does not fit into this rule at all: since it is necessary to hold it in hand, the length of the wire is very important. Suddenly he does not reach the outlet? Take an extension cord that will interfere with cooking? Well, I do not! It is better to choose a device with a normal cord.

Let the long wire not bother you: some companies offer to hide it directly in the handle with a special button, others have come up with a convenient mount.

And there are generally wireless models that run on battery power. On the one hand, it is very convenient: carry an immersion blender with you even across the whole apartment.

On the other hand, such devices are low-power, that is, to select them is to say goodbye to a number of functions. Also note that the charge is designed for half an hour of work, and it takes at least three hours to charge the battery.


Power usually varies from 140 to 1200 W:

  1. Low-power models( up to 250 W) handle only soft foods, such as tomatoes or bananas. If the blender is exotic for you, and you want to buy it exclusively for baby puree, you can stop at this option.
  2. The device with a power of 250-600 W will easily cope with meat and frozen vegetables. Just keep in mind that small uniform stuffing is not under the force of any such device. Powerful models simply grind meat, and it will become quite suitable for meatballs. But still it will fall into pieces, and this is not entirely correct.
  3. If you want to prick with the help of a new ice maker and chop very solid products( nuts, coffee, frozen fruits), then you will have to choose an immersion blender with a power from 650 to 1000 W
  4. Above 1000 W require instruments with special nozzles for thick dough. Yes, yes: there are such!

The number of nozzles

A lot of them:

  1. "Leg".Without it in any way. This is a long nozzle with knives in a small recess. There are all models that you can choose in our stores. It can be plastic and metal. The first is easy and cheap, but capricious: boiling water and falls are “afraid”, and over time it becomes covered with indelible spots. Metal "leg" is better than plastic in many ways. Therefore, more expensive. No matter what material was used, this nozzle should be long and comfortable.
  2. Whisk for beating. It may be one in the form of a drop of wire or have a spiral "brother" for mixing thick dough.
  3. Bowl chopper. This is a small glass with a lid and knives inside. It can be staffed with only one knife-lionfish, and may have many different shredders: for cubes, slices, small pieces, etc.
  4. Melnichka. Very small cup with a knife. Designed for grinding coffee, spices and other small things.
  5. Vacuum pump. With it, you can remove the air from the special containers. Usually there are already one or two containers in the kit, the rest will have to be bought by yourself.

A little tip: make an inventory in the kitchen before buying a blender.

Have a coffee grinder? Why then do you need a mill? The combine will replace a bowl for crushing with a large number of knives, and the modern bread machine or the good mixer - a nozzle for preparation of the test.

However, there are exceptions. For example, a compact grinder is much more convenient to use than the same monster-combine. Think, compare, draw conclusions.

Secret number 4: speed switching

A submersible blender can have from two to 24 speeds. The optimal amount is 5-7.Why do you need more? It is better if you can choose the speed using a special smooth controller. In pulse models, the speed of rotation of the knives directly depends on the force pressing the button. According to the experience of hostesses, it is not very convenient.

Turbo mode is the ability to immediately switch to maximum speed using a separate button. The function is almost useless, because the same speed can be achieved by simple switching.

Weight and Noise

Your new assistant will be in your tender hands almost all the time, so buy a lightweight device. In addition, if he is buzzing like an antediluvial drill in the dental office, it will be unpleasant and even dangerous to work with him. Therefore, be sure to ask to turn on the device in the store.

Want to choose via the Internet? All the same, test your future model in the nearest department of home appliances: what if the “vocal” characteristics of your blender are very sad?

Pleasant little things

Manufacturing companies attract hostesses with various nice additions, such as:

  1. Stand. Let her be stylish! Why not be proud of the kitchen? Often all or part of the attachments are placed on it.
  2. Fastening on the wall. Suitable if you do not want to load the table. Again: sometimes you can only hang the handle with the "foot", sometimes - even a whisk, a nozzle, a pump, etc.
  3. Measuring cup. There are almost all models. Even the cheapest. Useful and nice thing.
  4. Rubberized grip. It will help to hold tight the "dancing" device. And even dance with him in your favorite kitchen. But a simple plastic handle will make you dry your hands and be as collected as possible when cooking.

Compare different models of

For comparison, let's take a few models at random and arrange them in a set of services for the existing services:

Parameters Pulse switch 5
overheating, lock button, turbo mode Protection against overheating, turbo mode, pulsation mode

Having bought yourself a new assistant, do not rush to get rid of other devices: although immersion blenders andthey can boast of their universality, yet they are not all-powerful. For example, it is easier to cook a few kilograms of minced meat for the whole family using an electric meat grinder, and a kitchen processor can cut the “bowl” of Russian salad for the holiday. Blender, of course, is small and daring, but it is good for short-term use: every day and a little.

Successful shopping!

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