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Boilers are devices that are used to heat water. Today, Atlantic boilers are very popular and in demand. They are characterized by high reliability, quality, long service life and ease of use.

Boilers Atlantic, characteristics

Boilers from the Atlantic trade mark are characterized by high quality and reliability. The manufacturer controls the entire production cycle - from the development of parts and beautiful design, to all kinds of tests and inspections.

The advantages of Atlantic boilers in front of other models are quite significant, because they have many advantages:

  • Protection against overheating and high pressure in the tank;
  • in models of the Steatite series, a ceramic, dry heating element is built in;
  • Stainless steel made pipes for water intake and supply;
  • ecologically safe thermal insulation;
  • variety of boiler forms;
  • affordable price;
  • long warranty period.

The Atlantic boiler has a high level of thermal insulation, a tank protected from corrosion, high-quality and reliable heating elements and simple yet convenient handling. To date, the company produces a huge variety of very different models, which differ from each other not only by the volume of the tank, but also by the speed of heating the water, by design.

Video review of Atlantic boilers production

Overview of Atlantic boilers, the lineup

To date, the company produces a huge variety of different models that can be quickly and easily installed in an apartment, a private house.

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The Atlantic boiler is 50 liters from the Steatite line, it has a built-in, dry, ceramic, steatite heater that is adapted to any type of water. Such models can be installed vertically and on the floor. In the same line, there are models with a volume:

  • 50 liters;
  • 100 liters;
  • 200 liters;
  • 300 liters.

Steatite CUBE boilers have an attractive design, and are characterized by cubic forms. Heating, the ceramic element in these models is placed at an angle, which makes it possible for water to heat up much faster than in conventional boilers. The devices work very quietly, so they can be installed in the apartment and used at any time of the day. In this line, there are many models with a tank capacity of 75-150 liters.

Models of boilers from the O'Pro + line differ from other water heating systems with corrosion protection, which extends the life of the devices. If you want, you can find a variety of options for boilers with a volume of 30-200 liters.


O'Pro Turbo models are characterized by accelerated water heating. In this line, you can find boilers with a tank capacity of 50-100 liters. Boilers in the Ingenio system are devices with a digital, ergonomic interface, which are very economical in use and can reduce the amount of energy consumption to 20 percent, if you choose smart mode.

Design of boilers Atlantic

To meet all the needs of consumers, the company has created a huge number of different models of boilers. They differ in form, volume, degree of protection of the heating element and the method of installation.

Depending on the degree of protection of the element that heats water, boilers are of 3 types:

  • dry heating element;
  • wet TEN;
  • Wet TEN with protective, additional resistance.
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In form, the devices are narrow, square and round, so each person has the opportunity to choose the model that is ideal for design in the bathroom. The company Atlantic produces boilers with a variety of tank sizes - from 10 liters to 300, if the family is very large and needs a lot of water.

Mounted boilers can be differently - horizontally, vertically, under the sink, over the sink and universal models. Boiler Atlantic at 80 liters will be able to provide warm water to a family of 2-3 people. It is quite simple to use, and the water in it heats up pretty quickly.

How to choose the volume of the boiler?

All storage water heaters have their advantages and characteristics, so choosing the right device can sometimes be very difficult. When choosing boilers, you should first of all focus on the volume of the tank and the number of people who live in an apartment or house.

Boiler Atlantic at 100 liters or less is ideal for a person who likes to take a bath and lives alone. If the family consists of 2 people, then for a full supply of water, you need to choose a boiler with a volume of 50-120 liters. For 3 people, more water is needed, so heaters with a tank of 80-120 liters are suitable. If the family has more than 4 people, then for the kitchen and shower cubicle, a boiler of 120-150 liters is needed, and for 5 - 150-250.

Each of the boilers has its own characteristics, so you need to choose the equipment very carefully and choose only those models that fully meet all the requirements.

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Boilers Atlantic with dry TEN

All heating appliances have their advantages, but Atlantic boilers with dry damp are becoming more popular and more popular every day. Their distinctive feature is that the heating, steatite element is in a protective flask and does not come into contact with water. This makes it possible to extend the life of the boiler and reduce the amount of scale in the tank. To use the boiler it was much more convenient, there is a temperature regulator and an indicator, which are on the front panel of the boiler.

Heating elements provide a normal load on the wiring, so it will never have problems and difficulties. In the boiler arrangement there is a magnesium anode, which protects the tank qualitatively and reliably from currents that can wander.

Polyurethane foam insulation allows you to keep the heat of the tank and water, so it will not need to be heated for a long time. Glass-ceramic enamel protects the inner coating of the tank from corrosion, so the boiler can last at least 8 years.

Boilers Atlantik fit very well in any interior - in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen. When choosing water heaters, it is necessary to take into account the necessary daily water calculation, which will be needed for the whole family. Choosing the correct volume of the tank, you can save not only money when buying, but also the amount of electricity consumed. To use the boiler in the kitchen, you can choose a small model, the volume of 15-30 liters.

Boilers Atlantik are of high quality, reliability. They will work for many years without any problems and breakdowns.

Video review of the Atlantic Cube Steatite

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