How to choose a hair dryer for hair styling

How to choose a hair dryer, so that it can be easily done by yourself with its help? What makes sense to save? What type of hair dryer to choose for drying hair at home or in the salon? We'll figure out.


  • 1 Power: choose wisely!
  • 2 Other technical parameters and functions
  • 3 Model type: how to choose and how to decide in the range
  • 4 Additional functions
  • 5 Professional hair dryer: weighted choice

Power: choose wisely!

This indicator is most often analyzed by users upon purchase, and most often gross errors are already made at this stage. It is wrong to assume that the greater the power of the dryer, the better the device itself. Today on sale you can see models with the following values ​​of this parameter:

  • up to 1200 W( these are, as a rule, road variants, which are distinguished by compact dimensions and low weight);
  • 1200-1600 W( a segment of devices for use at home for drying hair and styling them);
  • more than 1600 - 2300 W( professional models).

Power is often associated with the temperature of the air that it feeds the hair. In fact, power is the speed at which heated air is extracted from a hair dryer. From this indicator depends on how quickly it will be possible to give the hair the desired shape: the more it is, the hair styling will take less time.

But it should be understood that high power is the reason for overheating of the hair, and, accordingly, a threat to their healthy appearance.

In addition, only a professional will be able to use more power for its intended purpose( without causing harm to the hair): it will be able to choose the optimal mode of air supply and quickly perform the styling. Hair dryers with a capacity of 2000 W or more are not recommended to be used regularly for styling or drying hair. Power must necessarily be specified by the manufacturer on the package.

For girls with thin hair or recently made a perm, it is better to choose a model with a small capacity. The more powerful the device, the stronger and more serious thermal protective equipment will have to be used.

Other technical parameters and functions

An important criterion when choosing should be the presence of a temperature controller. Stylists advise the area of ​​bangs and temples to always dry at a lower temperature, since here the hair is thinner and can be easily damaged by a hot stream. In addition, to fix the styling, it is necessary to go through the hair is cooled air. In more expensive models, this regulator functions autonomously from a similar device that regulates power, in budget versions - they are combined.

Like any electrical appliance, a hairdryer consumes a certain amount of electricity. With that, it is he among the other household appliances on a par with the microwave occupies a leading position.

For this reason, manufacturers do not like to indicate the level of energy consumption on the instrument box. If this indicator matters to you, study the information in the manual.

For comfortable use of the device at home, estimate how loudly it works at all speeds. This indicator depends on the quality of the motor device. Power in this respect is not the determining factor, that is, a powerful device can work almost silently.

The strong noise of the device should alert the customer, since most likely the manufacturer in this model has saved on the most important thing - the heart of the device, the electric motor. To carry out the installation of such a device for a long time will not

Model type: how to choose and how to decide in the assortment of

How to choose the right hair dryer depends largely on what effect you want to get from it. The most popular, popular and relevant models today are:

  • stylers: these are devices whose power allows them to be used for simple hairstyles;they are compact, then the best choice for self-styling outside the home;there are many universal and original nozzles for stylers( “heating hand” for giving splendor, a brush for waves, a special nozzle for disentangling, etc.);
  • hubs: slit-shaped nozzle;used for styling curls;the essence of the device operation - the air flow deliberately goes to a separate section, due to which the curl dries out faster and takes the desired shape;better and properly used with a brush;
  • hairdryer: allows you to effectively dry your hair and style it at the same time;You can choose and buy such a model both for women with short haircuts and for owners of long hair;it is convenient to use such a brush at home, it is a worthy alternative to models that imitate professional work of a specialist;
  • diffusers: the best option for quick hair drying;the device disperses the flow of air, so you can quickly dry not individual hair or curls, and all the hair;it is worth choosing and buying such a model for girls with particularly damaged hair, for example, after a perm;modern diffusers allow you to give your hair pomp and volume, as well as to get the "wet hair effect";good choice for gentle daily drying.

. Additional features.

. Studying how to choose a hair dryer, pay special attention to the presence of additional options of the device before you buy it. The best choice is to buy such a hairdryer, the additional functions of which you will actually use for its intended purpose, which you can use to its 100% potential.

It is better to choose a model with a removable air filter. It is easy to wash it from dust and hair, which inevitably accumulate in any device. Such a hairdryer can work longer, just enough to properly care for him.

Friction linings will also be a useful tool. Thanks to them, the hair dryer will not vibrate much during work, in the switched on state it can be left on the table. With such linings you can make complex styling and not feel discomfort from vibration. A good choice for salon devices.

A convenient additional option is the humidity sensor. Thanks to him, the hair dryer itself determines the initial moisture content of the hair and has the ability to choose the optimal mode of drying and the necessary power. With this sensor, the hair does not dry out, remains intact and retains its shape for a long time. A professional good new generation hair dryer is necessarily equipped with such a sensor.

Particularly discussed in the hairdressing business now is such a novelty as an ozone lamp or a built-in ionizer. Hair dryers with such devices are not only capable of helping to create the most complex styling, but also simultaneously treat the hair and restore their structure correctly. To choose a similar model means to protect yourself from overheating of the device and not to worry about setting the required temperature: the device will do it for you.

Professional hair dryer: a weighted choice of

How to choose a hair dryer that can be fully used as a professional device in beauty salons? It makes sense to pay close attention to such significant aspects:

  • power: the case when the more it is, the faster you will be able to cope with the hair, no matter how complex it may be;
  • cord length: it is better to choose models with a wire length of at least 2.5-3 m;professional hair dryer should be comfortable, use away from the outlet;
  • body material: buy a better hair dryer with a body made of durable plastic, imitating metal properties;
  • nozzles: most professional models are presented in the form of a hub, it makes sense to also pay attention to the option - a brush;
  • additional options: it is convenient to use a professional hair dryer with a humidity sensor, auto-shutdown, adjustable speeds and operating modes.

Before you learn how to choose a professional hair dryer, you should realize that, despite its obvious advantages over ordinary household hair dryers, it is not suitable for everyday use. Buy it, definitely, it is worth the employees of beauty salons or those who are interested in hairdressing. You can buy and use a professional hairdryer as a supplement to a less powerful counterpart for situations where you cannot use a regular brush or diffuser.

What significant effect you expect( plan to) get from a hair dryer determines how you should choose the right model. Even a professional hair dryer is capable of harming hair and not coping with the assigned functions, therefore, in any case, it is worth choosing a model, taking into account your personal needs and goals.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question “which hair dryer is better?”.To create elastic curls, it is convenient to use a hair dryer, for quick drying it is worth buying a professional hair dryer, for concentrating short hair a concentrator is better suited. Professional hair dryer is also indispensable in the hands of the master, as it is dangerous in the hands of the owner without experience.

Price is not a factor that you can count on and rely on. Therefore, choose those models whose characteristics you studied and agree to pay money for them.

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