What should a summerman do in the beds in March?

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With the first spring sun begins to wake up not only nature, but also the hardworking nature of summer residents, after all for long winter days all already had time to have a rest, and arms or hand directly have become bored by on garden cares. Of course, it's too early to grab the chopper and run to the beds, but already in March the farmers have a lot of trouble in the garden plots. What are we going to do first to prepare for the summer season?

We check the greenhouses and greenhouses

If there is a lot of snow, arm ourselves with a shovel and start making grooves around the greenhouse. It will be nice to walk around the cellar at once, and also to clear the aisles and paths. Having cleared the approaches, we start preparing the greenhouse itself:

  1. We carefully check the frame, replace everything that has leaked out.
  2. We inspect the coating, replace the broken glass, seal with adhesive tape or completely replace the film material.
  3. We remove the vegetable residues from the beds, we throw away the retaining pegs and twines, with which the plants are tied - it is better to take new ones.
  4. To ensure our plants maximum light we wash the walls well, freeing them of accumulated dirt and dust.
  5. We are disinfecting the greenhouse. This can be done by one of the ways to choose a summer resident: by fuming with a sulfur stick, sprinkling with bleach, or by using biologics, for example, Phytop-Flora-C.
  6. We replace the upper layer of soil or spill the earth with a solution of copper sulfate.
  7. Warm up the soil, covered with black film.

Some truck farmers in the early spring cover the greenhouse beds with a snow cover - it helps to soak the dried up soil with moisture.

And what do we have with the seedlings?

The end of February and the beginning of March is a hot season for those truck farmers who grow seedlings on their own. If you have not planted seedlings or prepared seeds in February, run to the store, buy at least those crops that you need to sow now, and start planting. Do not forget to pre-prepare the seeds, namely:

  • seeds of eggplant and pepper before sowing are grown, placing in a tissue pouch;
  • Onions are soaked for the night in a growth stimulant;
  • but we sow the cabbage immediately from the sachet, without any preparation.

We try to provide the seedlings with good lighting so that they do not stretch, especially if the window sill is in the role of a greenhouse in the apartment. Of course, seedlings are quite possible to grow and at home, but it is better to install additional lighting.

In regions with a warm climate, where there is already quite warm weather at the end of April for planting crops in the soil, in March, tomatoes and strawberries can be sown on seedlings.

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We grow the first vegetables

Particularly quick summer residents even in March have time to work on the beds, because if the greenhouse is ready to start a holiday season, you can treat yourself to the Easter holidays with a salad of fresh radish with a green onion, grown with his own hands. The first vegetables on the market are always worth a lot, therefore, if possible, we are boldly embarking on the planting of cold-resistant crops such as:

  • radish;
  • bow;
  • spinach;
  • watercress;
  • greenery.

And that parsley and sorrel wintering on the beds in the open ground quickly wake up, we install skeletons above them.

Preparing for planting potatoes

At the end of March we look into the basement and take out the seed potatoes (at the same time we check the rest of the vegetable stocks and we eat first of all what can not lie anymore, but has not yet completely disappeared - not to throw away the good). We sort out the tubers and put all the sick or damaged in a separate box. They can be used for cooking dinner, but for landing is definitely not worth it. If the potatoes are "different it is advisable to immediately sort it according to the size: large - large, small - small.

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Selected quality potatoes are placed in a warm room for germination. It should be borne in mind that, on average, the duration of the natural vernalization of unprocessed potatoes (which tubers did not have time to form sprouts) is about 6 weeks, and it should pass under such conditions:

  • temperature from 12 to 15 degrees Celsius;
  • good lighting;
  • Sufficient level of humidity.

Potato planting dates vary depending on climatic conditions, so if you still do not smell in spring, it makes sense to wait until vernalization until April.

Well, perhaps, and all the March chores of the summer resident, connected with the beds. Although, when planning a trip to the store for the purchase of seeds, do not forget to check at the same time whether there are houses in availability of necessary fertilizers for fertilizing seedlings and the first cold-resistant crops and whether all inventory whole. It is better to prepare everything beforehand, than to waste precious time searching. Successful start of the season, dear summer residents!

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