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How to learn how to save? This question worries many people. Some believe that the savings are the purchase of cheaper equipment, clothes, shoes, cheap cars, the construction of a small house of traditional building materials. We advise to do a little differently. It is better to buy a good quality item once, than to change it every year or to repair it regularly.

When deciding on the heating of your country house or cottage, you need to pay attention to energy-saving heaters for your home. Paying once, you will save each heating season on the consumption of energy resources. Safety and quality of heating is guaranteed by manufacturers.


  1. Energy-saving technologies for home
  2. Review of energy-saving heaters
  3. How to choose the best energy-saving heater for your home?

Energy-saving technologies for the homeventilation systems. There is a high-quality provision of premises with fresh air and cleaning of the area from polluted air flow.
  • Gas generators are used in almost all areas.
  • Energy-saving boilers are used as additional equipment for home heating.
  • Solar collectors are an excellent option for energy independence at home while providing hot water and heat for at least 15 years.
  • Heat pumps can produce heat from the bowels of the earth.
  • Solar power stations, consisting of thin-film panels, are of high quality and reliability in operation. Able to fully meet the need of a house for electricity
  • Built-in air ionizers are produced in Germany and are used both for residential buildings and for hotel complexes and restaurants.
  • Modern insulation - foam glass is used for waterproofing from the foundation to the insulation of the roof of the house.
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    Review of energy-saving heaters

    To be able to compare the effectiveness of using modern devices for home heating, we will give a brief overview of energy-saving heaters, working on different principles.


    The main requirement for used heating devices - the maximum approximation to natural sources of heat, efficiency, economy, comfort. Infrared heaters are recognized by consumers as one of the best due to their technical characteristics and the ability to transfer heat to objects.

    The ekostar E800 energy-saving infrared heaters of a ceiling design can be used as the main and only way to heat a summer house or a house. Long infrared rays extend to an area of ​​more than 6 m2.If the room is more than 12 m2, the devices perform the function of additional heating. Ceiling models of infrared heaters are allowed to use in a room where there are small children. When installing a thermostat, the average power consumption is 300 watts.

    Quartz economical heaters

    Gradually, modern models of quartz heaters safe for people enter our lives. In appearance, energy-saving quartz heaters are made from a special solution with quartz sand monolithic slab. The device works from the electrical network. For the manufacture of the heating element used a special alloy of chromium and nickel. The heating element is not in contact with the environment due to high-quality insulation.

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    Energy-saving heaters for country houses weigh only 10 kg and have a standard size of 34 by 61 cm. The thickness of the tile is only 2.5 cm. The device's power is 0.5 kW.One device is enough to heat a room of 8 m2.After the heater is turned on, it takes 20 minutes to fully warm up.

    For large rooms, parallel connection of several monolithic quartz devices( MKTEN) will be required. The system of basic modules is equipped with a thermostat.

    Savings are due to the almost 100% conversion of electrical energy consumed by the device into heat.

    If you come to the cottage only on weekends, a quartz heater will help you maintain the temperature in the house to 10 degrees. To do this, before leaving you need to set the thermostat and leave the device to work, which is absolutely safe. Energy-saving home heaters never heat to temperatures above 95 degrees.

    Quartz heaters never close or provoke a fire.

    Ceramic Electric Heating Panel

    If you are interested in home heaters, consider Hibrid TM energy-saving ceramic heating panels as an alternative, independent heating for your home or villa. Unlike infrared heaters, the panels do an excellent job of achieving a high rate of warming up the entire room, rather than a separate zone. The devices fully comply with the economic, technical, environmental and aesthetic requirements. The panels do not create radiation, electromagnetic fields, which makes it possible to get the best conditions for a person. The hybrid principle of operation allows you to warm the room for a short time.

    The panels perfectly match the thermal soft flow of infrared rays and excellent heat convection. We are often asked: "How much electricity does a heater of this type consume?" One panel has a capacity of only 375 watts. By installing it under a window or near a door, you cut off the flow of cold air into the room, which gives up to 54% savings in energy resources for heating the room.

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    When installing ceramic electric heating panels in a house, there is no need to install heating systems, boiler room equipment. The devices are extremely simple and convenient in operation, they are distinguished by high explosion-proof, moisture-proof, fire-safe and operate in automatic mode, maintaining a comfortable temperature at any point in the room.

    How to choose the best energy-saving heater for your home?

    We presented the most modern and best energy-saving heaters for the home. It remains to make your choice. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of all high-quality modern appliances is the high price, but it very quickly pays off due to the economical energy consumption of the heater. The money invested in the device will be returned, and the heater will work reliably for many years to warm your home.

    When making your choice, consider the factors:

    • The functional purpose of the heated room.
    • The ideal ratio of room footage and power consumption of heaters of different models.
    • Ease of maintenance and installation.
    • Auxiliary, primary or alternative heating.
    • Room heating rate and the ability to maintain the desired temperature.
    • Operational Safety.

    Decide for yourself which energy-saving heater is better to buy for your home, small country house, garage, greenhouse. Consider all the recommendations and do not be afraid to buy modern appliances instead of the long-familiar old models of heaters.

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